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Prayers & Praying, part 6 I again remind you that there are no perfect living bodies of any kind in Nature. Their very growth under so many varying conditions makes perfection for all of them impossible. The perfection lies in the law which makes bodies, not in the bodies. That oak over in the open meadow seems perfect. A squirrel planted it on good ground. That other oak over in the shadow seems far from perfect. A squirrel planted it on barren ground in the crevice of rocks where its roots could not spread. That man over there seems to have a fine body even though one would not call it perfect. He has injured its shape by overeating. Next to him is a much finer body. He inherited it from long-lived ancestors. But over to the left is a misshapen body given to him by parents who where syphilitic. In the hospital up the street are rooms full of bodies with twisted feet, hunched backs and other deformities. Surgery is reclaiming many of these to a semblance of perfection. Could you bring happiness or cure to any of these by telling them that God made them perfect? We think not. But there are ones who come into understanding and recognize what is meant by the phrase, "God made man perfect". These ones may be hopeless cripples, paralytic, who can only barely move a head--perhaps blind as well. But spiritually-- these ones are giants. These ones would say: "Yes, God made me perfect--but Nature, or my parents, or something did not work in balance with God's Law to give me a perfect body. But I AM PERFECT". It is THAT understanding and KNOWING which gives you the gift of gifts. Remember the passage of scripture which says that the unbalanced acts of parents will be visited upon their children unto the third and fourth generation? There are millions of imperfect bodies, even badly malformed bodies, which are the inherited malformations of distorted seed patterns. It is not to "blame"; it is to "understand". Disease is not alone the cause of all of these malformation of descendants. For several generations, women distorted their inner organs by tight lacing of that corset they thought made them beautiful. Hundreds of thousands of female descendants of these tight- lacing ancestors have suffered great and unnecessary agony in giving birth to children, or in their normal menstrual periods, because of these "sins" of their mothers and grandmothers, and thousands of them have had to undergo major operations because of those "sins". Faith and belief would never have reduced this suffering for the "pattern" was altered. When you tell these women who are always in the changing of Self--into some perceived image of ideal presentation according to human social desires--that God made them perfect and all they have to do is to see themselves as that perfection, and they need to remind God that He has, perhaps, overlooked them in letting something so hurtful happen to their bodies, you are forgetting that God did not do the tight lacing, fat suction, abortions, medications and birth control methods, substance abuse, etc., which caused these agonies. Their parents and grandparents did these things in a very HUMAN deliberateness. VALUE OF FAITH AND BELIEF It must be remembered that bodies are the product of thought of Mind. Mind is perfect, so that part of the building of man which God does is perfect. When man's thinking is unbalanced, his body is also unbalanced because his body is built in the image of his thinking. No one should ask God to remedy man's own failure to do his part in working with God. All the faith and belief in the world will not induce God to balance man's own unbalancing, for that would take free will from man and reduce him to the status of an automaton, and that is not in the scheme of Nature. Faith and belief have great emotional value in healing bodies for, like other positive spiritual emotions such as reverence, ecstasy, happiness, beauty, love and kindred emotions they reverse the opposite emotions of fear, hate, worry, discouragement and other negative emotions and thus repolarize a depolarizing body. When you have thus substituted such constructive emotions for destructive ones, it is not your faith and belief in God which has healed you; it is you, yourself, who have healed yourself by balancing your body electrically and chemically. It is your own obedience to God's Law that has healed you. SO LET US MAKE SOME CONCLUSIONS God is LOVE. The foundation of love is BALANCE. God's universe is balanced by the two opposite pulsations which manifest love. When man learns to balance all of his human relations and all of his human emotions, he will have a perfectly balanced body. Normal bodies are balanced. Every one may have as balanced and as normal a body as he is able to practice the principles of balance from moment to moment of his life. If you could keep in balance all that God has already given you, you would never have any illness of body whatsoever, for it would be impossible. God's balanced laws are always fulfilled with balanced manifestations. It could not be otherwise. Conversely unbalance between two opposing forces will always result in unbalanced manifestations. Tumors, cancers, headaches, heart disease, and every other body ailment are the result of unequal interchange between God's two constructive-destructive forces. Likewise, all infectious diseases and all malignancies are similarly caused, for absolute balance between the two would insulate each from the other and allow the complete cycle of appearance and disappearance to consummate itself in an orderly and normal manner. The more you can live and work knowingly with God from moment to moment, the more your body can approach the perfection which complete balance alone can give. PURPOSE OF CREATION God created His dynamic universe for the sole purpose of manifesting the ONE IDEA OF LOVE--which constitutes His Being--in human extensions of His Being who slowly and gradually become aware of their Oneness of identity with Him. For this reason, every human on Earth is perpetually seeking God whether he knows it or not. For untold ages, man has sought God outside of himself. The human race is just beginning to become aware that, when it does find God, He will be found within man. It is to this end that this new knowledge of the long hidden secrets of space is now given herein in order that man will be enabled to transcend himself and his works for the betterment of the whole human race. By this time you will have discovered that