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Prayers & Praying, part 7 Check within: What is it that you do not understand? What is it you dread? What is it you need? What are your goals? How do you wish to be? How do you wish to be treated by others? Are you happy? Are you healthy? Are you living harmoniously? All these needs and desires are to be brought to God in your heart and in your mind. Ones say: "I only seek the truth of God" and "I come seeking Truth, only Truth" and then DENY THE VERY TRUTH LAID BARE BEFORE THEM. If you REFUSE TO SEE then how can you be helped? If you turn to "man" for your guidance--depend on it being from a "tool" of God's adversary set to snare you in a human physical trap. Use whatever focuses your attention on the HIGHER SOURCE. If a trinket helps you focus--use it--but do not place power or salvation from the trinket for only in the "mind" is "spirit" manifest in fullness. Use whatever "position", words, or place that enable you to pray. Places, words, beads, and churches are not the issue in point. Your ability to commune with the ONE GOD is the utmost importance--the ONLY importance.You do NOT need a go-between, you need no angels, no E.T.'s, no symbols--GO STRAIGHT TO GOD! THERE IS NONE MORE IMPORTANT TO GOD THAN YOU! GET THOSE LINES OF COMMUNICATION OPEN, HOWEVER, FOR YOU ARE RUNNING OUT OF CHOOSING TIME. Don't think you can hoky-poky and fool God. Sincerity is absolutely vital to prayer. God knows your deepest longings, your best kept secrets. He knows every thought which enters your mind. There is nothing hidden from God, chelas, so stop the game playing on that pretense. HE knows with what sincerity you seek HIM--the YOU reflection of your greater being ALSO KNOWS so sincerely ask, without human ego presence, ask the One God of the Universe to help you establish lines of communication with HIM. Your sincere desire to be near God will enable you to receive His guidance. God's ways are many and He uses many different situations and conditions to reach out to you and give you cause to find "the way". -- PJ 64 -- page. 93 ---------------------------- There are myriads of religions and religious teachings--and myriad are the teachings of the commandments to goodness--but goodness remains a veiled searching like a fog which ever hides God's light and the seeking continues on and on. Why? Because in the FINDING is the KNOWING--and there is no need for further. When you KNOW--you ARE in the Light. So man in his searching is destined to stumble in that seeming dark passage and, being in unbalance, falls. If he then holds forth his hand to GOD to seek rebalance, so shall he find it--but he most often grabs the offered hand of the physical senses. He realizes not that he CAN utilize the physically sensed hand for assistance and STILL HOLD ONLY TO THE HAND OF GOD. The inner and heartfelt prayer from the souled being searching for Truth is always for his "brother" and for his own ability--not to achieve great material "things” --but for the removal of the blinding veil which hides the path to God in HIS infinite LIGHT. Since the beginning of man's journey it has ever been thus, that the unanswered question arising from the souled heart of man be known and recognized in KNOWING. Civilizations of man come and go, always progressing in cycles--always IN CYCLES. As each cycle moves there will always be new comprehension of "being-ness" which will transform mankind into higher forms of "beingness". You are now in one of those most enlightening cycles--in progress. -- PJ 74 -- pag. 25 ------------------------ VALLEY OF SHADOWS People in gatherings and individually recite The Lord’s Prayer, in pious or absent-minded chanting as they also do “Hail Mary, Mother of God, full of Grace”. Then “Jews” will go to the temples and chant their rituals. There will be little or no MEANING in the ritualistic speakings. But, as we move into foxholes, the exercise takes on a little more “meaning” but a lot less piousness. Have any of you ever noticed this? In self? Next, you confront problems and those preachers have told you to humbly ask (or “demand”, according to WHO is ranting and instructing) answers and intervention by GOD! Then, if things still do not go to YOUR LIKING, you BLAME God for your own foolishness. So you come with your naughty deeds showing and asking for a way out of your own acts of indiscretion. Oh, you mean the words alright for after all, you want to NOT GET CAUGHT or, at the very least, not be held responsible. We now can go all the way back to infancy and claim “abuse” or “molestation” and it covers everything from murder to sexual-promiscuity; abortion to theft. MOST OFTEN, my