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THE REAL ORIGIN OF THE SPECIES, part 1 By Ashtar in the PJ's Now, here I will lose some, but it is to be stated at any rate. Truth is not what you "WANT" to hear, TRUTH "IS"! Let me speak of the origin of these entities we will call the DBBs. Remember, the early phase of the human race is far different from that which is believed by scientists and evangelists. You did not evolve upwardly from unicellular creatures which appeared in the primeval swamps or slowly cooling earth some millions of years ago. Some life-forms were allowed to develop through natural selection, but evolution processes as outlined by Darwin and others, are extremely limited and Mr. Darwin would be the first to tell you so. Pay attention; Almost all the life- forms that evolved through natural selection from unicellular creatures are now extinct, and those that have continued to the present are mainly of the lizard variety--all being cold-blooded creatures of relatively simple metabolism and with no prospect of ever evolving into forms capable of emotional or mental experiences of "man". Warm-blooded life-forms on your planet were "seeded" onto the surface of the planet and originate in other parts of the galaxy or cosmos. Often, specimens were deliberately brought to earth in vehicles and left to procreate on their own. This was the case for most of the early root-races of -- PJ 05 -- page 37 man, although in at least one case a root-race was developed on the earth itself by genetic engineers who were from another star- system, using certain techniques now recognized by man and called "cloning"--sound familiar? It is necessary to know truth of origin of man to fully understand this subject matter. You must know that man has been the recipient of many additions and inputs from other levels and other parts of this galaxy. ACQUISITION OF THE SOUL A most significant addition to humanity occurred hundreds of thousands of years ago, when entities from a higher plane--an astral one--(do not confuse with ethereal as pertains, say, to myself) came to Earth, took on physical forms and proceeded to interbreed with mankind as he was at that time. As a result of this miscegenation between the groups, a number of mutations occurred in the offspring (as will always occur with crossbreeding of species), sometimes giving rise to creatures which would be looked upon now as quite fantastic. Among the mutations was one change which had extremely profound consequences for the human race; this was basically the ACQUISITION OF THE SOUL. Further, until the addition of this interesting phe-nomenon, the human grouping did not express or experience "death". This, too, will seem quite without credibility to many readers hereof. However, it may help to understand that mankind then did not have the same dense corporeality as the animals did and still do. It was not necessary to go through an aging process similar to that which man now knows, because the bodies were capable of deriving from the ambience itself all the necessary energies to sustain life indefinitely. This was aided, at the time, by the presence of an inert gas, known as Xenon, in the atmosphere of the earth at the time. This amounted to some 3 % of the total. The rejuvenation of all bodies was also made possible by the fact that the human race was not then subject to the many negative emotional states which are now common. Unknown to man, were self-interest and or pity, hatred, greed, anger, remorse--they simply were unknown emotions. The damage done to bodies in this present time is incalculable. Man now sets about his own demise through these very emotional aspects. Humanity has blinded itself to the truth of this fact. Most ones think it is "right" to bear resentments against others that they believe have harmed them, that they need to "hate" one who hates them, and that they have every justification to feel sorry for themselves, or to worry excessively, or to grieve under many circumstances--never realizing that not a single positive effect can ever flow from such negative emotional states. None of these emotions does a thing to the "enemy"; they only bring back and wreak debilitation upon the projector. All dark emotions only bring harm to the one harboring them; none produce any positive result whatsoever. A quality sought by all entities through the experience of incarnation on the physical plane is the ability to exist apart from any need for a body. This ability was not possessed by individual human beings at the epoch in discussion. It was a characteristic of the human family as a whole, but not of the individual fragments into which the human life-stream had divided itself. In order to allow the individual fragments to acquire this quality of permanence without a physical body, there had first to be an experience of the body itself. By living for an extended period in a physical body, the individual