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“SCIENTIFIC" EXPLANATION OF MEDITATION, By Germain GOD IS LIGHT God’s communion within His own Being is a sequential transition from the still, unconditioned Light of His knowing and the moving, conditioned lights of His thinking. The Light of His knowing is undivided. It is a balanced equilibrium. The two lights of His thinking are divided. They are the electric pulsations of two-way motion which build thought-forms for recording His knowing. God’s light-wave universe is the invisible still Light of Mind- knowing. God’s electric universe is the product of God’s knowing, expressed by the visible, pulsing lights of His dynamic thinking. MAN IS LIGHT We cannot say more to you than that, for God’s communion with His Self is identical in principle and practice with your communion with your Self-Oneness as God. The eternal Light of eternal Life is the balanced Light of the Soul-Mind universe. Your electric body is the product of your knowing, expressed by your thinking--as God’s universal body is the product of God’s knowing, expressed by His thinking. If you can but fully realize this vitally important fact, you will be farther ahead than you could possibly be by reading all the books in the Congressional Library. When you commune with full understanding, you become aware of your oneness with God. You become more and more aware of the fact that God’s Mind is your Mind, that His knowledge and power are your knowledge and power. When God becomes your teacher (and little doves, you of this brood have God as your personal teacher, I hope you understand that gift), you need no earthly teachers. I watch you in this crew and know that you don’t yet understand that which I say to you for, already, you cannot separate that which came to you as a “brother” from that same entity which is now your “Father/Creator”--how blessed you are to come into KNOWING through this wondrous route of brotherhood so that you were able to grow into the comfort of His Mighty Presence. You have learned the reverence without losing the wondrous humor and comfort of His sharing toil. You who labor so hard in a “Commander’s” service will find that to be the reward of rewards for your selfless service. To the extent that you become aware of God as the still Light which centers you as Soul of you, you are God. As you become more and more enabled to forget your body-awareness and find yourself alone in that stillness of cosmic Light, you form inspired conceptions of ideas which come to you in timeless flashes of that Light which you do not see but KNOW because of its illumining presence. You feel the ecstasy of it in the Light of your Soul and in the inspiration which accompanies your celebration. All geniuses conceive their ideas with that accompanying joy and exaltation of inner thinking. They then think those ideas into form. After the mental image is clear, they give a material body to each idea by outward thinking through their senses for others to interpret in the measure of their knowing. To sum up this as a formula, we might say that meditation is a sequential journey from the zero of Mind-knowing--through the action of Mind-thinking--to the rest point which centers two-way thinking--and back again to that zero of Mind-knowing.The more intensely you can comprehend this definition, the more simple you will find all things in life, for we do not depart from the above formula in any decision or action of life, or the solution of any problem of life. Nor do we depart from it during this entire course of lessons. It is most basic, as you will discover as we proceed. We urge you, therefore, to give deep thought to it and recognize its prototype in principle in all things, even unto life, death and rebirth as being the same effect as inbreathing, outhreathing and repeated inbreathing. Desire in God to manifest His Being by producing imaged forms by projection in light-waves of motion from the stillness of His Light of knowing is the energy of the universe which He is eternally creating. Desire in you is, likewise, the energy which enables you to create your universe. We will talk much, later on, about your energy and God’s energy in relation to the motive power extended to you from God, and your use of it. Constant communion with your Source of energy will give you both knowledge and power to use it by giving form to your inspired conceptions under your cosmic control instead of under your sensed control. Communion with God in meditation means talking with God in Mind silence. THE LOVE NATURE OF GOD In the last lesson, we took you one step nearer to the simplicity which underlies your interchange between knowing and thinking. We will now take another step in that direction by having you understand the love nature of the universe and how that love principle parallels the simple formula given to you. Communion with God exalts you to the joy of the universal love principle of God and Nature. Here we must use the word ecstasy which is also a badly misused term. It is, however, the only suitable word for it is the one undivided emotion--the balanced full joy “ecstasy” of love for which there ARE NO OPPOSITES. The reaction to the giving of love is love regiven. When your meditation gives to you the love nature of God, you will then know that there is no evil, nor sin, nor bad in God or in Nature. There is naught but GOOD in God’s universe. This does NOT mean that the presence of evil is