friends, NOTHING happened to you beyond a lot of misinformation and parents who simply DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO IN THIS WORLD OF PARENTING OR LIVING. There, deep in the shadows of the valley of shadows lurks Truth impounded--unable to reach through to allow you FREEDOM. And, as long as you fail to search those shadows and then, recognizing the lie, assume responsibility for your thoughts and actions, you will be forever filled with unrest and endless seeking after the WRONG things of which “MAN” will tell you exist but DO NOT. You will go haplessly about moving through one mate after another, as one example, while bearing children to reap your “sins” of ignorance and irresponsibility--“....looking for love in all the wrong places. Looking for love in all the wrong faces....” (good lyrics from Ever-ready Rabbit). With WHAT do you fill your minds? Do you ESCAPE further into the darkness while reading novels and science fiction of monsters and physical unbalance? Yes indeed, I include the bibles from every sect and cult. Or, do you search as quickly and diligently as is possible to find Truth and set about correcting the damage of the lies? As you find those answers within self--you shall FIND Truth. However, as with all things REAL, Truth is not the living end of freedom. KNOWING Truth causes ones to need to accept responsibility--and therein lies the deepest of all problems--man no longer knows how to accept responsibility nor even “survive”. Some may well “learn” to survive but it will be through the even more darkened avenues of “taking from a brother” in the most heinous manners possible. It has ever been thus. -- PJ 84 -- page. 60 -------------------------- How do you change? What do you ask of GOD that you might bring reclamation again unto your lands? You stop praying for your own selfish greed of “please God, give me…..!” Can you not humble yourselves in your ignorance and ask that God oversee to the needs of which you aspire? Is there no way to turn within-without and ask God that HIS WILL BE DONE? YOU know so little in this time of so much to know. Even you who would seem to have the answers--cannot have them all, for the world has become the “secret” domain of Sir Evil. Have you forgotten your lessons on how to pray? Did you EVER understand what the great teachers taught in the guidelines of prayer and petition? Shall we make another stab at that which allows God to respond? Shall we remind you that GOD HEARS SOUL--not lip service unto YOUR special needs? Ah, indeed, He hears the personal petition--but only if it coincides with soul desire in giving and regiving. You can only expect that which is good to come unto you IF YOU FIRST SEND FORTH GOOD. My beloved Father which is Creator of all, please dwell with me in Your omnipotent glory. Your name is Holy, that mine might be recognized within YOU. In that way may I ever be such that Your realm is incarnate within me. May Your power reveal itself unto and within me, on Earth as Yours resounds throughout the heavens AND the earth. May my presence upon the physical journey of life be a reflection of Your WILL, not mine. I need, this day, my daily bread--that substance which sustains me in Your service as You wish me to serve, and thus, let me see and recognize my transgressions and errors as I also come into the recognition of TRUTH. Let me not “judge” any other and allow forgiveness for myself as well, as only YOU can see my soul and guide my feet and heart within Your LIGHT. Please do not let me fall into temptation and confusion through the putting aside THY WILL in favor of my human ego wants. Yours is the realm within me and Yours is the POWER and the KNOWLEDGE forever--if I but seek it. For, Thine promise is that if I seek diligently in Truth--so shall I find! Please allow me to reflect YOUR light into the dark corners of the shadowed valleys in this journey. May I example my ways that I show unto others that which You have shown unto me and may I only act unto others as in the gentle and wondrous giving which YOU offer unto me--if I but accept Thine gift. Be ever constant within me, Father, that I may ever see Your will and serve in Your way for I would live for You if You but show me my path. May all the Creatures and Creation be blessed by Your Grace and may I ever revere and respect that which is put into my care and stewardship and in this way I shall KNOW that Your will IS--everlasting and infinite as I am allowed, also, to become everlasting and infinite in Your LIGHT, not just within Your universe. Give unto me the ability and desire to serve my brother and think FIRST upon his needs before my own--but let me know the