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Prayers & Praying, part 3 QUESTION : "I have been brought up in a family which believes implicitly in prayer." (The word "implicit" tells you much right off at the start for "implicit" indicates lack of explicit definition.) "My father and mother both spend much time in prayer and I have become as much of a believer as they, probably because I was brought up that way. I am now a salesman in a branch of a big business and each day I pray that I may advance more and more to the possibility of becoming head salesman, yet I do not produce the results which many others produce who do not constantly pray for God's guidance as I do. My parents continually tell me that my faith is not strong enough and that I must have more faith as they have. I am beginning to wonder about it all and to look at facts in the face. My father, for instance, has never really gotten anywhere in his business. He has been in exactly the same place in his business for over twenty years and keeps up a great faith and belief that he will be promoted, while others who have worked fewer years than he has have been promoted. My mother is an angel if ever a woman was, but she seems to get nowhere either. Her house stands as it was thirty years ago. She has faith that my father will win a promotion and waits until that happens to fulfill her home desires. I cannot understand it all. Everybody loves my parents, and me, too, yet we do not get on as others do. Have you any solution for my problem? I hope you have for I am beginning to develop a fear that I am repeating my father's experience in my own life." RESPONSE: And now we get to the heart of it. We get countless letters from dear ones who ask this same thing over and over and over again. Your perception of God and how things function is incorrect--you are hurting yourself rather than rising to wondrous heights of success and abundance. We do have a solution for your self-made predicament. It is very clear, for there are many who pray very earnestly, in long wordy prayers, to ask God to do for them what they should do for themselves WITH Him. Your faith that He will drop the answer to your prayers in your lap is not God's way of "doing". You should read again what we say over and over: GOD WILL WORK WITH YOU BUT NOT FOR YOU. God will give to you as much as you give Him, and not an iota more. We mean by that that the farmer who gives more service to his crops will be given more crops. It may well be that the farmer may have never issued one wordy prayer in his whole life, but his life demonstrates the power of prayer more than your life demonstrates it, because he LIVES prayer rather than THINKS ABOUT IT. We will go back a moment and again look at the meaning of prayer. The meaning you give it is to perpetually request that God do something for you. Such prayers are requests for favors. Prayers should not be requests; they should be communions. They should be moment-to-moment actions and reactions which spring from a desire to give and be regiven. The farmer works with God and God works with the farmer whether the farmer is aware of it or not. He is obeying God's law--and that is prayer in action. He does not rely upon faith that his crop will be big. He relies upon his knowledge that it will be big because he does those things which God commands him to do to make it big. He fully knows that Nature will do its part, even if he does not think of Nature and God as being one. Your trouble is that you have created a condition where you must remain static. If you had no faith at all but had knowledge that work given by you will bear the fruits of your work, you would be better off if you never prayed. Faith too often means wishful thinking and laziness. Or it might mean ignorance. Too often do we hear it quoted that enough faith will remove mountains or at the least, move them, but we note that the man who has engineering knowledge can remove mountains, and does, while the man of faith can stare at them with wishful thinking and endless prayers for a whole lifetime and they will not budge one inch. It is thus true with ones who are going to do great and wondrous things with meditation such as teach ones to ascend as with the Ascended Masters, etc. I can say right off, that they will never accomplish it for if they are bounded to the teaching of such a thing-- they have no notion of that which they are doing--which is damage if nothing less. How many people have you seen simply ascend? It is like waiting for the rapture--God does not function in that manner. You had better be figuring a way to get cleared with God so He gets His Hosts to pick you up--and that requires cleaning up your actions and intent and living according to the laws of God-- prayers from the tongue and lips are naught, for almost all say one thing and live another. When you utter these long, wordy prayers to God, what do you think God is and where do you think you will find Him? We have found that those who pray volubly with words believe that God is somewhere outside of themselves, like some king on a throne to whom they issue an appeal or supplication. They have a feeling that if they pray long and loudly enough, and with sufficient earnestness and