absent from the world but only that--in communion WITH GOD--there is nothing save Goodness because ALL is then perceived with the objective of total Love. In communing with God directly, or through those moods of Nature which lead you to God, you become aware that His nature is your nature. In your deep communion, you feel only the universal love nature of God extending through you to all the universe. You then love all things for there is naught but love extending through you and from you. Your own ecstasy tells you that. Imagine yourself communing with God indirectly, such as listening to the heavenly rhythms of God’s heartbeat in a masterful symphony. While thus enraptured by the divine rhythms reaching your very Soul, can you possibly imagine yourself thinking evil, or thinking sinfully by planning to cheat, or lie, or steal? No--of course you cannot. The reason you cannot is because you are reflecting the love nature of the universe in your spiritual Self, and there is no sin in that love nature to reflect. That is why you should seek God in meditation immediately if you indulge in angry or unkind thoughts. You must restore the balance of the universal love principle, else the toxins of unbalanced thinking will upset the balanced normalcy of your body rhythms, which all illnesses are.  Form the constant HABIT of meditation. Make it a moment-to- moment private continuous attitude of your Mind in order to keep in tune with the universal rhythms of God’s balanced thinking. Be in tune with them always. Never stray far enough from God- awareness to allow the slightest imperfection in your work, your health, your friendships, your business plans or any achievement whatsoever. The more you become fully aware that you cannot do anything of yourself alone, and desire partnership with the whole universe, the more you will find that you can say, in the deep depths of your communion, “I am the universe. I am all that is, for the Light of my Father is all that is, and I am that Light. I and my Father are ONE.” That is cosmic meditation, for that is the thinking of the new race of cosmic man now in the borning.In those deep depths you can desire what you will, and “behold, it standeth before you.” It is recorded that every man who has known the illumination into Cosmic Consciousness has first lost all awareness of sin or evil. He finds himself in a universe of love in which there is no evil. You are quite a ways from that state of beingness--of necessity, for you must bring back into balance a very unbalanced world where evil has run amok. We must first bring love and balance into the world in such a measure as to begin the swing back into balance from this tremendously unbalanced circumstance. Could it be done through ONE MAN? Yes, but you had best look at that one man in point--if he clings in any manner to that which is deviant from any of the laws of God and Creation then he has not the full capability of desire to change the whole. I mean ANY DEVIATION! This God communication leads you into the REALITY of love and away from the unreality of evil. When one is wholly Mind, he can know no evil for there is no evil in his presence. God and His universe are founded upon love. Love is all there is. ALL OF NATURE MANIFESTS LOVE The entirety of Creation is the manifestation of love. Every effect of motion in Nature is a manifestation of the nature of God, for Nature gives of its all in every action and regives equally in every reaction. If that were not so, the movements of the planets would not be predictable. The electric heartbeat of nature expresses love in both halves of each cycle of the universal heartbeat. Nature never takes--for God never takes. Nature always gives equally--for God always gives equally.God’s equally balanced giving for regiving is never violated in Nature. It could not be violated for Nature is an extension of God’s nature. For this reason, the balance of Nature can never be upset. When you commune with God, do not have desire written upon your heart for that which is to be given to you. Ask, rather, to be inspired as to what you can give, and how, in order to be worthy of that which will surely be given you if you first give. UNLESS YOU FIRST GIVE, YOU WILL NOT BE RE- GIVEN. Let your thinking be energized to express love by first giving love in order that its inviolate reaction will regive love. To give possessions is not giving love. Love can only be given from your Self to another Self, and love given without Self is like unto sounds of music given without Soul. To extend love is to multiply the Light of it a thousandfold.To the extent that you are illumined with the Light of Love, which comes only from communion with the Source of love, to that extent you will be enabled to manifest your genius in masterly creations of your own. The very purpose of meditation is to enable you to give body-forms to ideas conceived by your Mind. Unless the Light of love which illumines you is extended into your creations, they are but dead things which cannot endure. The one point we wish to accentuate is that what we are now telling you is Universal Law, inescapable and inevitable law, which cannot be violated. Just to tell you this is not enough. Talk it over with God in your heart and you will really know that if you defy the law to the slightest extent it will hurt you equally, while if you work with that law it will work with you to the fulfillment of your every desire. -- PJ 34 -- pag. 44 -- 47