difference in giving and assuming responsibility for self that I do not give of Thine great gifts into the places of the carnal consciousness. Let me learn clearly how to “receive” that I turn not away that which You have sent unto me. Abundance is Thine; Truth and Love are YOU and I humbly ask that I discern well and reflect each as it is given unto me--in glory and use, not in greed for self. Please strengthen my commitments that I do not fail in Your generous commissions placed in my care for I AM the reflection of Yourself as gifted unto me-- that I may BE, may grow and may BECOME. I place no “Amen” upon this prayer, Father, that I may be a continuing reflection without beginning and without ending--but residing ever WITHIN Your Grace. In my impatience let me ever be mindful that “impatience is only brought about by my lack of FAITH”--so, Father, please allow me the KNOWING that my FAITH can sustain me in the waiting upon my journey. Let me understand that the delays are NOT the denials--but only my own perception--for the greater wisdom resides with YOU. So be it, Dharma, for the soul is restless for its progression and completion and fulfillment of our tasks. Ask not that the way be EASY--only that you be sustained to walk it in any condition which presents itself. If necessary, chela--I am broad of shoulder--enough to carry you ALL upon my own Wings and how much greater are the Father’s WINGS, Creator of all things UPON THE EARTH AND IN THE HEAVENS. You who walk with God and keep HIS covenants--shall FLY WITH US, HIS HOST MESSENGERS, SENT FORTH TO PREPARE HIS PLACE. -- PJ 89 -- page. 6 -- 8 MANTRAS But, Hatonn, ones say to me, “...you NEED a word to clear your mind----!” Clear your mind? Empty your mind? ARE THERE NOT ENOUGH EMPTY MINDS TO BRING ABOUT THE DOWNFALL OF CIVILIZATION?WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU WANT TO EMPTY YOUR MIND? TO GET NEAR TO GOD? GOD IS MIND--SO WHAT YOU ARE DOING IN ACTUALITY IS “CLEARING GOD FROM YOUR MIND!”  IN FAVOR OF SOME GURU’S INSTRUCTIONS! The next question to take up work time is: “But you said so and so and this and that are valid!” EVERY ENTITY UNDER THE HEAVENS, AND WITHIN, IS VALID. It is up to YOU to understand the journey and sitting in a mosque or facing East or puffing on weed, or plucking flower petals is a cop-out on your journey to purpose and God. Go hug a tree? Fine--but the tree will be bored with you, my friend. A tree is a perfect creation of God--not there for your hugging but for your acknowledgement--TO GOD! “I cannot ‘work’ today; I must go to my teacher!” OK, someone else can pick up your WORK and you can come back all self-fulfilled? The NEXT thing that happens is that you miss your REAL lessons because you were off meditating or serving an Earth-bound self-proclaimed SPIRITUALIST. I find it amazing that you actually think that you are doing something GODLY to go exercise at exercise class. “Ah, but I’m learning to breathe.” Oh, don’t you KNOW innately “how to breathe”? “Yes,” you say, “...but this way I learn to breathe hard and quickly, speeding my heartrate and cleansing myself.” Oh, again--IF YOU PICKED UP A MOP AND BUCKET OR A PAINT CAN AND PAINTED YOUR DWELLING OR THAT OF A NEEDY FRIEND-- OR PUSHED A LAWNMOWER WITHOUT MOTOR--OR JOGGED ALONG A ROADWAY PICKING UP TRASH--WOULD YOU NOT ALSO BREATHE HARD? THE EARTH PHYSICAL EXPERIENCE IS FOR THE PURPOSE OF “DOING” SOMETHING IN TOTAL CONSCIOUSNESS OF EXPERIENCE. IT IS A PHYSICAL EXPERIENCE--NOT A DWELLING WITHIN “ANOTHER” EXPRESSION. “But,” you repeat, “you tell ones it is fine to go to this one or that one...” What do you wish me to say? Do you wish me to start an argument and spoil their day? If you have not learned your lessons enough to know that there are two important beings (both being the same in actuality--only differing in presentation) YOU and GOD. HOW you get that connection is YOUR business--NOT MINE. I do, however, watch while another’s “guru” is being “sold” to ones who are quite content with action in Truth. Why would you drive into dangerville to “experience” another’s teacher who is offering misperceptions? So you can come home and say--“I don’t believe ‘everything’ that one says, but I sure do like the drifting in trance of meditation a whole lot--why doesn’t Hatonn recommend that?” I do--but not with an empty mind to match the empty soul longing for the “doing” of fulfillment. If that is fine and enough for “Joe”, fine--perhaps he need not “make a living”, or present a paper, or dwell in the everyday world of simple, ordinary “reality” of responsibility. There is, but will not always be, the luxury of ritual and dosy-doeing around the mulberry bush. What of