piety, He will hear them and grant them the favors they ask. But He has already told you that He is within so why all the shouting and performing? When you at long last learn that your Father and you are ONE, you will then know that God is not afar, sitting upon a cloud, listening to the appeals of lazy wishful thinkers. You will eventually find that God is within you as MIND, His Mind and your Mind being ONE. You will then know that you are ONE with the one Creator. Knowing that, you will then know that you, yourself, must CREATE THAT WHICH YOU DESIRE. You will then know that God is giving you what you desire but you, as creator, must do your part of the creating and know that God will do His part. All of this boils down to your wrong conception of God and His ways and processes, and also your wrong conception of the meaning of prayer. Perhaps you will better understand the meaning when we tell you that we remain in constant, moment-to-moment communion and we do not indulge in word prayers. For one thing, a communion with God is for the ONE of you and not of anyone else's business--your relationship with God is the most personal and sacred of all your actions and interactions. If you desire to pray  aloud, so be it--but the speech usually turns out to be a performance for the benefit of those present--not yourself. Further--we do not bow nor do we kneel, for He has taught us to glorify Him by being Him and to never assume the attitude of being worms at His feet. If we are on our knees we only require that He function from His knees and it is a most foolish way to get your work done. Worse, if you pray to us as some sort of God instead of friend here to assist--you cause us great disadvantage for we shall never place ourselves higher than you and if you lay prone to commune with us--we have to work from similar position. This is the way to lose God, not to find Him. The moment you put yourself apart from Him in this foolishness, you place yourself apart from Him. God never leaves you but, my beloved ones, you continually leave Him. Oneness means exactly that-- ONEness, not a superior and inferior, or high and low--ONEness. The more you can cultivate the companionship of God's Presence as co- worker with you, the more you will be enabled to reach that ecstatic state of Oneness with Him. Next, the biggie inquiry: Why does God take the baby or the child and allow the old or infirm or drunkard to live? Well, the presumption is totally incorrect from onset of question. And yet the church ministers spout the same until you are saturated with it. GOD ONLY GIVES. GOD DOES NOT TAKE. God is LOVE and the only thing He gives is Love. God is not merciful, but God is the Law and JUST. If man defies the law and jumps over a cliff, the law of gravity will work without fail. Any man who does such a thing shows himself no mercy. Why BLAME it on God? God gave man the law to work for him. It is GOOD for it is an expression of His LOVE. If one works against the law instead of with it, should you expect God to set aside that law instead of allowing man to learn the lesson of it? What kind of world would you have if God set aside every law that man violated so that man could not possibly hurt himself? There may as well be no law and that is the way you practice your lives in this day--breaking EVERY law of God and most of those of Creation--to your very destruction as a place and species. If there were no laws of God and/or Creation then man need never learn any of the lessons of life which Creation intended by being divided into CAUSE and EFFECT. If that is what you call mercy, you could justly claim that God should be merciful to you and not allow you to punish yourself by eating arsenic or sniffing cyanide. Every law of God is an expression of Love and if you live by the Law you shall be indeed blessed. Every action of that expression is an equal interchange between people and things in Nature. The whole lesson of life is to learn how to obey that law of Love by equal giving and regiving. If your son has died then it is an effect of some cause which arose in himself, or in you, or in his environment. It was law being fulfilled in any case. You cannot compare it with an older and useless man who still lives because he has not subjected his body to a condition for its destruction. You can as justly blame God for allowing a small oak to die because its roots were in rocky soil while allowing a big oak to live even if half of its limbs have been destroyed by lightning. The point you ones ignore, and must not, is that, in the event of the death of a child, for instance, the child's body disappeared but the identity of the boy is eternal, and his body will as surely reappear as the apple of next August reappears from the same Source as the apple of last August. Grieve, yes, but the grief is for your own loss--not the one departed. When you finally learn that a man cannot die and that God is Love only, you will find much more happiness in life. But that is one of life's lessons--and there are many lessons to learn. As with these writings--the one who originally wrote these nearly same messages a generation or more past--is departed and yet he lives and today through different hands he, himself, sits as I give