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THE REAL ORIGIN OF THE SPECIES part 2 By Ashtar in the PJ's THE BAD SEED PROVIDES DBBs ENTRE Widespread is the influence which the DBBs have upon average individuals. It reaches from the depths of the depravity which is found in drinking and drug dens and brothels, all the way to the boardrooms of large corporations and the very highest levels of government. In fact, the more degraded and higher the probable influence the harder and meaner the impact. It becomes totally integrated so that all facets play into the whole. In essence, what the DBBs are able to do is to bring to life the embers which were taken into each human being at the time when the "gift of permanence" was conveyed. This I have already covered. Because the gift entailed adding to each human entity part of the essence of one of the fallen beings, these same beings, now of the DB, are readily able to tune themselves to the vibrations of any human soul frequency that has allowed itself to be colored strongly by the negative qualities of the "seed" which was taken in at that formative birthing. Through this attunement between a human being and a DB, a magnification of the effect of that negative seed can take place. This is the origin of the concept that, just as each human soul has its guardian angel, so too it has its own "demon" or fallen angel and/or "bad seed". Strictly speaking this is not true, since the essence of a given one of the fallen beings is distributed among a large number of humans. The notion that a given human soul is more susceptible to the influence of one particular evil entity than of others is in general true, for the reason that I have now differentiated. When the plan to distribute fragments of the fallen beings among humans was adopted, it was expected that the human entities would strive to purify and cleanse the dark seeds that were then implanted. Many have indeed accomplished this purification, and such individuals are far less susceptible to the whisperings of the DBBs than are their fellows who have never attempted to eradicate the darkness within. An attempt to spur the human soul toward a particular action or thought which leads away from soul-advancement and which, followed far enough, would lock that human being into a downward spiral from which it could not escape, is attempted. VIOLENCE, AGGRESSION--WAR THE MARTIAN INFLUENCE -- PJ 05 -- pag. 46 I will now discuss violence, aggression and loss of temper. In its ultimate manifestation, this category of influence brings war on a massive scale. It is not an inherent part of the human make-up, as originally created, to feel the hostility and hatred that are now seen so often in the world. These feelings have been introduced due to the combined effect of the dark seeds taken in at the time of the "gift of permanence", together with the influence of the planet which man calls Mars. The red planet harbors an immense thought-form of hatred and aggression which can strongly overshadow thoughts and events on the Earth whenever it comes to a close approach. These factors, spurred by the constant efforts of the DB to fan the flames of bitterness and hostility between men, have been sufficient to allow warfare and violence on an unprecedented scale to sweep over this earth. In some of your Earth countries, notably Iraq and Iran, the hostile attitude has put its foul roots down into the very heart of the nation, darkening almost every citizen with its poison. There is little hope that the bloodshed and horror can be stopped in countries such as these. In actuality, some such countries will completely consume themselves. It will not be until the final death throes of the evil world system that those unfortunate lands will perceive the wrongness of their practices. By that time, however, it will most likely be too late to avoid destruction. TEMPTATION Next, let us speak of temptation. This relates specifically to the idea of "self". While it was always intended that humanity should develop a strong and stable image of the self, there was never any intention that such development should lead to a permanent coldness between humans. Nor was there the aim to allow the selfishness now rampant on the earth to permit one soul to control or manipulate others for purely personal reasons. Pride, haughtiness and any manifestations of selfishness have developed only since men learned to think of themselves as better than others, more deserving, more powerful, or whatever, towards power growth of self. Now you put the characteristics onto subliminal tapes and drizzle them into the subconscious to insure they are nurtured. These attitudes poison relationships between souls and lead to permanent estrangement--producing a coldness and distance which can last over many lives in the joint experiences of souls who have allowed this to occur. MATERIALISM: POSSESSIONS AND ATHEISM Now, another big one: materialism. This is a very broad topic, but can basically be summed up under two headings: possessions and atheism. The lust for material possessions has been aided and abetted by the rich life style of twentieth century having and living, at least for countries in the West. However, even in the so-called "have-not" (third world?) lands, there is a great desire for material possessions among those who have been exposed to the kinds of goods which are available in other places. This arises because, in most instances, the souls who are born into the "have-not" countries are there because, among other reasons, they must learn NOT to covet material things for their own sake. -- PJ 05 -- pag. 47 When these individuals again see the kinds of goods that might be available, they rekindle the old covetous streak which they have brought over from a previous life incarnate, and they suffer because their desire to possess these things cannot be fulfilled. The idea that atheism is related to materialism may seem strange to some, but perhaps I can point out that the surest way to lose sight of the higher realities is to fasten one's attention onto the things of the earth to such an extent that one forgets the truth that the material plane is only one realm of experience. Compound that with the concept that perhaps there is no other plane of existence and you have total materialism. If that goes further into belief that Earth life is but a passing phase lived on a plane which is not really the "home" of the human race, or that it is all there is, you have no reason not