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Semite and "anti-Semite", part 2 those who promote the use of drugs, bizarre sexual practices, loose morals, and criminal undertakings, in short, those who continue the rebellion against God, these are the Canaanites, the anti-Semites. So, in a great surprise of thought-controlled turn- around the very ones who remain true to the Christ path are the “Semites”. Despite great and horrendous calamities and the sweep of powerful historical forces, the genetic pools of the original people of Shem, as well as those of Cain, the Canaanites, remain fairly consistent. How do you recognize the one group from the other? You should have no problem in looking about and deciding who are the true descendants of Shem. They are often represented (but of course, as race/color enters the picture the outline is a bit clouded)--but, for brevity, you will often find fair-haired, fair-skinned, predominantly blue-eyed, (simply from genetic lineage so don‟t get crazy) healthy, productive, proud, disdaining to engage in any dishonest activity, and always fiercely individualistic--these are the people who remain true to the tradition of the people of Shem. The Canaanites, on the other hand, are generally shorter, darker, more furtive, and almost always are engaged in some type of criminal, underhanded or semi-criminal activity, usually with special government approval or license. The writer Roget equates “license” with “anarchy, interregnum, mob rule, mob law, lynch law, nihilism, reign of violence”, in other words, the acts of the Canaanites; yet in your United States today, you have imposed (accepted) on the citizens requirements for “license” to do many of the things free men would not be licensed to do; to drive or own a car, to engage in a profession, and many other intrusions into the individuality of the people of Shem. “License”, which does NOT appear in the Constitution written by and for the people of Shem, means setting up requirements that only the Canaanites can meet, or license which only the secret clubs of the Canaanites will grant to their own; no others need apply. This is the cohesiveness required by the Will of Canaan in everything they do, socialistic and communistic, the individual submerged in the mass, and committed to conspiratorial social and business practices. They are also frequently involved, or advocating freedom of, all sorts of extra-curricular sexual activities which can be traced directly back to the orgies of old Baal, human sacrifice, and obscene sexual rites. AT THE SAME TIME, THESE “ANTI-SEMITES” WILL GO TO GREAT LENGTHS TO CONCEAL THEIR TRUE IDENTITY AND THEIR REAL LOYALTIES. -- PJ 25 -- page. 163 Now hold your breath--they are often to be found in communities as the leaders and in activities advertised to the populace as “compassionate” and “caring”; they are often to be found in government offices, in the media, and in the educational institutions. In these areas, they ruthlessly promote the interests of their own kind, while presenting a solid wall of opposition to any one of the individualistic descendants of Shem who enter these professions. THE ONE GREAT ASSET The great asset of the Canaanites (Khazars, Self-styled so-called Jews, Zionists) is that the people of Shem (others) have no idea what is going on; they rarely find success in a profession despite their great natural talents and appetite for hard work. Throughout their careers, they are oppressed and “luck” seems to pass them by more readily--worse, the harder these ones strive to bring goodness and Truth--the worse they fare. FACE THE FACTS, LITTLE SHEMITES   TIME GROWETH SHORT INDEED! History will not allow the people of Shem additional centuries, or even many more decades, to come into their (your) senses and realize just what is and has been going on. Just as they have been victims of massacre and genocide for centuries, the people of Shem now face the determination of the Zionist Canaanites to exterminate them utterly and finally, a goal which they hope to achieve BY THE YEAR 2,000--THE END OF THIS MILLENNIUM AND THE PLAN IS IN PLACE AND UNWINDING “RIGHT ON SCHEDULE”. Oops--Hatonn said it again! -- PJ 25 -- page. 164 ----------------------------- No, not