fragments of the human life stream would learn to gather their essence, their uniqueness, around the body itself--in a sense to reify their individual essence with reference to the physical body. It was intended that the human life-stream-which, prior to its -- PJ 05 -- pag. 38 appearance on the earth as man, was far more "amalgamated", far more homogeneous and blended together than it is currently--- should learn through this initial phase to differentiate itself into separate but coherent individuals. Up until the time of cross-breeding, the process had not been completed. If the different fragments of the human life-stream had given up their physical bodies simultaneously, they would not have acquired the necessary self-picture or self-realization to enable them to remain apart from one another. Let us compare to a cup of water tossed into the air. The water would disperse and come down again as a spray--separate droplets. However, if the water is tossed up frozen and returned, then it would return in the original grouping of droplets. Worse, man can be even more defined by the "freezing" concept. In an analogous sense, the first effect of the freezing of individual human fragments was to make them emotionally "colder" toward each other. The warmth of emotional affection and love would have promoted a "melting" of the now more rigid self-ness of each individual, and therefore this had to be avoided until a stronger cast of individuality could be molded. Eons passed and the individuality of each fragment did become stronger; however, it is only within the last few thousands of years has it solidified to the point where it is no longer dangerous to allow true love and affection to flower between members of the human family. This is why the major teaching of the most recent Way-Showers, including beloved Immanuel "Jesus" of Nazareth, has been that of "LOVE FOR ALL". So, how did the "freezing" of individual fragments occur? It is this process which was been called the "gift of the soul". -- PJ 5, page 39 ON WITH THE ORIGIN OF MAN When the cross-breeding between Earth humans and other human groups produced offspring with a parent from "each" group, the offspring all had the one capability which humans at that time lacked. They had the facility of remaining focused and individualized without the aid of the physical body. This emanated from the entities which ensouled the offspring, not being a part of the human life-stream as such, but rather were beings from another star system that had asked for and received permission to incarnate on the Earth through the mutant bodies that were then created. I do not understand why there is such reluctance to accept Truth. Is it not that your continued effort is to again be a portion and one with God? Why is it so unacceptable to believe that God "conceived" you rather than molding you from a handful of mud? Could you not more easily grow from God source than from dirt? Little ones of Earth, you have such a long, long journey into knowledge. REINCARNATION BEGINS Let me now explain a decision which was then made and undertaken as action--by the guides of the human life-stream. There would be allowed a speeding up of the individualizing process for human beings, to bring them quickly to the point where they could exist apart and separate from their physical bodies. One of the reasons was to allow the beginning of the reincarnational scheme, in which human entities would live repeated lives in different bodies and would sojourn in the astral realms between earthly lives. However, until each human entity became capable of retaining a separate existence apart from the physical body, without allowing it-self to be drawn back and absorbed by the life-stream as a whole, it was not possible to allow the death ex-perience to begin. Then, of course, without death, rebirth into the physical level could not take place. The reason for the death/rebirth pattern was related to the various effects which each astral group was having upon mankind, both during and after the inter-breeding. I would certainly far rather I be grown from God than from a one-celled fish or serpent, or even an ape, for goodness sakes. What is the matter with you humans who do not use that wondrous brain gifted you from all of this God plan? These entities were of many levels in terms of their understanding of the Cosmic Laws, and some of them were extremely base in vibration, motivated solely by selfish concerns. These latter proceeded to teach to the more innocent human group many techniques relating to the manipulation -- PJ 05 -- pag. 40 of others, hypnotism, and selfish pursuits--so that the original purity of mankind rapidly became debased. You had the best teachers and integrators of all experience--Lucifer's bands of hoodlums. IMPROVING THE BREED These latter ones proceeded in all haste to teach to the more innocent and ignorant the ways of satanic culmination. It was