to respond to the total material persona. If the mind becomes too obsessed with things and possessions, there is a great likelihood that the truths of the spirit will be passed over and forgotten. For many souls, this is precisely what has happened. Your question should be, at this point, "How does one combat these categories of temptation?" The answer is too simple to be adequately utilized--LOVE! It is LOVE alone that can surmount the barriers of distrust and hatred which man has thrown up due to his violent and aggressive ways. I do NOT refer to anything in your vocabulary that is defined as love; nor of hardly any of your physical human activities-- which, by the way, are almost totally satanic in origin and fulfillment. THE SOLUTION It is LOVE alone which allows one to perceive that selfishness and the manipulation of others are not noble or spiritual paths to follow. It is love alone which can displace the lust for possessions in the mind of one who is caught in that dreadful trap. Only love can broaden the understanding to the point where the soul sees that the purpose of life is not to collect but rather to give--not to hinder but rather to help others, not to aggrandize the self, but to place it into the service of the creative forces that have made this realm of Earth, man, and all the myriads of creatures which inhabit its many planes and sub-realms: The Creation. Now, brothers, let us investigate how these traps are set for YOU! GETTING AT THOSE ON THE PATH There are numerous souls who instinctively know that there is a "Path" somewhere--a route which, if followed diligently, will allow them to achieve spiritual progress and a true grasp of the meaning and purpose of life. However, these souls are not all of the same discernment. Many are very young in the sense of experience. Let me use an example which is a favorite of one of the Cohans, Hilarion. Hypothesize that a soul has had numerous lives of a rather common variety, living within the various traditions into which it has been birthed, adopting the bias of the environs, including all of its prejudices and narrow thought-patterns, never stimulating fully the realization that life has a -- PJ 05 -- pag. 48 purpose entirely incongruous to that! Which conventional wisdom maintains. Then, suppose that soul lives a recent life in which its experience is touched deeply by another person, someone who had this special awareness of the higher Truths, someone who demonstrated the beauty and love which could be expressed by one who is on the path of spiritual advancement. In some cases, though not all, the soul who had previously been following a conventional series of lives might suddenly become stimulated to struggle more diligently, to climb out of the ordinary mold, to gain a far deeper understanding of the meaning of existence. So, the soul is then born into the current life-pattern. Because of that previous contact with the spiritually advanced person, the soul is born with an intent. It watches and keeps looking around--seeking for something it can not consciously identify. It feels that something must be just around the corner-some clue which will give it the understanding it knows it lacks, the grasp of meaning which is not present. Then something will happen that will introduce the soul to a different way of living or thinking, some teacher takes the soul into his circle of influence, some book seems to contain the signpost for which the seeking was probing and a circumstance is presented which can alter the pathway. Here, however, is the test of discernment, of the inner recognition of Truth. For there are many false teachers upon the Earth in the present day, many so-called gurus and sages who hold out a certain philosophy of living and acting. These may attract the new seeker for a time, but if the teachings are not fully in tune with the higher Truths, or if the teacher himself does not behave in accordance with the philosophy he proclaims (brothers, this is a BIG ONE), then the seeker is expected to see the dichotomy and to become aware that perhaps this mode of thought is only a half-way house of some sort, a way-station on the path to a better and higher wisdom. Many souls do not recognize the trap into which they have fallen. They embrace the teachings, join the movement and become devotees of their supposed "master", defending him against all attack by those who have become disillusioned, often cutting themselves off from family and former friends--NEVER REALIZING THAT ANY MOVEMENT THAT PRODUCES DMSION, COLDNESS AND ESTRANGEMENT BETWEEN HUMAN BEINGS--EVEN THOUGH IT DOES NOT OPENLY ESPOUSE THESE ATTITUDES--MUST BE IMPAIRED IN SOME WAY. There are thousands of such movements now on Earth which fall into this category-of course there always have been the regular ones around also-those whose man-made doctrines have obscured the true original teachings. Because of the Cosmic Law governing the operation of these testing factors, we are not permitted to go about naming such groups, teachers or movements, nor do I have any desire to do so. However, I can and will list the kinds of teaching and activity which identify such forces, and the reader can form his own conclusions as he examines the various movements which are now on the Earth. Which, you will find, are almost all of them. I would wish to place in capitals and underline these items but will trust you to pay attention! The most obvious traps are set by the movements which claim to be spiritual, but which are headed by individuals whose personal life-style is clearly the opposite of the teachings that are held forth. An example is the self-proclaimed guru or teacher who sends the new converts out onto the street, selling flowers or whatever to raise money, and who then pockets a large portion of the proceeds of those sales. Even if the teachings of the movement are in the direction of spirituality, the seeker is expected to be able to discriminate, i.e., to take only that which is in accord with his own inner feeling of the Truth for himself, and to reject that which is not in accord. -- PJ 05 -- pag. 49 Most of the so-called gurus who fall into this category are counting on the inability of the new convert to discriminate. They expect the convert to swallow everything about the movement, on the grounds that some of the teachings are in accordance with the cosmic Truths of love and light. These ones will most often broadcast the term "love" and intimate relationship of spiritual integration, etc., ad