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Semite and "anti-Semite", part 3 A RACIST IS A RACIST I am not an anti-Semite, Ma'am, I AM (WAS) A SEMITE. I CAN PROMISE YOU, HOWEVER, THAT YOU ARE NOT. I was a Judean and I was a Semite from the tribe of Shem and it is unlikely that I CAN BE an anti-Semite. It is you ones who have not your factual history and places straight. I do not understand the measure of your "racism" in that it seems unthinkable to question facts and mathematical numbers regarding an incident when the uninformed simply blast back in heinous insult and bigotry offering death to the speaker. Is THIS not racism? Is this not anti-Something? Fact is, ma'am, it is being anti-Semitic and you have your facts quite wrong. By your very intent and words you WERE NOT PRESENT IN THE HOLOCAUST--I WAS! I suggest you ponder this. I shall be happy to publish your letter for I am open and sharing. I do not, however, intend to pursue the matter a moment longer at this writing. You are ready to move into Holocaust beyond anything ever happening now or before on your planet--I think you had best be in preparation for this one and set the other to the side and refocus importance of survival. What do the "Jews" have to hide in that you are so unrelenting to thought? Why do you continue this hatred? I suggest you look into the reasons therefor--and you will find them in this information. You have been made the dupe and the fool--and you are most welcome to tell all the Jewish organizations you can find. I can not believe that anyone FORCED YOU TO READ THE PAPER NOR THE JOURNALS SO I SEE NOT YOUR PROBLEM. WHAT IS IT THAT YOU DESIRE TO HAVE "NOT QUESTIONED"? YES, I BELIEVE WE BOTH KNOW THE ANSWER TO THAT ONE. GOD TELLS YOU TO STUDY BOTH SIDES OF ALL AND THEN TRUTH CAN FLOW THROUGH INSIGHT AND KNOWLEDGE--NOT BY ENFORCEMENT OF THE SECRET. WHERE IS YOUR "PROOF" OF SUCH HAPPENINGS? -- PJ 46 -- page. 54 Why do you cower and allow the so-called Jews (or anyone) to call you bigot or anti-Semite as if you bear the plague of death? The ones who bear the plague of death are defended and forced to spread the disease among you--by LAW. WHY ARE THESE DEVIANTS ALLOWED TO DEFAME YOU FOR YOUR OPINIONS AND YET YOU MAY NOT EVEN VOICE AN OPINION REGARDING THEIR BEHAVIOR? BECAUSE YOU HAVE BEEN BRAINWASHED TO FIT WITHIN THE GUIDELINES OF THE GLOBAL PLAN 2000--ACCORDING TO THE PROTOCOLS OF THE ZIONISTS UNDER THE DIRECTION OF THE ELITE ADVERSARY TO GOD--THE GLOBAL RULERS OF THE PLANET. Why are allowed to be labeled an insulting title if you say you don't want to send any more housing money to a foreign nation or if you say you prefer it go to Mexico across your own border? Are you a "jew-hater" because you want to feed and clothe your own child? THEN STOP THIS SICK NONSENSE. YOU ARE PROTECTED UNDER THE CONSTITUTION TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND BELIEF. I DENOUNCE THESE COUNTERFEIT KHAZARIAN ZIONISTS WHO PROCLAIM THEMSELVES "JEWS" TO FOOL YOU-- THEY ARE NOT!! The Holocaust of World War II COULD NOT HAVE PHYSICALLY HAPPENED AS THE ORTHODOX PRESENTATION IS PRESENTED BY THE "JEWS"--THE NUMBERS DO NOT BALANCE!!! Now, what is WRONG with my stating as much?? If their numbers can prove otherwise--then I shall stand corrected! This does not mean that I either hate, slander nor appease a group or nation which has stolen from another of God's people, the Palestinians. And the Blacks? What about the blacks?? They are God's people--ALL, unless they deny that relationship. The British enslaved the blacks of Africa and still do so. There is NO COLOR, CREED NOR RACE IN THE HEAVENLY REALMS OF GOD--ONLY LIGHT! I can only suggest that every one of you go STUDY THE CONSTITUTION AND THEN, STUDY MOST CAREFULLY THE PROTOCOLS OF THE ZIONISTS (AKA: COMMITTEE OF 300 GLOBALISTS). And may God give you insight as you do so. You as a mass of wondrous creations--have given away your inheritance of perfection and wealth--even in the physical experience. You have GIVEN away your POWER gifted by GOD UNTO YOU. SHALL YOU PERISH OR RECLAIM IT?? YOU CAN DO IT BY "VOTING". If you turn back unto God of Light and Truth-- you shall not even need "fight" for it but until you are worthy in intent--you shall struggle and if you refuse to see and act back within those Holy Rules of Balance--so shall you ultimately fall. You do not need to depopulate the planet--God has prepared placement for all who will hear and come. There are other wondrous places to experience in physical form and we can take you there--there is no need to perish in the darkness of evil tradition. Ponder it. -- PJ 46 -- page. 78 ---------------------------- But now the Communist Empire is supplying arms to some of the Arab states [H: As so too, have you!] and, though certain Jewish nationalists, or Zionists, originated Communism and imposed it on the Russians and Eastern Europeans, and though some Jews still occupy powerful positions behind the iron curtain, it seems certain that at the proper time, the Zionists in the West will launch a campaign of abuse and fury against the Soviet Union (not against Communism as such) as anti-Semitic and ungodly! How else could the Zionists bring about a mighty war in the Middle East? And without the war, how could they get the Arab lands? And how else could they bring about further disintegration of the non-Jewish nations and