them again as I did unto him--that his work may find fruition in Radiance. God gives and gives again--God NEVER TAKES. This is sufficient unto this day, chela. We have looked with hope and anticipation to the day when we would have sufficiently advanced chelas (students) and sibors (the ones prepared to reveal the laws) to whom the doors could open to the higher knowledge which mankind must eventually acquire in order to build a UNITED civilization as a whole, or a united home as an individual. The greatest of all underlying, principles of a living universe is BALANCE. God has said that if He could give one word unto man that he might KNOW, it is the one word--Balance. And if man requires two words, those two words would be BALANCED INTERCHANGE. And if man needs three words instead of two, those three words would be RHYTHMIC BALANCED INTERCHANGE. So, we have covered other things as we work toward preparation of your learning while we efforted to make you know God's universe and His ways and processes of Creation. Now that we have done this adequately to arrive at a stage of comprehension which has led into the invisible as far as it has led into the visible, we now return to those words to tell you that your life and our universe turn upon their comprehension and their practice. These three words--and more especially the ONE word BALANCE-- are the very foundation of every aspect of life. The higher knowledge which we are giving in these lessons is based upon them. How well you may comprehend them measures your power to act them. You are the sum total of your actions. If your actions conform to the meaning of those three words, you have the whole mighty power of the universe as yours to command. It may be many generations before a sufficient number of spiritually intellectual humans comprehend these three words sufficiently to know that they are obligated to practice them, to affect our civilization to become a united one, but the only way your civilization can ever be united is to comprehend and practice their intent. That does not seem very encouraging for a One World of peace and happiness which people seem to believe is just around the corner "if we could but just stop wars". There is more to it than just stopping wars, for the cause of all wars is FEAR, and man is the supreme creator of fear. In fact, FEAR is man's greatest product, and it IS man's product solely, for fear does not and cannot exist in Nature. Fear and disunity are one, and your world in its present day is more conspicuously disunited than at any time in its history. Do you not realize that a disunited or divided house cannot stand? How is it, then, that you expect this civilization to stand against the inviolate law it is defying? Well, our mission, which we have accepted, is to give answers to these questions so that you may make your own life supreme in order that you may become the seed for making other lives supreme. This is our purpose of these lessons which will transcend anything ever taught in the educational traditions of your world. My blessings unto you as you enter these doors to the new and higher knowledge which will open as the lotus of the Cosmos unto you INSTEAD OF JUST ITS SIMULATION IN MOTION. In the wondrous and perfection of the flame of transmutation all things are possible and the transition is assured. Salu, Salu, Salu. Within the violet ray of the Mighty I AM Presence, I humbly offer my service. I AM----GERMAIN -- PJ 35 -- page 44 -- 47 --- QUESTION: You say there is no need to pray "with words". Why is that? All of my life I have heard clergymen pray fervently to God in Church and heard my parents thank God for each meal. It is a beautiful and inspiring custom. I know you have a good reason but it seems to me the custom of praying at times, such as upon retiring or at meal times, is very beautiful. Also, when one is faced with a problem one should pray to God for a solution, and also pray when one desires something. Does it not say in the Bible: "Ask and ye shall receive"? This question is not asked in a critical sense for we revere you and your teachings. It is asked simply because I have never before heard of such a custom as yours. I have heard also that you do not believe in the idea of kneeling in prayer, or bowing your heads in humility. Is that true and, if so, will you explain why? GERMAIN: I thank you for this question, for I know that people would become very much closer to God if they pray WITHIN than with words or at periodic times, like taking meals or medicines as a habitual routine. The answer lies in an attitude of Mind, rather than in a custom God is present at ALL times not just periodically. The divergence between my suggestions and your habitual routines of mass-man is basically founded upon the fact that, as Illuminates, we have become aware of God's total and unswerving presence within. Having experienced a Oneness with God, I cannot possibly set periodic times when I shall be aware of His presence any more than you could set times for breathing in periodic intervals and stop breathing in between those intervals. As you come into the experience of that UNITY of which I have been speaking you shall also recognize "knowledge" of your divinity and it becomes impossible