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Prayers & Praying, part 5 If you ask a builder to build a house for you, you KNOW that he can do it and, also, he knows that he can do it--or you will choose another builder. If he answered your inquiry as to whether he could build a house for you by saying, "I sure hope I can" or, "Well, I have faith and belief that I probably can", your own faith in him would be tinged with deep doubts, for your very belief in him is founded on confidence in his knowledge or you wouldn't have contacted him in the first place. YOU MUST HAVE CONFIDENCE IN YOURSELF based upon your KNOWLEDGE for knowledge is your power; not faith, belief or hope. Those are but the stepping stones to come into KNOWING THROUGH ACTION. Therefore, I say to you, whenever you desire to do anything for which you do not feel yourself equipped, do not start doing it with doubt in your Mind or with blind faith that God WILL DO IT FOR YOU, FOR YOU MUST NOT BEGIN THAT WAY. Stop, rather, and talk WITH God. "Seek Him, know Him, be Him", in deep meditation communion. Seek knowledge through INSPIRATION. That is the only way to build ommipotence into your desire. Never start anything without inspired knowledge which puts love into your givings--for that which is called WORK should be only joyous giving. Your weakness lies in asking God to fulfill your desire instead of asking Him to give you the knowledge to work WITH Him in the fulfilling of your desire. You render yourself weak in so asking--and you double your weakness by the very thought of having "faith in God". You must have KNOWING in God. Somehow, by just having "faith in God" implies a doubt of the certainty of His promise, and places God on His honor to grant you your request. He already granted you your request through His grace--all you have to do is accept the gift and regive by achievement. You must learn to approach any achievement with an attitude of certainty for, when you have instilled the certainty of the goal accomplished the God within will provide the "how" in the form of inspired IDEA-- you add the action. Don't approach God--or your Self--in an attitude of begging supplication. You are not asking benevolence--nor is God dealing out patronage. God is Creator--and you are co-Creator--not a supplicant for favors. You must put aside your idea of separateness and find your universality. Until you KNOW your attachment with the universe, you are but one part of it. As long as you feel yourself to be a separate individual person with no attachment, you will think of God as totally separate and apart from your Self. Until you can think of your Self as The Person, or the Universal Self, God will be another Being Whom you may revere or worship, or ask favors from, or depend upon, in the measure of your KNOWLEDGE OF GOD. To have faith--or belief--in God implies separateness. It implies that God is another of Whom you cannot say, "I and My Father are ONE". That is why much, deep communion with God is the most important thing in your life, for the more you looze yourself in the Universal Self the more you think of God and your Self as being of ONENESS. When you plant corn, you do it with KNOWLEDGE born of experience that the corn will grow and fill your granaries. It does not grow because you have faith and belief that it will grow; it grows because of the perfect workings of God's Laws. Likewise, you put the seed in the ground by intelligent action--first making sure you begin with corn seeds. You do not sit in the house and pray to God with faith and belief that He will plant it for you, for you KNOW that He will not. God will work WITH you but not FOR you, and all of the faith and belief in the world will not give you a crop without your doing your part with God in the fulfillment of your desire. Let us look at the faith and belief that just believing on "Jesus'" death will save you and that you will be raptured away just for that believing. NO. You will not go anywhere unless you take action and do the things instructed for you to do in order to be suitable for the passage--REMEMBER? IT IS TIME YOU ALL REMEMBER YOUR SUNDAY LESSONS--"EXCEPT THROUGH ME SHALL YE ENTER INTO THE KINGDOM OF MY FATHER"! And who was this bold speaker? He was the "Christed" teacher, which means "the perfection of God" and therefore, HE IS THE WORD, THE LIFE AND THE WAY. EXCEP'T YOU ACT WITHIN THE LAWS OF GOD WHICH HE IS, YE SHALL NOT ENTER IN. Just remembering the half of the lessons which you enjoy hearing and require nothing of your physical being--you seem to have selective hearing and much more selective actions. You want to practice all the fleshly physical "things" without responsibility and then dump the load on a poor, unsuspecting scapegoat. It shall not come to be! "For except through the actions within the LAW shall ye enter in"! Moreover, you won't even get on board a silver craft with that attitude for the Cosmic Brotherhood live within the LAWS and ye who do not and deny them--are not welcome within to foul their order and balance. Forests rise, corn grows in their majesty, vapors rise and storms rend without faith and belief, or even without knowledge they follow the natural laws of the universe. God's Law is being fulfilled in them. God's