races? Without a frightful crisis how can they and their "liberal" tools stampede us into surrendering our freedom? The Russian people, the Ukrainians and the overwhelming majority of Eastern Europeans are anti-Semitic (in the sense that they resent the bloody Jewish-inspired terror which gripped them under the Communist regime). But the Communist governments, on the other hand, have been overwhelmingly Jewish or pro-Jewish, so much so that all of these Red governments incorporated in their constitutions specific prohibitions against "anti-Semitism", the only countries in the world which singled out the Jews for this special favor. -- PJ 55 -- page 126 To get the full benefit of the next world war, however, the strategists will have to raise the cry of official Soviet anti-Semitism, just as they did in the second world war against the Nazis. Our sons must fight to save the persecuted Jew and thus make every American or Englishman afraid to criticize any Jewish individual or machine, however subversive, for fear he will be smeared as pro-Communist! It is a fact that any American today who could remotely be called anti-Semitic is anti-Communist; but no matter; the Zionist press in the West is so powerful, the newspaper publishers so fearful of losing Jewish department store and other advertising, and elected officials so cowed by any thought of being called anti-Semitic, that when some patriot is smeared in the propaganda releases as anti- Semitic hardly anybody has the character to stand up for him. The silly little scare word anti-Semite has made us a generation of cowards; this one little word is conquering the world. [H: I find that doubly interesting since it has NO MEANING WHATSOEVER OF TRUTH. The Khazarian Jews are most CERTAINLY NOT SEMITES any which way you cut the cake or pie. This is simply a term used to get a point across and confuse everyone all the while. It is the same thing as introducing a word into language of any kind--watch and see how long it takes to become law of the land and accepted terminology--even though it be a lie. YOU ARE WITNESSING THE MASTER-LIAR AND DECEIVER AT WORK--AND HE IS WORKING ON (OR OVER) YOU] -- PJ 55 -- page. 127 ------------------------------ THE KHAZAR JEW'S FREQUENT EQUATING OF ANTI-COMMUNISM WITH SO-CALLED "ANTI-SEMITISM" IS UNFORTUNATE IN MANY WAYS. IN THE FIRST PLACE, IT IS MOST UNFAIR TO LOYAL AMERICAN JEWS. CHARGES OF "ANTI-SEMITISM" ARE ABSURD, MOREOVER, BECAUSE THE KHAZAR JEW IS HIMSELF NOT A SEMITE. THE BLOOD OF ABRAHAM, ISAAC, AND JACOB FLOWS NOT AT ALL (OR TO A SPORADIC DEGREE, AS FROM IMMIGRANT MERCHANTS, FUGITIVES, ETC.) IN THE VEINS OF THE JEWS WHO HAVE COME TO AMERICA FROM EASTERN EUROPE. ON THE CONTRARY, THE BLOOD OF OLD TESTAMENT PEOPLE DOES FLOW IN THE VEINS OF PALESTINE ARABS AND OTHERS WHO LIVE ALONG THE SHORES OF THE EASTERN MEDITERRANIAN. PALESTINIANS TRUE DESCENDANTS OF OLD TESTAMENT PEOPLE ARE REFUGEES TODAY FROM THE BARBARITY OF NON SEMITIC KHAZARS, WHO ARE THE RAPERS--NOT THE INHERITORS--OF THE HOLY LAND! Charges of "anti-Semitism" are usually made by persons of Khazar stock, but sometimes they are parroted by shallow people, or people who bend to pressure in Protestant churches, in educational institutions, and elsewhere. Seeking the bubble reputation in the form of publicity, or lured by thirty pieces of silver, many "big-time" preachers have shifted the focus of their "thinking" from the "everlasting life" of St. John III, 16, to the "no man spake openly of him" of St. John VII, 13. In their effort to avoid giving offense to non-Christians, or for other reasons, many preachers have also placed their own brand of "social-mindedness over individual character", their own conception of "human welfare over human excellence", and, in summary, "pale sociology over Almighty God" (quotes from THIS MORNING by John Temple Graves, Charleston, S.C., News and Courier, February 10, 1951). -- PJ 82 -- page. 131 ------------------------- [H: You must understand something, readers, MOST OF YOU are NOT “christians” as described by your adversary. You may well be “Christ-oriented” as to belief in thought--but you are NOT christian as such. If you base all your belief on “Jesus” then you are a Jesuist. You can even say that Jesus was “Christ”--that is incorrect--HE WAS CHRISTNESS OR CHRIST-LIKE FOR “CHRIST” IS A STATE OF EMOTIONAL BEING--NOT A NAME. The Talmudists know better than YOU what to label you and ALL who are NOT Talmudists are considered “christians” or GOYIM. So what do you call yourself in the event of that question? I don’t really know what the going acceptable answer might be. I suggested a long time ago that you confuse the issue a bit more by calling yourselves “Jews” for most of you come from the tribe of Shem--which makes YOU the TRUE Semite! Emotional BEING is NOT “religion” of some kind--it is a state of energy soul BELIEF and INTENT. I am amused at that which I witness with the “homosexual of preference”--they can call themselves by other gender names--but it doesn’t change anything--do you understand? If you are a male--calling yourself female--DOES NOT CHANGE THE FACT--ONLY THE ACCEPTANCE OF OTHERS--EQUALLY HUMAN. The label certainly does NOT change the FACT with God--although it may well cause consideration of INTENT of the individual in rebellion over his circumstance.] -- PJ 99 -- page. 64 ----------------------------