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The "Thought adjuster" explained Candace: Also from PJ 21, which is a very worthy journal to read. This below ,,,, that I made in indigo and bolded, is YOUR Thought Adjuster/Father Fragment/Indwelling Divine Spirit/Mystery Monitor.....per the Urantia Book terminology. The UB states that everything not spiritual or of God is NOT retained......here it is also from Hatonn/Aton/Christ Michael YOU FEAR NOT SURVIVING You are usually concerned that some aspect of your identity will not somehow survive the psychological process. You might well be correct in the perception of same. But you may just as well be wrong! Let it go. It makes absolutely no difference what-so- ever! There are no guarantees that this or that is going to survive the sight of God. But the only things that are threatened, the only things that will not survive, are things that do not exist apart from your conceptions, things that have no reality apart from the reality that you give them. The only essential thing to you is being sustained by the creative power of the living God. All that you sustain in existence through the misuse of your creative abilities only serves to involve you in areas where your own life energies become mis channeled and eventually dissipated. Any belief, any concept, any conviction that you might have that truly mirrors what is present in the mind of God, will still be thereon the other side of the psychological process. Only that which has sought to cheat you of your destiny will perish. It is really very simple: let it all go. See what God has in store. Hesitations which you feel are only indicative of a continued trust in fear and reason. These are the false gods of the cycle of the ages in which you find your self experiencing. They will continue to enslave you until your trust is restored in Love and Life. Trust God implicitly and explicitly and the Truth of His divine design will be revealed in every situation. This design is your own operating manual. Ignore it in favor of your own interpretations and you are ignoring the blueprint for your own identity. Specific information of each and every situation is being supplied to you continually by the source of infinite knowledge. Why do you not trust it? Your first impulse will always be, as it has always been, the programmatic instruction from your subliminal analysis system, the advice of your Creator. It will be a direct message from your true self, the impulse of Life, the gateway to all that you call heaven. It is the spontaneous spark of divinity as it differentiates through you into your environmental situation. It can assess and evaluate the factors present in any situation at a rate of speed far exceeding a rational thought process. You have all the pertinent information in the universe available simply for the asking--as quickly received as the thought itself, actually prior to the thought itself. When you are aware of your totality, the Life-impulse will transmit to you everything that you need to know in any given situation. Its message will always come as your first spontaneous impulse so you must be attentive and then do not effort so hard at discounting of it. You will always be given to  -- PJ 21 -- pag. 111 know instantly that response requested. Until you recognize your own totality, how can ye expect to guide thine brother through the maze for it will be through example that he will learn and see--not from all the lecturing in the universe. So be it.