recognized by humanity's guides that the only way to short-circuit this downward spiral which had been initiated by the astral group was to cut off the physical lives of mankind--through a death process, to take them into the astral realms for higher teachings and a purging away of the dross of the dense selfish-ness and materialism resulting from the physical existence just concluded. Then, arrange rebirth in the physical plane with the loss of memory regarding prior experience of life-stream. Once the decision was made and taken, it remained to decide how the necessary additional individuating force could be applied to mankind. Because of the part which the fallen astral entities had played in the temptation of man, it was decided that a portion of each of the ones who had engineered the debauchery would be removed from them, and then distributed among all of the human beings in proportions which were just sufficient to allow each human entity to hold itself together as an independent unit. Although this distribution did succeed in bolstering the self-picture of humans to the necessary degree, it also had a negative effect; by incorporating into each human being a small part of one of the fallen beings, there was planted in each human a seed of negativity that could, unless purified and cleansed, lead to a downward spiral for that human entity. Can you begin to relate to the inbred unbalance of the fallen energies as to quantity of presence? The plan was explained fully to the human group before it was implemented, and all human entities agreed. It was promised that, in order to compensate for the addition of the negative "seeds" to mankind, other members of the astral group-ones that had not taken part in the cross-breeding, would act as guides and guardians for human beings up until the end of the specified reincarnational arrangement. Ones beginning this cy-cle of experiences would be somewhat locked in to the cycle of the entire cycling upon a single planet. It is only recently, so to speak, that ones of you who have passed on into the higher evolved dimensions of ethereal progression have volunteered to return to this cycle of experience to bring transition to the human life-forms. ENTER THE DARK BROTHERHOOD Among the astral beings whose vibrations were particularly low were several that could not be fragmented in the manner just described. They were the main instigators of the debauchery and the evil teachings that were conveyed to mankind and for the part they played, the karmic burden was very heavy. These beings were allowed to "serve" the advancement of the human race in another way: by directing a Brotherhood whose duty it would be to try again and again to tempt man away from purity and spiritual advancement. The function of these entities would be to draw the weaker specimens off the path, so that those who remained strong could constitute a group of uniformly dedicated entities--who had passed through the tests of selfishness and materialism and had, quote, WON! -- PJ 05 -- pag. 41 THE BROTHERHOOD FORMED IS THAT WHICH WE NOW CALL THE DARK BROTHERHOOD (DB): Although the worst of the fallen astral beings did not contribute fragments to the individuating of the human race, there were others whose vibrations were also extremely low and who did contribute. There was then a problem as to how to decide which of the human group would receive these particularly dark fragments. It was realized that any who allowed such darkness into themselves ran a greater risk of failure because of the darkness within. Therefore, it was decided that those who volunteered to accept these darkest fragments would be helped in two ways: 1) they would also receive a fragment from one of the astral beings who had NOT fallen and who had remained pure, and 2) they would be given special help throughout their series of incarnations. I hope I am not taking away all your fun and mystery. There are still human beings on the earth, right now, who were these special volunteers. (Recognize anyone?) They are generally those who appear to have more "essence" or "spirit" than others. Often they are responsible for the greatest "good"--BUT, also for the greatest evil. Some among them lost the battle which they had assumed and became the worst of men. Others succeeded and became the best. The Black Brotherhood (BB) drew its members mainly from the astral entities who had fallen, but some of them are souls who were originally "human", who had received the powerful dark fragments along with the Light, and who had allowed the temptations of flesh existence, materialism and selfishness to draw them into the downward spiral which could only be halted at death of the human physical body, followed by recleansing on the astral planes of learning. They carried enough unified essence (as a result of the extra contributions) to remain individualized even in the very difficult vibrations where the Dark