to pray in words and sounds only at periodic times as it would be to talk aloud to yourselves at times. It is beautiful to pause and even if you speak aloud or do not--it is good to recognize in the consciousness these "special" times and give extra thanks and appreciation. It is the "habit" and "ritual" which becomes mundane which is suggested you begin to diminish in conscious attention. Life must begin to be lived as one continuous communion with God/Prayer, every moment, whether working at the daily needs or sitting to eat. In this manner God becomes an accepted and constant companion. It is not nearly as embarrassing to one's self to be always in presence with God and expect solutions as it is to wait until you have massive problems and then give formal petition. God is an ongoing benefactor and if you keep Him within your cognition there ceases to be need to ask special favors. The reason a time of quiet pause is most beneficial at given times is to allow ones to give their own thanks and not just the parroted babblings of the speaker--man becomes lazy and always enjoys having another do his work for him. It is not possible! It matters not where you put your head, etc., at these times--but bowing, staring or lifting one's head makes not one whit of difference--the point is to cause you to THINK about that which you are doing. Ones often feel most close and exalted in the Light and will desire to lift his head high in the spirit of what the prophet said: "I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my strength." Now, we know that the strength comes from within but the perception is that God abounds in all things and unto the farthest reaches. Those who deliberately kneel with that sort of humility which is described in the words "for we are but worms beneath thy feet" are not truly expecting much for self. Anyone who can say, "I and my Father are ONE," and know what he is saying, cannot designate himself as a worm, or, feel like one, in God's presence. That is what I mean by saying that inner prayer differs from the way one prays who feels himself to be overcome with sin and a lowly creature who is SEPARATE AND APART FROM GOD. Let us consider an even larger reason which will make it very difficult to continue in conventional custom. The very act of talking aloud in words implies that one is talking to another physical person outside of himself, as you talk to a friend, business acquaintance, mother or father. You must realize that God is within--that you are one with HIM--That your Mind is within His Mind. You, therefore, THINK WITH HIM instead of TALKING TO HIM. He is within you, not over there somewhere afar from you. His dwelling place in heaven is your dwelling place. He needs no body with which to hear, so why talk aloud in words? It is because you are "trained" to "lead" prayer for the benefit of those present and it is not wise nor necessary. Do the teaching and THEN, do the praying. You need to recall what Immanuel said in this respect when he derided the piety of the Pharisees who prayed aloud that all may know of their "piety". Do you not recall the word he used in describing them? The word was HYPOCRITES. When Immanuel went up into the mountain to "pray", He did not pray in the conventional manner of mass-man--remember? He COMMUNED! He went forth alone so that He could commune in His own silence. He wished to talk WITH Him in that silent language of inner Light as geniuses and mystics do so that God could answer and not be drowned out by the babbling tongue. You cannot hear well and be speaking at the same time--you can hear and know if you are in the silence. What of "Ask and you will receive?" Does it make sense that it is heard by God more easily through voice aloud as from the heart within? Are there not ways to ask within? If God is within your very thought--will He not pick up the message FIRST? We are speaking, precious ones, about IDEA. The farmer has his way of asking by putting seed in the ground. That is the Creator in the action of creating, as exemplified in the farmer sowing his seed. In that very act, he is asking for a crop by becoming co-Creator with God--WITHIN. He is not asking God for a crop--in words. He is asking in the only way God answers prayer, and that is by the action of man in doing his part with the certainty that God will do HIS PART. What would you say to the farmer who asked for a crop in spoken words, then waited for God to give him what he requested? You would undoubtedly think he was insane if he really believed that God answered prayers in that manner. You call that wishful thinking, yet countless numbers of people really believe that if they ask fervently enough God will do FOR them what they ask without cooperation by them or any action on their part. What would you say of the man that asked for money, or love, or success, or any of the many desires of man, without doing anything about it himself--just sat and waited? What would you think of the man who asked God to cure his stomach trouble and then kept right on eating ground glass and arsenic? It becomes obvious what your answer should be, yet millions of people pray fervently to ask God to stop the wars which man just set into motion. "God save our sons"--that YOU