Law is also being fulfilled in you. You may break your leg and God's Law will heal it just as God's Law grows the corn. But if you ask God to do more for you than fulfill His law--in other words, if you ask Him to do something for you which is YOUR part of it--He will not do it, no matter how much you pray and no matter how much faith and belief you put into your prayers. To exemplify our meaning a bit farther, suppose your broken leg is badly twisted out of line, or the bones pass each other, and you ask God to reset the bones which you, yourself, should do or have done by a surgeon who KNOWS. You will find that God will do His part by making His universal Law work for you, but your twisted leg will be the evidence of your own neglect to do your part of the work that God is doing with you, and you will be a cripple for life, a self-made cripple self-destined to suffer from your own disobedience to God's perfect Law. And therein lies most of the confusion regarding faith healing. God's Laws of growth are absolute. They work automatically and they work whether you pray or do not pray. Conversely, God's Laws of decay and disintegration are just as absolute as His Laws of construction, and all the prayers which ask God to set aside His Laws as a special favor to you are more than wasted. Again, another example. A destructive fungus develops in a farmer's corn field. The farmer does not go to his chamber to pray with full faith and belief that God will cure that blight while he sits by his fireside and does not do his part in working with God to reverse the destructive effect. Nor does he reason with God by making such useless affirmations as: "God made the corn perfect. Therefore, there is no imperfection in it because there is no imperfection in God". The farmer knows that he must do HIS part in checking the destructive growth WITH God's help--which means with the CERTAIN KNOWLEDGE that God's unalterable Laws will always work, so he corrects the faulty, damp, under-nourished soil which was the CAUSE of the fungus and God's constructive Laws restore normalcy. Moreover if there was a cure for the corn blight and the farmer refused to utilize it while he kept only praying--you would call him a fool and say that he certainly deserved to lose his crop. The farmer knows that he must do his part in checking the destructive growth or he shall simply have no crop. If you would not expect a farmer to heal his corn disease by faith and belief only in prayer to God, why expect it of humans? Yet a blight does develop in a human--a blight such as cancer, tumors, wasted lungs, or any of the many things that can happen to any material growing body which came out of the ground through the constructive forces of Nature and must return to the ground through the destructive forces which are always waiting to do their part in Nature's work the instant they are called upon to do their part. Many humans would not ask God to cure a corn blight nor condemn a farmer for curing it himself, but when they find that a blight has struck their own body, they pray that God will set aside His inexorable Laws because of their great faith in Him instead of doing what the farmer does by working WITH God. Those who believe this way make certain affirmations upon which they base their beliefs regarding humans as being quite different from laws governing corn or potatoes. Those believers say with much reverence: "God made man perfect. Therefore there can be no imperfection. If you will but see yourself perfect, you will then be perfect". The great fallacy of such a belief lies in the fact that man's body is not man. Man is Mind--an idea of Mind, an idea with a spiritual entity. That is what God made perfect--and it is quite true that there can be no imperfection in the spiritual, eternal man. But it is not the perfect spiritual man that has a cancer or tumor. It is man's body WHICH HAS THE CANCER OR TUMOR. AND IT IS MAN'S BODY WHICH IS FOLLOWING THE INEXORABLE LAWS OF CAUSE AND EFFECT WHICH CONSTRUCT AND DESTROY ALL BODIES SEQUENTIALLY. So, the Mind must be allowed in its own KNOWING and BALANCE to create that balance which allows the BODY TO BE HEALED. It is not "faith" healing--IT IS SELF-KNOWING REBALANCING. PERFECTION OF GOD'S LAW God made His Law perfect. Perfection of God's Law means perfection of balance between two opposite forces, the force which builds bodies and the force which destroys them. God made BOTH these forces and they are inexorable and unalterable in their workings. God made the divided universe and the laws which govern it are perfect. But God gave man KNOWLEDGE of how to control those forces by putting his knowledge into action. The forces of Nature and the construction of bodies cannot be controlled by wishful thinking. Do you think it wise to sit in front of an onrushing train and wish it would stop when all you have to do is get up and step out of the way? The divided universe of bodies, which come from the earth and go back into the earth, is one of action--not inaction and wishful thinking. The next time someone taunts you with, "Why don't you let God heal that", if you have cut your finger and ask for antiseptic to cleanse the wound--ask him why he doesn't let God eat, wash and toilet for him? Why