the camps in which “sweetgrass” is disallowed for the “Indian”? Well, I think they (if they are REAL) can find connection with the Great Spirit without the sweetgrass if the soul wishes to connect with God! BUT IT WILL NOT BE ACCOMPLISHED THROUGH AN EMPTY MIND. AND, YOU WILL NEVER GET OUT OF THE PITS THROUGH THE USE OF AN EMPTY MIND--DO YOU NOT SEE--THAT IS EXACTLY YOUR PROBLEM, MY FRIENDS. Further, so many of you demand that I heal your body--SO YOU CAN CONTINUE TO GO AND EMPTY YOUR MINDS. No, go let that great and wondrous teacher to empty minds--heal that body for you. HE CAN’T--because only GOD and YOU can heal self. To you who flourish in the Far Eastern drift of “religion”—Chelas--“religion” will get you NO-WHERE! Spiritual (GOD) PRACTICE IN ACTION, will get you EVERYWHERE! Do you need a Far Eastern teacher in the West to get you “there”? Has the “religion” SAVED the masses in those incredibly backward places--or do the sheeple simply exist to escape the reality of their circumstance? IF YOU ARE NOT IN INDIA--WHY DO YOU EFFORT SO HARD TO BE AS ONES IN INDIA? Is it possibly not just a cop-out to prevent your having to DO ANYTHING in your own work environment location? I have bad news for you who think you were put here just to “find self” in a selfish refusal to SERVE. You will find self, ok, but you won’t like the place in which you find self. God presented “man” in a perfect form of body, reasoning mind, capability of motion/action. You ARE the thought of GOD in MOTION/ACTION. Why can you not “meditate” on all or any thing(s) in the midst of mopping the floor? Why can you not “think” on grand and wondrous evolvement while building a windbreak or planting a garden? THAT IS WHERE GOD IS--NOT IN A DREARY ROOM EMPTYING YOUR MIND--GOD HAS WORKED SINCE THE BEGINNING OF PERCEIVED TIME--TO FILL YOUR MINDS--NOT EMPTY THEM!! The most important thing about this conversation, however, comes next: You will do that which you will do? You obviously do not find Whole Truth for self from the simple teachings of truth. You are in search of something “else”, bigger, more magical, hoopla, without “work”, nirvana in a non-nirvana experience and on and on. If THAT OTHER TEACHER is totally fulfilling--why are you asking ME ANYTHING? If THAT ONE is ALL--then I have nothing to offer you. AND, A TEACHER IN TRUTH--DOES NOT COME TO RECEIVE, LITTLE MISPERCEIVERS--THEY (WE) COME TO GIVE and REGIVE! So, what are you doing in your running back and forth? Picking out the things you LIKE from each--and AVOIDING as much of the real TRUTH as possible while hoping to insure a trip to radiance. Well, the bad news: The trip into radiance is a self-earned transport and trying to live in a state of rapture and radiance in another dimension simply takes the valid “time” from your work purchasing your ticket to the REAL THING. Perhaps what you really need to DO is sit and FILL YOUR MIND with that which will merit action and get on with the journey so we can ALL get into that wondrous state of radiance. Ones who present their whole experience in physical dimension to becoming proficient at religious mind-emptying and nirvana floating--are successful at ONE THING ONLY: FAILURE. For one thing--you CANNOT consciously empty your mind! The more you consciously try--the more you can’t! And, look at the goodly time wasted that you MIGHT have done something worthy for mankind to make your journey worth your journey here.So why the physical gurus? To fill their role in pulling you away from ACTION which can actually re-CREATE a civilization! You CANNOT FOCUS ONLY ON THE SELF--AND MERGE AGAIN WITHIN THE WHOLE. You must first come to harmony and love within self and then act in example so that the whole can be melded within the ONE. Sitting in a museum of “other’s” presentation--IS NOT “IT”! I have always told you to read, study, practice ALL--if you can. TRUTH stands infinitely secure in the face of ALL TEACHINGS FROM ALL GURU’S. However, if you become trapped within a “doctrine” you are about “done for”--because “doctrines” are of MAN. FREEDOM IN TRUTH IS OF GOD! Am “I” displeased when ones ask and take “time” with these inquiries? No, for this is a part of learning as is anything and sometimes the MOST IMPORTANT LESSONS OF ALL. You all have teachers and guides--why would I not utilize them as do you? They are not, however, to DO YOUR WORK FOR YOU--only offer the “way”. And moreover, if the “way” be geared to solely physical-mind interaction in another dimension--why be HERE? By “here” I mean--physical realm? If you simply WANT to be in perceived perfection of another realm--why do you not go blow your head off and ascend quickly? Why? Because you KNOW that on the other side of such action--is not the place you REALLY want to be! So why not just start NOW and get on with “getting on” and stop the foolishness--especially the foolishness of pulling ones along with your journey into basic inaction? You must come to KNOW your connections with GOD and then you will not ask “me” or be embarrassed by my answers if they cross you. KNOWING is THE key. If you GO to perceive beauty, music, peaceful rest, etc.