nauseam. As an example, a body of teaching may include an insistence that love between mankind is the only hope for the salvation of the race, or it may refer to the functions of the guides and teachers on other planes, or it may stress the need to subjugate the self and undertake service to others. But each of these teachings can be perverted to an unworthy cause. For further example, the love between souls may be used to require the neophyte to love the guru or teacher unconditionally, or to give all of his possessions to the move-ment to demonstrate his love. Or again, the reference to guides on other planes may be used to convince the new seeker that the body of teaching provided by the movement must be correct because it comes through direct revelation from such guides. Finally, the subjugation of the self can be carried to the point where total self-abnegation is required, so that the neophyte will be willing to work any number of hours a day to raise money for the movement--to in turn be utilized freely by the leader. SEEING THROUGH SHAMS The soul caught in such movements is not left without guideposts. He is not abandoned by his own guides, who are anxious to move him on to a broader perspective of reality. This can only happen when he sees the sham of the movement which has trapped him, and this perception can come if the seeker watches the signs and clues which come his way. The easiest way to discern the truth of any movement is to study its leader or founder. If the leader or founder is living richly off the sweat of the converts, then he is a false guru. That is the most obvious means to detect fraud of this kind. But for those who understand the cosmic laws there are other ways. For example, there is a law that any individual on the Earth plane must show on his physical form some sign or characteristic which identifies his true essence. The law is in conformity with the assertion that those who have "eyes to see" and "ears to hear" can always find the truth by direct observation. Look at the face of the leader; look at his bodily structure. Does he have a serene, "happy" countenance, or is there something sinister about him? Is he grossly overweight--I mean to the point of obvious self indulgence, or is he crippled in some manner. Sometimes the crippling is the overweight itself. Now, don't go off the deep end--I speak of grossness. Or, is that one maintained so perfectly in body form as to be obsessed with his appearance and vanity? Does his appearance give you any reason to doubt that he has only the best interests of the "race" at heart? There are other areas to study as well. Has the leader ever been hounded through the courts, or banned from any country? Have any of the followers ever developed mental aberrations or schizophrenic traits as a result of their exposure to the movement? Do the spokesmen for the group want you, first and foremost, to give an appreciable sum of money or to take some expensive course as an introduction to the teachings? I speak here of personal gain for the leadership itself, of benefit only to a few "top" people. Does the movement offer mainly success in the physical world (money, business, love, power) rather than a deepening of the understanding or spiritual wisdom? I stress that the seeker is always given ample clues to the true nature of any individual or movement. He need merely open his eyes and read the signals directly. They never lie. Always good, too, to -- PJ 05 -- pag. 50 look at "what" a leader might end up in court about-remember, Immanuel was harassed quite notably by a court of "justice". DON'T MISS THE POINT As we deal with the groups and movements which are intended to trap the unwary seeker, let us not miss the point. Most of these things are aided, abetted and encouraged by the energies of the DBBs which are not to say that the leaders or main instigators are, themselves, mere puppets of the dark ones. In some cases this is true, but in the majority of such movements, the DB merely spurs on the innate negativity and greedy ego of the leader, prompting him to seek wealth through the movement, or control over others, or fame--just to stand out in wondrous "holy" garb and espouse pearls of wisdom--his! As to the souls who become entrapped by the movement, they too are influenced wherever possible by the DBBs, who are attempting to keep them locked up in a movement where they will not be able to use their enthusiasm and energy in reaching directly out to their brothers living so called "normal" lives. The idea is to trap the unwary seekers in a vortex, to take them out of the mainstream, and, in many cases, to bring about estrangement between the seeker and members of his own family, so that the energies of the seeker will be tied up in the emotional struggle and thus be unavailable to help his brothers. There is, however, an additional phase to the efforts of the DB to deter the advancement of the race through side-tracking seekers. They know that those who are impelled to find a spiritual path through life are the best hope of the world, for these souls has the possibility of reaching many, many other souls through their words and deeds. Because such souls are so pivotal to the salvation of mankind, the DB desires above all else to cause them difficulty, to side-track their energies, and to sow confu-sion and contention between them. DO ANY OF THESE THINGS HIT ANY NAILS UPON THEIR HEADS? In terms of causing the seeker difficulty in his life-pattern, the DBBs are permitted to insist that certain karmic burdens which such souls carry be discharged at a time convenient to the DB. In most cases, the petitions by the dark ones are granted, and the karma is allowed to fall upon the seeker. The exceptions are made when the seeker is at a sensitive phase of his quest, and has placed himself in a position from where he could accomplish much which would lead others to seek a higher way through life. Aside from these exceptions, as we say, most such requests are allowed. This is why certain souls who are clearly aware of higher Truth will from time to time be visited by misfortune that does not seem to be tied directly with lesson-learning, and which is not even indicated by the planetary positions. I have already dealt with the question of side-tracking the energies of the seeker, and have explained that most of this is accomplished through the various movements now on the Earth and which act as "backwaters" into which the seeker can be trapped. -- PJ 05 -- pag. 51