would you ask your guides, your teachers and/or God to do that which you know full well what to do to tend? Funny thing--all along the way YOU have helped God to make your body. God did his part perfectly for God has all knowledge and works in harmony with His Law, while you do your part imperfectly because of your perceived limited knowledge of and obedience to the law, such as eating good food and observing the laws of cleanliness and exercise. If you eat poison food you will poison your body--why blame God? BODIES BELONG TO THE DIVIDED UNIVERSE OF DIVIDED BALANCE If you put decaying or poisonous food into your growing body and then ask God in full faith and belief to set His Law aside for you, you are but expressing ignorance of God's way of working with you instead of knowledge of your co-Creatorship with God. You do not realize that you are asking God to reverse His Law and make the destructive force which you have put into your body become a constructive force. What you should do is KNOW that you are in a predicament and you had best ask for inspiration and IDEA as to how to tend the matter and then you will get your guidance to either put the poison out, have an antidote, send your body's own resources or something useful and you really should do it right away. PERFECTION IS EVERYWHERE There is no imperfection. If something is not your liking then you are left with but one action--do something to make it otherwise. The only thing you can do is work with God intelligently through action, just as God works with Nature through intelligent action. The Law is always perfect, however, and imperfect bodies are a breach of Law. A smallpox or typhoid epidemic cannot be stopped by all the prayers of all the world so long as man continues to build smallpox or typhoid into his own body through ignorance of the Law which he is breaking. Instead of praying to God to stop the epidemic, man should pray for KNOWLEDGE of how to work with God in the elimination of it just as he prayed and worked for the elimination of smallpox. It was not faith and belief which conquered smallpox--nor will it stop the new strains deliberately developed by other men to reinfect you with more virulent smallpox. INCONSISTENCIES OF NON-THINKING PEOPLE Many who believe in healing by prayer alone without working with God through intelligent action vehemently condemn calling in a doctor or surgeon in cases where a purely mechanical action is needed to save a life, for instance, in childbirth where both child and mother die because of lack of a purely mechanical change of position of the borning child which otherwise could not be birthed. Refusal to make use of the knowledge of one to whom God has given such knowledge is as much a commission of murder by the one who refuses as though he killed the mother and child with a revolver. The same with seatbelts which go unworn. If you do not use the IDEAS God gives for your security--then why blame God if your car crashes and you are maimed? There are some things which can only come from higher resource but mostly humans simply ignore those things which are made available through their refusal to act WITH God. If you encounter ones who refuse surgery and transfusions because God will heal or take according to His choice--I have a question for you to ask. "Would you recommend that a hundred surgeons and doctors be withdrawn from the battle fields and replaced with men of your belief to save the lives of men whose legs have been shot off, skulls crushed and bones exposed to view, men who are bleeding to death from terrible wounds or burns where flesh is half gone from the body? (Preferably ask one who is ON HIS WAY TO THE BATTLEFIELD!) Why would you not utilize the wondrous KNOWLEDGE which God has shared with the human to gain skills in medical treatment? It is as much as with Ascension instead of working and acting to change the path of destruction--HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE YOU SEEN ASCEND???? If you feel everything should be ignored and left to some God somewhere out there--then you know nothing of the very basic principle of Creation and have no idea who and what is God. GOD MAKES ALL THINGS PURPOSEFULLY. THEY MUST FULFILL THEIR PURPOSE. WHEN THEY HAVE FULFILLED IT, OR HAVE RENDERED THEIR BODIES INCAPABLE OF FULFILLING IT, GOD'S LAW RETURNS THE BODY TO THE STILLNESS FROM WHICH IT CAME. THOSE WHO AFFIRM THAT GOD MADE MAN PERFECT--MEANING THE BODY OF MAN--DO NOT REALIZE THAT THE MAKING OF THE BODY OF MAN COVERS A PERIOD OF MILLIONS OF YEARS. The man of the jungle, of the Stone Age, the Neanderthal man, or the man of the Carboniferous Age, is as unalike as the forest of today. At which one of these many stages was man perfect? If God made man of today perfect, could we not also say that the Neanderthal man was perfect--or that the cosmic-illumined man of the future is also perfect--when neither one resembles the other either mentally or physically? Dharma, the writing has been long this day and we cannot finish this subject without making the chapter too lengthy so allow us to close and I will finish before we change subject material. I need to consider, with you ones, the fact that bodies are chemical machines and I do not wish to rush through the