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The PLEIADES, part 1 Most commonly the Pleiades are today referred to by their ancient Greek name, Pleiades, (Plea’ ya dez). These suns carry names from all areas of your history. The Romans called them the “Virgins of Spring”, the Australians labeled them the “Young Girls”, and many civilizations denoted them as the “Falme”, typical of the god Agni, who represented the source of fire, and the Bible refers to them as the “Seven Stars”, or simply as the “Pleiades”. At this time of your cycle (ending November) in the hours near the changing of your day, the Pleiades will be almost directly overhead in perception. The golden radiance “star” perceived just beneath the constellation as seen from Earth sphere--is the Starship “Phoenix”! Salu! The Greeks refer to the cluster of stars that have guided people, far removed from each other, in agriculture and commercial affairs simply by rising and setting, as the Seven Sisters. These are honored in the Court of the Cariatids (as pronounced in English) in the stone remains of the Acropolis in Athens. Their brilliance and twinkling communication has been the source of wishful admiration and critical observation on every continent, in every age of man. They have been worshipped by some, celebrated by others, and recognized for their wondrous beauty and sweet influence by almost all. Why? Because they call to you as a whisper from home and homeland! JOB 38:31: “Canst thou bind the sweet influences of the Pleiades or loose the bands of Orion?” AMOS 5:8: “Seek him that maketh the seven stars and Orion, and turneth the shadow of death into morning, and maketh day dark with night: that calleth for the waters of the sea, and poureth them out upon the face of the earth: The Lord is his name.” Pleiades (The Seven Sisters) are located in the constellation of Taurus, the bull. Clearly visible in the northern hemisphere on winter nights, they resemble a tiny reproduction of the Little Dipper and are often called such--actually, in Greek, they are often referred to as the “micro-dipper” These are one of the most carefully studied regions of the firmament. Man of Earth is drawn to them as if to a magnet by iron shavings. These wondrous orbs have enraptured minds for centuries of your counting and we give honor to your 18th century comet hunter, Charles Messier, who was first to chart and identify them. The primitive equipment of the day often allowed amateur astronomers to mistakenly label stationary objects as comets so, to assist his fellow celestial watchers, Messier worked diligently from his observation atop the Hotel de Cluny in Paris, France. In 1771 he published his first catalogue of some forty-five non-cometary objects and it was in this register that the Pleiades were designated the label of M-45. Now for you ones who keep up with such happenings, the alien recently “taken” by your CIA in Virginia, comes from the system designated as M-31. These are simply designations by Earth man to more easily place the heavens into a grid system. Many astronomers have charted many suns in the area of M-45. There are several thousand in this tiny sector of which some two hundred and fifty are recognized as members of this galactic cluster, the rest lie in the depths of space beyond the system. Once all of the more faintly visible stars have been examined, the total shall be far greater--closer to some half million. This celestial group is easily tracked by first locating the giant red star--which is visible beyond Starship, known as Betelguese,  which appears in the Orion constellation as the “shoulder” of the Great Hunter. Next finding Aldebaran, a first magnitude star in Taurus, draw a line between the two. Extend the line in a northwest direction almost an equal distance past Aldebaran. Here it will terminate just south of the beautiful Seven Sisters. This is an attempt to visualize from Earth perspective but will be accurate enough in description in your language to allow identification. Herein, to the publishers, place a copy of the diagram as described, please. This tightly grouped cluster of suns is in your own galaxy, six of the seven are discernible by the unaided eye. Alcyone is the brightest. It has a magnitude of 2.9 and is classified as a B-5, blue-white star whose primary element is helium with an approximate temperature of some 13,000 degrees Centigrade. The magnitude of these luminous orbs range from the meek twinkling of Sterope (Asterope) which is also blue-white, but is what is labelled B-8 with an apparent magnitude of 5.9, to the brilliance of Alcyone, which is thought by some to exceed your sun’s refulgence a thousand times or more. As difficult as it may be for your minds to fathom, this light, which you categorize and classify and gaze into the heavens to search out, has been traveling toward you for one and a half centuries before you of Earth perceive it. I am herein efforting to speak in Earth perception for it is sufficient for our purposes of becoming acquainted. HISTORICAL DOCUMENTATIONS It is not accidental that the predominantly recorded system is Pleiades. Cave paintings, hieroglyphics, legends, mythology, and written languages have depicted these shimmering beams as a positive force through civilization’s history. Their position in the expanse of darkened heavens throughout key times in the calendar year does not fully account for the remarkable influence attributed to them. POPE: “For see: the gath’ring flocks to shelter tend, And from the Pleiades fruitful showers descend.” MANUDER: “When the constellations were first designed the Pleiades rose helically at the beginning of April and were the sign of the return of spring.” The beauty and peaceful connotations of these mysterious wonders are referred to in text, both past and present, as