there is a trend and a purpose between the lines of these lessons other than the building of knowledge upon which a scientifically provable philosophy of life can be founded. You must come to FEEL that trend and purpose. To actually touch that invisible knowledge--you must reach out for it in your quiet place. We have given you a first "overview" in a couple of the JOURNALS so that you might get a bit of foundation and we also have spoken in generalities, telling you, for example, that it was a transition from sensing to knowing or the unfolding of the Cosmic Man. These terms must have intuitively conveyed the meaning to you and awakened in you the desire for cosmic knowledge but you did not have so dynamic an understanding of what lay behind those terms as you do this day. You must understand by this time that we are trying to make you live and work KNOWINGLY in both the undivided invisible universe and the divided physical universe of bodies in action. The transition from sensing to knowing actually means living in the Light of inspired knowing all of the time and extending your inspired knowing to your thoughts when you wish to create thought-bodies to image your thoughts. Thus, living in the high heavens, the body is but secondary and to be forgotten as much as possible when not needed for the manifestation of your knowing through action. This reverses the rule of both body and Mind by the senses which make continual demands for pure gratification of senses. The senses are important, vitally important, for they are a doorway to the soul if the door to the soul is kept wide open by desire of the soul in you. But when demands of the senses close the door, or never let it open, and the senses dominate you, you then but live in an objective universe of sensed bodies which insulate the soul and drown out the Inner Voice which would reach the soul if it could. The most wonderful thing in all the world is within every man--the genius knows it for he is close to it--the mystic knows it better for he has touched the hem of it--and the cosmic thinker is reaching out eagerly for that kingdom of heaven in the Light which that wonderful thing IS. All mankind has known of it in his heart from the beginning and started his search for it way back in the dark aeons, but many are now opening the door wider and wider which leads to a new dwelling place--the REAL dwelling place of man who has for such long ages thought that his body was his dwelling place. To live knowingly in the Light where MAN is--where GOD is--where all knowledge, power and presence are the fulcrum for expression in the divided universe--to make that kingdom of heaven which lies beyond the doors of your senses your dwelling place--to know the ecstasy of it--the inspiration of it for your interpretations into silent rhythms, into motionless forms unborn as yet, unborn till you want them born--THAT is what I mean by making the transition from sensing to KNOWING. I want you to live in God's universe and look out from its Light into its divided extensions when you will, and thus looking out to find them wonderful and good--reflecting the glory of the Light of their Source strongly here, weakly there--but all of it being GOOD, for all are seeking that door which you have found and some are near enough for you to reach forth your hand and help them over the threshold. And that is what we are giving our very lives for, working toward just that end. Hours upon hours we and our own extensions are directed toward giving you that which will help you to understand. Always our intent is to keep the door open wide unto the Light for your dwelling place from where you may work knowingly with God from moment to moment and be ever watchful for those who are reaching out to you to help them across the illumined threshold into the glory of the all-knowing Light. For that purpose, God has sent us to this place from where the messages can flow and spread throughout the world when there are teachers enough to multiply our ability to spread it as desired by God. Ones will come and add to the numbers and we shall unfold Truth unto the brothers for the great transformation of man and the dawn of a new day in human relations. We serve in the deepest love and caring. DECREES I have always given unto my human counterparts the tools which will hopefully further the growth of each and allow KNOWING to come within the individual and within the whole. We have used affirmations, decrees, etc., in an attempt to allow you to see what power is within but man begins to rely on the simple mouthing of words and forgets to seal these desires within his Soul. I wish to outlay the difference, for instance, in the perception of various identifications of the above statement. The difference between a prayer as mankind has understood it and the issuing of a Decree is that most prayers are supplications. Please harken back to our prior discussion of this very subject. A Decree is the acknowledgment of God the Almighty "I AM PRESENCE'' as the only Presence and Intelligence acting. YOU see at once the difference in the power released to produce the results and the difference in the individual's feeling. Mine is not to condemn nor criticize prayer as such. If you know HOW to pray you have wondrous power gleaned, but you see it does not always produce what you anticipate. You have come to know it is not only the Law of God, but the Law of Life of which you are a definite part--that brings the power and desire into fruition. As you ones work within the Brotherhood of Light and the teachers speak, sometimes quite firmly, you ones go and perceive yourselves somehow wounded. It is beyond that perception, dear ones, for we are compelled through the feeling world to prompt you not to repeat of unbalance which you so unsuspectingly create. We are compelled by the Law of your Life to keep reminding you of these things, until you no longer allow them to act in your world. There is no use giving forth Deeper Teaching until individuals utilize what they have and you have used only a fragmentary part of what is before you. If you do not use this material to balance and offer Love--then WHO shall do so? If the very ones who first take the writings cannot comprehend and practice them in fullness--why shall we dump more unusable material upon the masses? How dare any of us claim to be participants within the highest CIRCLE of that Mighty I AM ONENESS and not project the teachings as the Lamp bearer. You are resonsible only to your own Life, UNLESS YOU ARE EXPRESSING