discussion. Thank you for your attention. Know that you ones are beloved of us, your brothers, and we are honored to serve. I AM --- GERMAIN Germain present in the violet ray of God--may His Grace always shine so abundantly upon us. You are not yet into KNOWING enough to measure the wondrous personal gift of His sharing with you in such a personal communion. Perhaps, however, you become too familiar with His Presence to continue the reverence for His Being. As integration begins to flow ones become unbalanced and the adversary pushes harder and harder at your emotional humanness. It is not to "fear" the Father but to certainly never fail to understand and give reverence to the ALL KNOWING ONE. I think our immediate workers sometimes overlook the stature of the ones who work so closely with you in this journey. You still allow the adversary entry far more often than do you allow the fulness of God within to give function to your projected manifestation--it would be great wisdom to sort of this, commune about this and effort to move within balance for the unbalance shows, dear ones, as brilliantly as a sore and bandaged thumb! Perhaps it is as the burned-out light bulb in the string of Christmas lights--the focus cannot be on the whole if the attention is on the one which is void. It is certainly fine if you wish not to function within the game--but if you are not of the team then it is not your game! Ponder it. BODIES ARE CHEMICAL MACHINES All vegetable and animal bodies are mechanical instruments which are made for the sole purpose of manifesting God THROUGH ACTION. That is all that bodies do. They do nothing else than express the reactions of their centering Mind which motivates their actions. Bodies are composed of light-waves. One half of every wave is concentrative and centripetal. It is thus polarized in the positive direction of increasing vitality. It is the builder of bodies. Positive polarity multiplies power in the measure of desire of Mind to express action. Positive polarity expresses LIVE. The other half of the wave is decentrative and centrifugal. It is thus depolarized in the direction of decreasing vitality. Depolarization expresses death. One half of every wave, likewise, is alkaline in its chemistry. The alkaline elements are positive and multiply vitality in the direction which expresses LIFE. They compress in the direction of the equator which centers the spectrum. The other half of the wave is acid in its chemistry. The acid elements are likewise positive but expand toward the two blue ends of the spectrum. For every acid element, there is a balancing alkaline one. Both are necessary but each must always balance the other, else the body is thrown out of balance and becomes ill or develops the destructive growths and malignancies which are so rapidly increasing in the unnatural lives of great cities. Centering the body is the undivided Consciousness which rules the body through its divided extensions of thinking-Mind. The wave vibrations of thinking-Mind are, likewise, divided into opposite sets of emotions. The emotions which express happiness, joy, ecstasy, love and good will polarize the body positively in the direction which expresses LIVE. These emotions multiply the positive elements to vitalize the body and to destroy any destructive tissue or malignancies in the body caused by an overbalance of acid supremacy. Poisonous toxins which are not deep-seated will thus be voided, but long- developing, deep-seated growths, due to unbalanced conditions and to inherited malformations in seed patterns, may be retarded and often are not possible of healing without the aid of the surgeon. The emotions which express anger, fear, worry, jealousy, cynicism and hatred depolarize the body in the direction which expresses DEATH. These emotions multiply the acid elements and devitalize the body by developing toxic conditions which, if sufficiently sustained, promote the various destructive growths which gradually decay the body until it is utterly destroyed. As I have so often said, you build your own bodies by the thoughts you think as well as the food you eat. God's Mind is forever ecstatic. The more you reflect the ecstatic condition of God's Mind, the more you vitalize your bodies, prolong your lives and lengthen their maturing points. That is what you mean by the need for constant communion with God in order that His Omnipotence shall be extended to you in the measure of your ability to recognize it in you. That is why your own lifetime habits of working knowingly with God prolong life and keep it free from maladies which constantly affect those who worry, fear, dissipate or indulge in emotional disturbances or permit frustrations to enter their lives. The great effort of life is to so live, mentally and physically, that you forever maintain a perfect balance between all of this pairs of opposite conditions. To allow tensions to multiply in one means paying for them in illnesses. While affirming to your cancer patient that God made all men perfect, are you taking into consideration all of these attributes which are so far out of balance in every living body that it is almost humorous to assert or affirm such an impossibility in Nature? -- PJ 36 -- pag. 133 -- 139 --- NEXT PAGE