Brotherhood Brothers are confined-an environment in which most human souls could not be sustained. I will speak of the confinement of the Dark Brotherhood Brothers next. WHERE ARE THEY? In the astral realms are found many regions which are distinct one from the other. Some overflow with light and warmth of spiritual wisdom; others are completely permeated by darkness and despair, along with hatred and desires for revenge. The latter regions are relatively small and are locations where the basest and coarsest souls and entities are either "drawn" or specifically, confined. Bad news, human brothers; the darker levels are akin to the earth plane in vibration. Because of this vibrational similarity, the influence of the dark inhabitants upon those in incarnation on the earth is particularly strong. For example, many souls who die after a life of addiction to drugs, drunkenness and debauchery are attracted to the lowest of the astral areas and from there can influence and, in a sense, obsess those who are still in the "alive" physical format. Their victims are only those who suffer from the same weaknesses and who frequent bars, brothels and other locations of coarseness and debauch. And you ones thought it was in your jeans, oops, genes, (sic, sic). -- PJ 05 -- pag. 42 The discarnate souls attach themselves to their victims, from the astral side and are enabled to participate vicariously in the old habits by urging these unfortunates to indulge as they also had once done--beyond a given point you can be completely pos-sessed and therefore forfeit any control over yourselves. Do you see, perhaps, why we plead, preach and insist on moderation in all activities and intake? You can become a helpless pawn in the clutches of the satanic demons in drunkenness, etc. You will be struck harder, if you are what we call a worker and an etheric being involved in this transition circumstance. How better to "getcha"! They will cause you to take actions which will insure your own human counterparts (police and justice sys-tem) to take you out or cause you to take yourself out through suicide or accident. THE PATH OF PROGRESS I should note here, however, that these dark souls who are in the lowest and darkest astral levels are not confined permanently to those levels. If at any time they are able to raise their vibrations and spiritual insight high enough to gain access to the lighter and warmer levels, then they are welcomed into those levels. Now, do you think that might be one heck of an accomplishment? Some of you ones should remember very well! This process is not "automatic". The darkened soul of low vibration literally could not gain access to the higher astral realms while he remains only at a base vibration. To place him in such a high frequency would cause him great pain and suffering--due to the mismatch between his basic nature and that of the higher astral realm. Therefore, he would immediately return to the darker abodes, where the pain is less. It is only by raising one's vibrations to match those at the higher astral levels that any soul can gain access to them. NOW, I AM REMINDING YOU DEAR ONES THAT IT IS SIMILAR TO YOURSELVES TRYING TO GET UP A BEAM OF A BEAMSHIP AND INTO ETHERIC PRESENCE. IT ALSO ENTAILS US LOWERING OUR VIBRATIONS INTO YOUR BOUNDARIES--A HARD JOB ON EITHER PART AND MOST UNCOMFORTABLE FOR BOTH PARTIES INVOLVED. But now, let us go back to the DBBs, for there is an important difference. The entities in that "brotherhood" are able to "shield" themselves from the pain of existing in a field of light and love, because of certain mental techniques which are known to them-- again, Satan is a master teacher. This technique allows them to have access to all of the astral realms as well as to the physical plane. Ahoy and uh-oh! "IF" there was not some "law" restraining their movements? Well, relief; there is such a law. It had to be decreed because of the vulnerable human souls on the earth plane and those sojourning between lives on the astral. In the case of these dark entities, a superior force was brought into play which normally does not permit their free movement but which can be suspended under certain circumstances. This force fully restrains all of the dark brothers and is such that they cannot annul it. For you impatient ones, I will get there. -- PJ 05 -- pag. 43 DBBs TO TEST AND WEED We have spoken of the suspension of the restraining force under particular circumstances, and we now will explain further. Previously in this journal I spoke of the important function of the DBBs toward the human race, namely to test and weed out poor specimens: those without the resolve and insight to allow themselves to advance to higher spiritual realms by increasing their vibrational frequencies. I emphasize that at the time of the setting up of the DB, human beings were by no means all equal in characteristics. Some had developed great wisdom and insight through the efforts