by the slightest chance for I AM A SEMITE (Shemite). Remember the terminology and definitions? I come from the tribes of Judea and the lineage of Shem from right off Pleiades and that, for now, is far enough back to give you an idea of my political views. The contradiction comes from the usurpation of everything truthful in your history and twisting it into opposition--that IS THE MARK of the Anti-Christ, beloved ones. THAT IS the clue they wear for all to see and because it is so obvious, you all miss of it. -- PJ 26 -- page. 217 This will nicely get us off the hook and if I, Hatonn, blunder and "slip"--you catch me and change the word if I err. Henceforth and hopefully, forevermore--we do what "they" do--we change the names to protect the innocent and label the obscene. "Jews" is OUT. All "Jews" by their definition will henceforth be called who they are--"Khazarians" and/or Judeans. "Israel" will be referred to by the name of Khazar!" Now, take note of this little twist. Since the "Semites" (as in "anti-Semite") are actually the children of Holy God from Judea and the lineage of Shem--then you will note by the "Khazarians" shouting "anti- Semite" in accusations against you of "israel (chosen of God--people, not a 'place')" what do you have in conclusion? When you are shouted down, accused of being anti-Semitic--you are ACTUALLY KNOWN TO BE AGAINST THE ANTI-CHRIST!. HOLD IT IN YOUR HEART AND SEE IF YOU DON'T FEEL A BIT BETTER THE NEXT TIME SOMEONE ACCUSES YOU OF BEING ANTI-SEMITIC. It has nothing to do with the Judean race. It is harder to take right now for you are so brainwashed that you cannot longer see the stain from the rest of the garment. Your government is totally intimidated and thusly controlled by "SOCIALISTIC ONE WORLD CONTROLLERS CALLED KHAZARS"! Stop honoring those bastards of LIFE, deceivers and deviates by calling them "Jews". They stole the religion, they stole and they have taken your world. They are a mixture of Mongol, Russian (Gog and Magog) and Nordic. They have absolutely no connection whatsoever to the Judeans nor the Judean religion. They announced themselves "Jews", wrote their own religion in opposition to the Judean laws in the Protocols, announced themselves Zionists and began to take your world while killing you with YOUR OWN COMPASSION AND DECENCY. THE ABOVE IINFORMATION IS AS IMPORTANT A PIECE OF INFORMATION AS YOU WILL EVER RECEIVE SO PLEASE STUDY IT WELL AND ACT ACCORDINGLY--STOP PLAYING INTO THE BASTARD THIEF'S HANDS. HE IS A WHORE WHO HAS PULLED YOUR PLANET INTO THE DIRECT PATH OF EVIL DESTRUCTION AND WILL CAUSE YOU TO DO IT UNTO SELVES. DO YOU FEEL BETTER NOW, KNOWING THAT YOU AREN'T WHAT YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE--OR AT THE LEAST, I AND MY WRITER ARE NOT THAT WHICH YOU HAVE "ACCUSED" US? WE ARE NOT ANTI ANYTHING EXCEPT ANTI- EVIL. I WELCOME ANY MAN WHO UNDERSTANDS THIS MESSAGE AND RECOGNIZES THAT HE, HIMSELF, HAS ASSISTED AND PAID FOR, THE DESTRUCTION OF HIS OWN JUDEAN HERITAGE. I SHALL REJOICE AT YOUR RETURN INTO SANITY. -- PJ 26 -- page. 218 ----------------------------- So one who is prejudiced pronounces judgement based solely on their own OPINION which has very little or NO basis in truth or fact. For example, in your current society, when Hatonn, within the PHOENIX JOURNALS, brings up and exposes THE TRUTH about what are THE_PROTOCOLS OF ZION, what is the true motivation of the ONES behind ZIONISM, how the term "jew" was created and is henceforth revealed as a misnomer or incorrect "made-up" word, he and the publishers are called ANTI-SEMITIC. Well, this word anti-Semitic is also USED by the ONES who are NOT Judean, but come from the Nordic and Mongol tribes of Russia, who were then called KHAZARS who adopted Judaism as their religion, to allow shield from "identity" and thus CAUSE confusion and dissension to FURTHER their OWN ANTI-SEMITIC, ANTI-LIFE or ANTI-CHRIST means. The word, as you have learned in previous PHOENIX JOURNALS, "SEMITE" comes from the lineage of one of the sons of the one called "Noah". His name was SEM (SHEM), whose ancestor was ADAM, the father of the white human race, who was conceived by union of the Heavenly son and guardian angel, SEMJASA and an "earth" woman. Sem (Shem) and his