just sent to confront the bullets--what of the other mothers' prayers for their sons who confront your son? God tells you to "STOP making war and the problem will not be present." Do you listen? Do you act? No, you go forth and make another war. Your free will gives you the privilege of making wars or jumping over high cliffs. That is your privilege. I cannot take away that privilege without taking away your free will and making an automaton of you. I hold the right to the reaction of men for I must balance all things in My universe, but the reaction will be as hurtful to you as is your action. That is the Law of Love which gives and regives IN KIND, and EQUALITY. Note that the usual verbal prayer is mostly selfish request for something wanted by somebody who has no thought or intention of giving anything in return for the gift. Most all prayers and such requests are but wishful thinking if even that much. What of your recent war when after the war and you had lost fewer men than predicted, you pounced on this writer and said, "see, there weren't hardly any deaths. Hatonn was wrong!" Was he? What of the over two million Iraqis who will perish before this "war" is truly ended. I give you worse scenario--the war is NOT over and many millions will perish. In the week just past the full intent was for the U.S. to bomb into oblivion Baghdad and most of the remaining portions of Iraq--the Russians stopped you. What think ye of that? What think ye of the Administration of the U.S. who now wishes to convict (in absentia) Khun Sa of the Drug Cartel, the world's biggest Drug Lord, for Drug Trafficking by the U.S. Yes, I said "by the U.S.". They also wish to blame him for the failure of the BCCI banking network. How can you pray about that? The man offered to stop trafficking for his only real customer was the United States of America--headed by men in your highest government. What do you pray for in such a circumstance? Most of you deny this as I speak, but it will come forth in proven form as given here--and then what will you think? You will have been praying for destruction instead of "cure" in your ignorance. Is it not better to come into knowing what is about? The entire stories are now in print by totally credible "witnesses" to the FACTS--you have but to read them--in fact, they have been given unto you right from Hatonn in the JOURNALS and EXPRESSES as quickly as fingers can type. A lot of you have written and told Dharma that you are praying diligently for her salvation for she is obviously trapped in evil. You would pray that God leave her? God is doing the writing in all instances--would you have Him leave her? You see, ye know not that for which you pray. Can you not pray unto God silently in offer of doing His will that this terrible thing come to a close and ask what service you can accept? He will give you the IDEA of service--but if the petition is empty then you will most certainly not perform the task. This is what is meant by "God helps those who help themselves." Let us consider the crippled person in the wheeled chair. Say he prays to walk again. Say he has two legs but damage has left him unable to walk but there is nerve sensation within the limbs to minute extent. Would he not be wise to begin to work diligently at building those leg muscles in preparation for supporting his weight when he finally stands to walk? Why would God cure you if you could not utilize the cure? Surprise! You are cured and you don't know it for you have prepared for no cure. The greatest obstacle to the fulfillment of prayer is the belief that God is somewhere out in pace and hears every word you utter with His "senses", the way you hear spoken words. This concept is due to the fact that 95 % of the human race has hardly begun as yet to unfold intellectually. They do not know any better for they are still babes in primate, and primacy means ignorance. Note, I did not say in stupidity--I said ignorance which means, not with knowledge. -- PJ 35 -- page 81 -- 84 --- Now you must realize that Cosmic Mind created this vast incalculable voltage by dividing the earths from the heavens so that the interchange between the two expresses the mighty power which moves the countless trillions of stars of the firmament at inconceivable speeds. The wonderful part of it is that all of it is extended to YOU to use in the measure of your desire to use it, and the measure of the knowledge, backed by effort, that you put forth in the working with that universal power to be worthy of your desire. This fact you must understand. You must always remember that DESIRE for knowledge and power focuses in YOUR Mind. DESIRE will give its fruits to you only if you first give love out from you in the measure of your expectancy, for the power which holds the universe together and controls its balanced interchange is LOVE. Love is the spiritual name for that power. Its scientific term is GRAVITY. Unless you first give love in equal measure of your expectancy, you may sit at ease and commune with God with inspiring thought exchange and be uplifted by it until your very body falls apart from inaction, which it would soon do, but your prayer will never be answered and your desire never fulfilled. -- PJ 35 -- page 144 --- NEXT PAGE