--THEN CALL IT THAT! QUIT LYING TO SELF! I urge you who wish to find SOCIAL interchange--to go where it is. If it be in church-building and you attend, can you not take the wheat from that experience and cast off the chaff? If it be in a “bar”, which it won’t be--go there. Do you HAVE TO DO THE THINGS OF THE ADVERSARY? THEREIN LIES THE REAL QUESTION--AND THE ANSWER! Even Mother Teresa WORKS in the slums and gutters--but not with an empty mind meditation on her mantra! WHO may be closest to achieving goodness? God does not want dead martyrs. GOD DOES NOT ASK MAN TO DIE FOR HIM--HE DEMANDS THAT MAN LIVE FOR HIM! MOREOVER, AN EMPTY MIND IS AN EMPTY MAN--ALREADY DEAD UNTO GOD! But, can’t you have a teacher AND serve in other ways, other teachers and guides? Of course--but if you have to ASK ME about those teachers and effort to gain my “permission” for such sojourns into their presence--YOU ARE NOT EVEN SURE OF YOUR OWN DIRECTIONS! Of course you can share all manners of wondrous adventures--a sojourn with those serving the Great Spirit is wondrous, fresh and sacred. But if you have to ASK--within you KNOW there is something MISSING from that offering. I ask nothing of you save a flexible, open and receiving mind--to balance that which I offer against that which you perceive otherwise. Mine is not a “teaching” JOB as such--only a mission to offer what is THE WORD as sent forth. Moreover, we have no “church” and no “public” forum--so why would YOU impose upon my work if you be not in atunement with that which we offer? If you feel no need to study our work in favor of that of another teacher-- why clutter our spaces or your time? But can’t you just share both? Well, friends, ONE is going to be lacking in WHOLENESS. Would you wear a suit of clothes with half of it missing? Perhaps some of those missing parts may be in most undesired spots of the anatomy!!! Meditating in my definition is only the connection of mind in thought exchange with God--or whatever--and usually it is the “whatever”! It is also called prayer or “thinking on” with receptivity to the responses--not empty mind! Meditation to the New Age and Old Age is the sitting while usually pondering nothing but getting an empty mind--for long periods of time to drift in and out of living while calling it rapture and ecstasy. Well GOD IS ECSTASY--so he doesn’t need any more of your perfection at doing-nothing. Astral travel? Sure--it can be an experience of LEARNING or it can be as worthless as an expensive trip of hang-gliding--exciting, expensive and worthy of NOTHING. By the way—hang-gliding with an empty brain/mind is pretty dangerous, tinkerers. When you “crash” it is usually the “Big One”. I’d like to share with you a very entertaining press column by Herb Benham, on the subject in point. It is simply for a bit of light humor; I do not speculate nor am I interested in your meditation habits. If it fulfills YOU--then you are not going to change at any rate, I presume, so why debate the issue--WHAT IS--IS, AND NO AMOUNT OF ARGUING THE POINT WILL MAKE IT OTHER. QUOTING: MEDITATING’ S SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT (A-ING)---I THINK… This morning I sat in the big yellow chair and meditated. I thought about Thomas, who the day before had bitten Sam on the thigh, and also bloodied his nose. I wondered if I should have yelled at him more, less, or not at all. I have been meditating since high school. I’d heard about Transcendental Meditation from the Beatles, thought the guy with the beard looked pretty cool and one day we signed up as a family. All eight of us. It wasn’t cheap but we got the family rate, which worked out to probably one chrome wheel on the guru’s Rolls. A junior maharishi came over to the house, bringing flowers, a clean white handkerchief and prayer beads. After some basic instruction, he took each of us aside and gave us a mantra. This is a little sound that is supposed to unlock the secrets of the universe. “This is your own private mantra. You must NEVER reveal it to anybody,” he said sternly, his turban shaking back and forth on his head like a beehive. “You can’t even discuss it with your fellow meditators.” So we didn’t. For years we talked about everything else--the Vietnam