line wherefrom came Joseph, "earth" father to Jmmanuel, were seeded of HOLY GOD from HIS celestial SONS. So to call one an ANTI-Semite does not mean anti-"jew" or anti-other races; it means ANTI-GOD! Yet, you ones, including the truly GODLY Judeans, have been programmed by "opinion-molders" created by THE EVIL ONES of satan, who now call themselves ZIONIST JEWS, to falsely believe that those who openly expose and oppose the ANTI-GOD activities of ZIONISM, THEIR AGENCIES, SUCH AS THE ADL, THE MOSSAD and the state of ISRAEL are ANTI-SEMITES and, therefore, TO BE SILENCED! Clever indeed have been the ones who wish only to DESTROY GODNESS and control your world. So you see, dear ones, if you believe the lies of the "opinion molders", you too are then PREJUDICED, and by your IGNORANCE you become a tool of EVIL and allow destruction of SELF and OTHERS who follow you willingly down the road to HELL. You've heard it said, "The road to hell is paved with ' good' intentions." Make sure your "good" intentions are GOD'S intentions backed BY TRUTH and KNOWLEDGE, not by OPINIONS designed to allow YOU to HANG YOURSELF. -- PJ 27 -- pag. 72 -------------------------- LET‟S ALL BECOME “JEWS” You think I jest? No--I do not jest! Do you wish to win for God or do you wish to become enslaved? Did you not read what was just written? You need not believe anything--only pronounce yourselves “Jew” and all is fine with everyone. You can then claim the KOL NIDRE (Vow to void all vows) whenever it is appropriate--most especially when you are before a court of law. All you need are constructed documents which state that “I am a Jew”. You need not even speculate on being “Zionist”. “Zionist” is a POLITICAL PARTY and has nothing at all to do with “Jews”. Being a Judaist has NOTHING to do with “Jews”. Semite or non- semite has NOTHING to do with “Jews”. So, I sincerely suggest that you start a new movement across the lands and ALL of you become “Jews”. This is not as far-fetched as you might at first imagine. What do your evangelists tell you? “Jesus was a Jew.” The fact that that was neither the fact of his -- PJ 39 -- pag. 59 “name” nor his origin--since the term “Jew” originated in the 1700‟s seems to matter not at all. The evangelists further proclaim such things as “JUDAEOCHRISTIAN” thus and so. These terms are totally without meaning as they are “opposites” by definition. Further, your greatest evangelists claim for themselves that they are “Zionists” and send billions of your dollars in contributions to displace the Palestinians and build a temple dedicated to blood sacrifice. Israel is a “man-created” place on stolen self-taken lands belonging to Palestine and will soon expand itself to hold all lands between the Nile and Euphrates Rivers. That, dear ones, is only for openers. In the rest of the world, the U.S. is called “Little Israel”. Do you remember in the Second World War that when a “group” of so-called “Jews” would be rounded up for destruction--these being the REAL Judaists--all in the crowd would stand forth and identify themselves as Jews? I most sincerely believe it is time to puncture the balloon and all men, women, and children--black, red, brown, golden, purple and pink, stand forward. I ask Pharma, this day, to proclaim her little Cherokee, Welch, Irish, Judean, American self to announce that she is “Jew”. I further expect some good American “Jew” to come up with valid paper work to fit the need herein laid forth. I believe it time for all of America and the free world to proclaim themselves “Jews”. I further expect you good American “Jews” to reclaim your Constitutional rights and set your government to right. It is time you separate this beast which LIES from the covenant bearers of God. Zionism is the beast dragon of the anti-Christ which is devouring your world. The only way to totally destroy him is to use his own ammunition. If YOU BE JEW how can you be ANTI-JEW? If you are a card-carrying member “Jew”, how can you be considered “false”. You do not need believe the Talmud or any other book--you can still denounce the “PROTOCOLS OF ZION” just as do the Zionists. You can actually be a BETTER CHRISTIAN, MOSLEM, ISLAMIC OR BUDDHIST if you also pronounce yourself a “Jew”. YOU MUST COME TO