the Seven Stars, yet one of them is not visually seen. Almost a universal tradition, therefore, suggests that one of them has been misplaced or is hidden, and was so deemed the “Lost Pleiad” by the Greeks. Now, for some proof of purchase--how would a missing star be classified and spoken of--and far later in historical documentation be proven--if there was not ancient attachment? How can you relate to something unknown? Therefore, it follows that it had to have been “proven” and “known” at some time historically. It seems quite amazing that ALL cultures of antiquity were aware of the seventh star, which is masked from the view of the inhabitants of Earth! Could it be that the future is only the past again, entered through a different gate of perception? The repeated acknowledgement will be fully understood and explained as the jigsaw puzzle is assembled--for now, most of the pieces are still a bit scattered and some are still missing completely. There is little room for doubting, however, that since the dawn of your recorded time, these stars have been a most powerful influence and are believed, upon your place, to be a powerful influence and to hold at least a portion of the responsibility for molding the destiny of humanity. Throughout time thousands of cultures, religions, and beliefs have been introduced to this delicate planet you call home in this present experience. Many of these ideals and ideas conflict or contradict one another and existing in every single one is a positive/negative flow of information. However, in all of the societies and civilizations that have been researched for this connection, one topic remains alluded to as a consistent enlightening force, found in the earliest texts and legends, it is the mystifying cluster of suns...called Pleiades. You will find that tracking the source of verbal legend is most difficult, of not impossible--until the oral tradition and teachings are brought forth and unfolded as we will now be doing--here an through the Lakota Brother, Little Crow , of the Lakota Sioux in permission and commission from Wakan Tanka/Tunkonshila (Grandfather), here at the closing of the Sacred Cycle. In proper sequence of information projection with the Journals, THE SACRED HILL WITHIN will come forth as confirmation of this truth within the Journals as a gift unto man from Creator/Creation that you might know your Source and your Roots. SHOCKER You can find truth in the hereditary conversations, from most unrelated areas of your world, which correctly reflect upon the Pleiades as the “Center of the Universe”, the “Seat of Immortality”, and the “Home of God”. Intangible as these sources might be, it is only circumstantial that these legacies left a definite mark in diverse civilizations. Well, let us move beyond circumstantial and into correlations exhibiting evidence of a massive contact with Pleiadian cosmonauts somewhere in your past, little brethren. LET US PEER INTO HISTORY: The Hopi named them “Choo ho kan”, meaning those who cling together, and they, too, consider themselves direct descendants of the inhabitants of the cluster. The Hopi, as well as the Navajo and other cultures dispersed around the world, used a calendar that allowed them to chart the seasons, special events, and ceremonial rites with uncanny accuracy. They used a system based on a 260 day “Sacred Round”, or minor cycle, and a 365 day year, a major cycle which equaled a period between the midnight culminations of the Pleiades. Any day calculated on these cycles would not repeat itself for 18,980 days (or, 52 years). In the Kiva of the Mesas, Sacred Temple of the Mesas, the Hopi ceremoniously “light the new fire”. This occurs every 52 years when the temple’s sacred points align with the stars, Choo ho kan. All fires are extinguished throughout the nation and rekindled from a sacred fire produced by the holy men. The young men of the tribe learn the importance of the Pleiades early in life, for initiation into the spiritual ways takes place only when the cherished cluster is directly overhead at night--so you see, this is a most powerful time of the annual cycle! The Dakota Ehanni stories, which are tales of the world previous to the Dakota emergence, speak of the Tayamni, the home of their ancestors, and the reason for the seven tribes...the Pleiades. The Seven Sisters play a major role in their history as well as their present day culture. In May, the month of Hanblaceya (I believe I translate correctly as ‘vision quest’), the Dakota communicate with the spirits. Astronomy tells you that the Pleiades rise with the sun in May and the Dakota oral history tells you that the home of the spirits is the Pleiades. The older Dakotas say that when you die, your spirit goes to the Milky Way and turns south---south to the Seven Stars. The Navajo named the sparkling suns the “Dilyehe”, home of the black god and the Osage believe their society was once pure of spirit and journeyed from the stars to Earth. The Iroquois believe the twinkling orbs represent seven young people who guard the holy seed throughout the night. Prayers for happiness were addressed unto them, and during ceremonial rites, the calumet was symbolically presented to them. After all, these stars were the home of their ancestors. There is a lovely legend among the Native Americans as exemplified in a tale from the Onondaga: “A long time ago a party of hunters journeyed through the woods in search of a good hunting ground. Having found one, they proceeded to build their lodges for the winter, while the children gathered together to dance and sing. “While the children were thus engaged, an old man dressed in white feathers, whose flowing hair shone like silver, appeared among them and bid them cease dancing lest a mysterious force befall them, but the children danced on unmindful of