put forth in the long experience since their beginning on the earth; others had never bothered to investigate the purpose and goal of their sojourn in the material plane and were possessed of very little insight or discrimination. The function of the Dark Ones was and is to facilitate the division between those wishing and able to advance and those who have doomed themselves to failure. It is very little different in perception--however, it is greatly different. You can no longer drift about in ignorance of journey intent for "the play is ending" for most of the players in the cast. It is time to get on with deciding which play you want to go on with. Don't shove forth that old "just be and it will be alright". No, brothers and sisters, it will NOT be alright. It is time for the choosing up team players, only in this game, YOU choose your team, not the usual way its done-with the Captains of the teams choosing. They however, allowed to court and tempt you any way they can through mental manipulation and human weakness. But, both teams want strength, so you who are so mamby pamby you can't even decide what you will do today, aren't either desired particularly or weeded away-you are the ones who end up last in the selection and usually end up the loser. Your "New Agers" who "be" contribute more damage by being in the way of progress than any other contribution. You do not hinder the Dark Brothers for you act as obstacles in the path of Light. But, they don't particularly want you either for they know they already have you through weakness and ignorance--you have already "drifted" your way into what you would identify as your own enemy's camp while you are "showing the world" how wondrously pure you are. Satan gets a lot of kicks and laughs at your expense for you will continue to "be" right on into his eternity. In order to allow the DBBs to carry out their function, it is necessary to allow members, under certain conditions, to gain access to other planes and regions that are normally denied to them. The permission, however, must be properly requested and then granted. The matter is never solely up to the DBBs themselves. When the DB asks to be allowed into a given plane, it must present its reasons, and it must offer something in return to the White Brotherhood, which is the broad term defining the Spiritual Hierarchy of this planet. For example, we at this level are a part of the White Brotherhood. Generally, any specific request coming from the DB and which involves actions or access normally not allowed them, must be accompanied by an offer of equivalent advantage for the White Brotherhood. (Like--what will you give us, W.B., if we leave Dharma alone?) You can easily see we have not made that particular bargain as of yet. DHARMA TESTED As these offers and counter-offers are made, they are made before the Mighty Council and/or Cosmic Council of the Spiritual Hierarchy, which mayor may not give its assent to the exchange. The final decision is made at a very high plane, effectively beyond the level of any commitment to one side or the other. To be specific with an example: there was a point during the early -- PJ 05 -- pag. 44 development of this receiver, like the day before yesterday--(no, I jest, for it was a week or so ago) when a spokesman of the DB proposed that they be given access to the receiver for a period of time so they could attempt to move her away from her appointed task. The plan was submitted for a de-cision and the effort allowed. We had no particular fear of her moving away from us--we keep her too busy to notice anything else--and besides, we hit her with "Simon Peter" periodically to keep her humble. So, they were granted the ability to tamper with the substance of the information; not the substance of the human receiver except as they could convince her she was too ill, or too weary, etc. At first Dharma had some confusion for I was also plugging in my circuits and it was, and still is, a miserable time. Always, you hit the receiver at a time of confusion and change over to less familiar energy frequencies. AH HA! NOW THE PUNCHLINE AND DON'T ONE OF YOU EVER FORGET IT--NEVER! NEVER! NEVER! IT HAD BEEN AGREED THAT IN ANSWER TO A "DIRECT QUESTION", THE DARK BROTHERS WOULD BE REQUIRED TO ADMIT TO THEIR IDENTITY. THIS OCCURRED, AND DHARMA WON THE ROUND. HATONN HAD TRAINED HER WELL, BROTHERS, BE MOST GRATEFUL. NOW, WHAT DID WE GAIN? WE GAINED THE ABILITY TO TELL YOU ONES THIS INFORMATION THAT YOU CAN COMBAT THEIR ATTEMPTS TO DISSUADE YOU FROM YOUR MISSION. DHARMA WENT BLINDLY ALONG WITH HER CLEARING AND ALTHOUGH IT REMAINS UNPLEASANT FOR HER, SHE HAS SUSTAINED A LEVEL OF RECEIVING WHICH IS UNSURPASSED AND I SALUTE HER FOR THIS MARVELOUS STRENGTH. YOU ONES IN THIS LITTLE GROUP HAVE HAD A MOST PAINFUL TIME OF SEQUENCE HEREABOUTS. SO BE IT. Let us have a break to renew a bit. In the Light I withdraw to stand-by. Ashtar out. -- PJ 05 -- pag. 45 NEXT PAGE