UNDERSTAND THAT “JEW” HAS NO MEANING WHATSOEVER--IT IS CREATED AS A CHARADE WORD TO MISLEAD AND DISTRACT A PLANET. WHO WILL TAKE A STAND WITII ME? I, HATONN? I, HATONN, AM NOW A JEW! WHAT MEANS THlS? THAT I PROCLAIM MYSELF SOLELY IN TILE SERVICE OF HOLY GOD AND ENJOY THE RIGHT TO CALL MYSELF THAT WHICH I PLEASE UNDER THE FIRST AMENDMENT OF THE CONSTITUTION LAID FORTH UNDER GOD. NOW, AS A JEW, UNDER CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT OF FREEDOM OF SPEECH, I DECLARE THAT THE HOLOCAUST IS NOT AS THE “ZIONISTS” HAVE PROJECTED IT TO BE. WE JEWS, WILL NOW SPEAK OUT AND TELL IT LIKE IT IS. IN ADDITION, I AM GOING TO TELL YOU THAT NO OIL LASTED IN ANY LAMPS FOR SEVEN DAYS SO LET‟S START CLEANING UP THE STORIES AS TOLD TO YOU THROUGH THE VOWS OF THE KOL NIDRE TO CONTROL YOU NICE “JEWS” WHO ARE NOW MY FELLOW-BROTHERS. UNDER THIS NEW SHELTER OF TERMINOLOGY--I AM ANYTHING I CHOOSE TO BE AND CAN BE SO UNDER THE CONSTITUTIONAL OBLIGATION OF THE LAW OF THAT CONSTITUTION TO PROTECT ME. WELL, WHERE DID THE IDEA OF AN EVERLASTING SUPPLY OF OIL IN THE SEVEN LAMPS COME FROM, THIS IDEA OF THE “MENORAH”, THIS SEVEN LAMP -- PJ 39 -- pag. 60 CANDLESTICK? It stems from an ancient Greek dialect of language pertaining to an advanced Bronze Age civilization (Minoan) and the design of the “candle-holder‟ comes from a plant which shoots up nine flower stems equal in growth from opposite sides of a stem--which grew in the lands called “Holy”. This particular plant inflorescence (A flowering: flourishing --the mode of arrangement of flowers in relation to the stem or axis) which sample racemose is that of a Corymb. I also wish to point out that “Christ‟s Birthday” was NOT IN DECEMBER, MOST ESPECIALLY THE 25TH OF--. ISAAC NEWTON WAS, HOWEVER, BORN ON THE 25TH OF DEC. AND A WORTHY EVENT TO NOTE. -- PJ 39 -- pag. 61 -------------------------- To find who GOG is today after a number of name changes, since Ezekiel wrote about them in his book about 580 BC. In Ezek. 38:2 it says, "Set thy face against Gog from the LAND OF MAGOG," the Chief Prince of Meshech and Tubal, and prophesy against him. See the enclosed map [H: Map is not good enough to reprint.] to locate where Meshech and Tubal is. Now, most of our Establishment Churches' agents say Meshech and Tubal are Moscow and another city. This is another lie exposed, that we have been programmed with: Tubal is the area under the Black Sea in "Turkey", and "Meshech" the area between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, these two (2) areas were hundreds of miles south of Moscow. When Ezekiel wrote his book, it's possible no people lived in the area called Moscow today. To know who real "israel" is today, we have to bear in mind they are the decendents of "Sem" (Shem), the father of all the whites AND Semites. [H: Be careful in interpretation for skin color no longer has meaning as the cycles close--it is only a clue for the upstart.] In older Bibles his name is spelled SEM, but to confuse us the reformation in the King James Version changed it to SHEM so that it wouldn't rhyme with Semite--the re-formation made a number of modifications in the King James version. Why? For Who? The offspring of Jacob were all white Semites, even Esav Edom, today called sephardic Jews, were "white", being that they were both fathered by Isaac. But, back to who Gog is today--the answer comes by deductive reasoning. Just who is this elusive "Gog" who is going to be buried in today's Israel at Homon-GOG--who is not Semite but from Japheth, Noah's other son? -- PJ 41 -- pag. 130 --------------------------- When David died (see, everyone does), his son Solomon turned Israel into a genuine Oriental monarchy. He built the dynastic temple, which was a copy of Canaanite temples in decoration and design. Of course there were no cult statues; the Ark in the cella replaced that. Solomon's Canaanite-style temple was destroyed in the first three months of the reign of Jehoiachin. Nebuchadnezzar besieged Jerusalem, which fell to him in January 588 BC. Note the use of the term Canaanite-- this does not even SOUND like Shemite (Semite). The lies were poured upon you so long ago that you are totally blinded if your mind refuses to remember truth. -- PJ 43 -- pag. 66  NEXT PAGE