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TO MANKIND AN ENDANGERED SPECIES BORDERING ON EXTINCTION! In the interest of saving time, for you have little left, I shall be brief indeed. You are sitting upon the bomb ready to be burst and you hide within the lies. This book is truth and we are now writing in sequence so that you might see the correlation between the lies of one decade heaped upon the next--but the play is the same. Satan intends to win or pull as many with him as is possible--there will bemany, dear friends. People who shut their eyes to reality simply invite their own destruction, and anyone who insists on remaining in a state of innocence long after that innocence is dead is indeed a fool. For there are none so blind as they who refuse to see! You run madly and frantically toward the precipice--after you have put something before you to prevent your seeing it, so we are calling out to you that you might remove the veil. God holds his hands unto you that you might not fall. Whose life-ring do you await? God stands at thine door--is Satan already within? Wecome forth as the Hosts of Heaven, sent to bring you truth and show you the way for God would never leave his children in darkness. Who will see the light and who will hear the symphony of the universe? We bring the hope of mankind and the Master, born of man and God. Who will see and hear? You may refuse truth but we shall continue to bring it forth for as long as there is man--how long do you perceive that might be? We come with instructions for your journey--who will receive? The altar is covered with blood and ashes of the fallen kingdoms set aflame by the ignorance of the foolish. You have followed the lie and turned from God unto the halls and dens of the dark master who now sets the ultimate trap. Who will take of the key and open thine escape doors? God has so loved you that he sends his messengers again unto you that you might change thine course before the judgment. Who will walk with us into the light? There is room aplenty for all who will come and journey with us and the door is opened unto all who would come in truth back into the shelter of thine Cre-ator. Thine passage is bought with a turning back into the truth of His laws and those wondrous and just laws of The Creation. There shall be no evil brought within the halls of God's house. Ye are children of the lie and ye have seen it not--who will strike the flame to light of the candle? The pioneers have come before and ye need not start the flame--only keep it for if it goes untended it shall be snuffed and it shall be as ashes in the whirlwind. Know this, in thine truth--BEFORE THE PHOENIX CAN RISE, FIRST MUST COME THE ASHES. GOD ONLY PROMISED THAT THE WORD OF TRUTH WOULD GO FORTH IN THE ENDING TIMES--HE DID NOT SAY YE HAD TO PARTAKE OF IT. HOWEVER, IT WOULD SEEM OF GREAT WISDOM TO DO SO. --PJ 18 -- page. 8 SO BE IT FOR THE TIME IS AT HAND WHEN MAN SHALL FACE HIS INSANITY AND SEVERANCE FROM GOD. GOD NEVER LEAVES OF MAN--MAN TRIES TO LEAVE OF GOD. THE JOURNEY BACK UNTO GOD WILL BE AS EASY OR AS DIFFICULT AS YE CHOOSE TO MAKE OF IT. AHO! BE MOST CAREFUL HOW YE PRAY AND FOR WHAT AND WHOM YOU ASK THE PREVAILING FOR GOD WILL SANCTION NO EVIL NOR WILL HE BLESS OF SATAN. PRAY FOR YOUR CHILDREN BUT PLEASE DO NOT PRAY FOR VICTORY OF THINE NATION FOR THAT WHICH YOU DO IS EVIL AND IT SHALL NOT BE BLESSED BY GOD, EXCEPT AS WITH THE HELPLESS CHILDREN WHO ARE SET FORTH AS MARTYRS. If ye know not that which ye do, pray for vision and truth and then you had best join hands with thine brothers and turn this thing untorightness for it is a seriously critical time upon your planet Earth. May God grant you grace and courage that you may see and hear and ACT! GyeorgosCeres Hatonn