DISCORD; Then you become responsible to ALL mankind. You are adding to the burden of mankind by whatever discord you express. In the understanding of your God Presence, you cannot do this without penalty because you have called forth a tremendous charge of energy from your Presence into your feeling world. Then, if you continue to allow discord to clothe that energy and send it forth, you become more and more responsible to the Great Law of Life and to your fellow man. The individual, who does not understand the Presence, cannot release the great volume of energy that you can. It is not possible. Therefore, beloved ones, stand guard! Call the Presence to stand guard over your world! If vicious things are acting in your feeling world, stop them instantly--I plead with you. Do not have an opinion about another. If there is an appearance which seems to need correction, call to their Presence and then be in the forgetting of the incident. It is the only way you can be free. We love you so greatly, and We see the enormous progress which is being made by the great numbers. We want to give you the encouragement and the strength to stand more firmly on guard, that you may more quickly enter into your Glorious Freedom permanently. I assure you, beloved ones, the Victory is yours for the "Mighty I Am Presence" which beats your heart is your certain Victory! If you slip occasionally do not discourage--but with a firmer determination than ever demand of Self not to do it again. Never think that the Mighty Presence is not ready for every detail so call it forth into action for every detail. Do not worry nor think that your Presence is too Great to handle little things. It is the little things, dear ones, just a little thing here and a little thing there, which finally get to whirling in your feeling and make a disturbing activity. It is the listening to--"I wonder why such a thing got started; I wonder why this got started over here". Such a subtle suggestion is just an opportunity to get your attention on some discordant thing which will finally pull you into it. Do not allow it. The messengers find, dear ones, the only means of keeping themselves free from the gossip of human beings is to instantly say: "You have no power! You cannot enter my world"! and it does not do it. Everyone must do the same. You are the only one responsible for your world. Do not feel any concern about the other person's world, except to bless it and praise it. Oh praise and pour out blessing. What a wonderful thing. Do you know, precious ones, how important it is to bless everyone and give all courage? Take yourselves today, how many are there who do not appreciate with all their hearts a kindly word? Someone lays his hand on your shoulder and says: "I am grateful you are winning your Victory". Is there anyone who would not appreciate such encouragement to its fullest extent? That is what mankind needs. It does not mean, dear hearts, at every little appearance out here--"that person has gone wrong". Do not misunderstand what I am going to say to you. The Messengers have always pled with you to turn wholly to your "Source within" for EVERYTHING. We have watched a certain activity and note that problems are magnified through the needs of this one or that one--be careful how you let others know of your need. If the knowledge of your need touches someone who is discordant, you have just that much more to handle. Oh, you WILL come to this place where you will meet the condition; when you MUST stand wholly with your Presence, not looking to a single thing outside. The moment you REALLY do that, your troubles will cease, precious ones. I assure you that the moment you can turn wholly to your Presence and say: "I am looking to you and my call compels the answer". You cannot fail to have positive results. Precious ones, as you keep calling upon your Presence, it will choose. Your Higher Mental Body which is the discriminating selective Intelligence will choose who shall give assistance, if it be through human channels. Then no mistakes can be made. You see how easy, how simplified it all is when once you get this clearly? YOU are the focus on Earth of the Light from your Source of All. As you hold yourselves, your feelings harmonious and call your Presence into action; It does pour out a Mighty Radiance, like the heat from a great furnace all the time. Then you MUST feel Its radiance, for you are the most wonderful focus of Light in the world. Will you feel your individual responsibility to keep yourselves so harmonious, that this Light can keep pouring out, pouring out, and every one who touches It will feel the uplift and not discord? This is really your responsibility in your understanding of the Presence. You have become a mighty radiation Center of Light. Therefore, if you allow discord to clothe the Light from your Presence, are you not responsible for the discord you spread to another? I am trying to make this so definite and clear, that in the intellect you will no longer have the slightest excuse nor have any desire to feel or express discord of any kind--because that is imperfection in your Life. If you have brought pain through discord or retort and expressed your own annoyance and unbalance--perhaps you might set it to peace for to function in discord only magnifies discord, and our work is to present the harmony and LOVE through TRUTH unto our brothers--not simply more discord. Discord attaches itself through the vibrations unto everything you think and touch and is borne out to the ends of the universe. Perhaps you will better understand the power you have to project the goodness or the discord and take more care in your dealings one with another throughout the brotherhood which you touch--which is ALL. The silence in Love and Truth is greater than all the flattery given in discord. May we attend our Selves that our journey may bear the Lamp which honors God at every moment of our existence and experience for we must learn that control of Self is the greatest POWER OF ALL. . Thank you for your attention. Dharma, thank you for your service. May we gather in unity and oneness of direction so that our work can be done in the perfection of Truth given unto each of us to share. May the blessings of understanding be our reflection in honor and integrity which gives uplift from the mirror of God who gives nothing save perfection unto us. MAY THE BLESSINGS OF THE WORDS FALL GENTLY UPON YOUR BEING. I AM --- GERMAIN -- PJ 36 -- pag. 139 -- 145 -------------------------------- NEXT PAGE