War, boyfriends, girlfriends, money, Watergate--but we kept our mantras to ourselves. It was only after my Dad got sick a few years ago, and the family had shared all our innermost secrets, that one day Courtney asked, “Was your mantra ‘a- ing’?” It was! Rhymed with spring, fling and ding-a-ling. We all had the same mantra. That was the family plan. It’s a discount if junior maharishi doesn’t have to conjure up eight different mantras. Dad meditated for about a week. My sister, Hope, less than 10 days; Derek maybe a fortnight. The problem in our house was not space, it was privacy. Meditation required a quiet room. You’d be sitting there meditating your brains out and somebody would walk in eating a Popsicle and say, “What are you trying to do, meditate?” Then they’d blast out the latest Led Zeppelin album, or sit next to you and unfold the playmate of the month. Pretty soon your curious little eyes would be peeping out from behind your eyelids, wanting to free themselves from their delicate prison. “Whew,” you’d finally say, eyes wide open, torturing yourself no longer. “I feel great. I am so relaxed and centered.” Actually you were so glad that the 15 minutes, the allotted time for TMers, was over that you would have driven a load of Titanium over the Himalayas in a chicken truck. Now I am the sole meditating survivor in the family. People aren’t dead, they’re just not interested. Early on I realized there were benefits. It was very relaxing, in fact sometimes it was so relaxing that I would begin a meditation at 9 p.m right before bed and not conclude it until 7 a.m. When we started having kids they couldn’t quite figure out what I was doing in the yellow chair with my eyes closed. “Why doesn’t Daddy just go to bed?” Sometimes they’d climb on me, a challenge for any meditator. Now I sit in the morning before anybody’s up. It’s my time to try to get in touch. With what, I often ask myself. The heartbeat of the universe? That seemed an original thought several weeks back until I remembered that it sounded pretty close to Chevrolet’s “Heartbeat of America”. All I needed was the car being helicoptered over the cliff. As I sit, I hear the noises in the house, the chiming of the small brass clock. I wonder what I am supposed to see. Is enlightenment like a long, slow train? Or is it a flash of light? For crying out loud, I have been meditating for 20 years, when can I expect Nirvanaville? Maybe I am doomed because I went public with my mantra. If so, I am sorry and I take it back. It really wasn’t “a-ing”, it was “a-ring”. Most of the time I think about the kids, my wife, work and what I could have done differently. It’s good for examining conduct. And if I should get a couple hours sleep out of it, so be it. (Herb Benham, Staff Columnist, THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN.) END QUOTING I denounce NO “religions”! I denounce almost ALL “religions”! The very word in definition of “religion” sets it into the HUMAN PHYSICAL EXPRESSION OF MAN’S DICTATES. You are headed for a ONE WORLD RELIGION--which will be based on EXACTLY that which we have just presented--call it whatever you wish. Just as you must face that Falwell and Roberts had their AUTOBIOGRAPHIES (Autobiography MEANS self-biography) written by an (now) open Gay and the religious presentations were indeed falsely presented--just as by the same man was written dozens of other autobiographies (except his own), including Nixon, North, etc.--you must face that there is a false face presented through RELIGIONS--and all other facets of human living. This makes it a deception and deception and lies are of the ADVERSARY of God. Why cannot you just come to grips with being in LIGHTED service of actions? This puts you right into connection with God and, after all, that is where you CLAIM you wish to be! But is it really? No, you want to do it your own “human” way. So, go for it! But don’t tell the world that “Hatonn said it was ok!” I tell you without hesitation: There is ONE thing which is OK with me--KNOWING WITHIN GOD OF LIGHT, ACTION WITHIN THAT TRUTH and FULL INTENT OF LIVING THAT LIGHTED TRUTH WITHIN ALL THE LAWS OF GOD AND THOSE OF UNIVERSAL CREATION!  “Perfection” in these matters is not required--intent to perfection is acceptable. Ignorance is acceptable unless given the opportunity of learning--refusal after KNOWING is totally unacceptable--so don’t dump your dirty laundry in my trail, brothers, because I will not pick it up for you! So be it. You innately KNOW what is “right” and what is “wrong”--do with it what you will but don’t say “....he said it is ok!” OK?? It is NOT “OK”! OK? SALU. -- PJ 89 -- page. 94 -- 100 --------------------------------