the warning, and presently they observed that the were rising little by little into the air. “One of them exclaimed. ‘Do not look back for something strange is taking place’. One of the children disobeyed this warning and, looking back, became a falling star. The six other children reached the high heavens safely and can now be seen dancing in the Pleiades...the stars they became.” The Hohokam, a Pima word meaning “that which has vanished”, disappeared from the arid Arizona desert they had so successfully irrigated and tamed. Although no one knows why they vanished or where they went, legend claims they returned to their home in the stars--to Pleiades. The Creeks claim to have come to Earth from the stars in spirit form to become flesh and blood. Each year a medicine man who has served the apprenticeship of seven years performs the “green corn dance” where he takes seven ears of corn from seven fields of the seven clans to insure a healthy harvest. The intent is to bring forth THE SACRED HILL WITHIN, in seven volumes--in length for reading in one sitting appropriate per each revealing. These wondrous connections could go on for volumes of material--each attached and coming from all directions of your planet; Australian Aborigines, Mayans, Aztecs, Incas and on and on, but the document would become unwieldy and I would like to focus on that which is better recognized and known today. I would, however, like to give you one more illustration of the connections and point out the diversity of geographic location for original belief traditions: Huang-Ti, the “Yellow Emperor” of China (2697-2587 BC), is considered by many Taoists to be a miraculous being who succeeded in attaining immortality. During his reign utensils of wood, clay pottery and metal were manufactured; boats and carts were constructed and utilized and the medium of currency was originated. Provinces of the vast country were mapped, accupressure and accupuncture became sciences, and the Emperor is generally acknowledged as the father of holistic medicine. Huang-Ti claimed that much of this rapid development began because of conversations held in court with his consultants....beings from the Pleiades. I would like to herein point out that in 1975 AD, on your planet, contacts from Pleiadian persons began in regular sequence. The original thrust was in Switzerland which was a non-warring country, neutral in political arenas and open of mind. There have been photographs, materials for scientific study, etc., left for you to examine. These have caused great pain and suffering for the contacts. Work has been discounted and disinformation thrust upon a deceived public. We herein intend to repeat the information and again, man can do that which he will with it. I would however, stress the suggestion that you consider this information most carefully indeed. You as a species locked to the planet Earth had better come to grips with your circumstance and look beyond the lies thrust upon you by your controllers--you are in the time of Kali (chaos) and if you look into your prophecies, you will find this is very nearly the closing time of the cycles. When that loop closes it will be a “hot time in the old town tonight”! SEPARATION IMPOSSIBLE As you come into understanding of beginnings, you will desire to argue and denounce connections with star beings and etheric angelic beings--so be it. You can “desire” all ye wish--it will not change truth. You are descendents of that which was referred to as the ones from the skies who could “fly”--in many and varied manners. You are what has been referred to as the clan of the winged ones, or more generally put: The Bird Tribes. Is it not time to preen your flight feathers? Salu. Hatonn to stand-by as we close this segment. Thank you for your service. Saalome’ -- PJ 30 -- pag. 30 -- 34 PLEIADES CONNECTION We have often spoken of your connection with Pleiades and for a while we shall write about these attachments for your brothers from the stars have great insight which they willingly share with you ones who are still grappling with the dark corners of memory. Your brothers from Pleiades have witnessed those of you who were and are unable to determine the truth or were frightened when confronted with it; this serves no purpose for terrestrial man nor themselves. The fear should never be present in any manner as all men hold the truth within themselves and must only know this to find it. A human may deliver himself from all manner of ignorance if he generates the will to seek truth and then does so. Wisdom is the light and wherever the light flashes upward, there darkness and ignorance disappear. Ignorance is the essential darkness and can only be overcome by the light of wisdom. Further, little brothers, wisdom is the mark of a human who has recognized the existence of spirit and works with and according to the Creational laws, for wisdom and the spirit are two factors which react as one, much in the same way as the sun and light of the sun. Both give warmth and both give light. Wisdom is the mark of the existence of the spirit and disguises itself in the qualities of truth, knowledge, love, beauty, grace, harmony and peace. You ones of Earth desire to remain bound to passing “time” but you cannot measure “age” by that which you perceive as passing years. The “human” may be very old as witnessed by the exterior perception, but this is only a passing state. A century ago human was not old and a century for this present moment he will not be old--only the physical body can age in any manner what-so-ever for the spirit only renews and grows in knowledge and experience. The spirit remains forever young and is never subjected to the appearance of age, for age is like youth and every other experience, it is only a passing state of being. -- PJ 30 -- page 23 NEXT PAGE