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Prayers & Praying, part 2 COMMUNICATION Obviously the first step to communication with God is to somehow “forget” your body and stop thinking about anything. In other words, move into zero stillness. You need to turn off your senses and become a vacuum insofar as your senses are concerned. Next, you desire mentally to reach the Light. If you could express this desire in words--stop and let that expression have a meaning, but without words. Let it become a realization. “Easy for you, Germain,” I hear all of you saying and yes, we may have a go at it and probably will need to produce a tape to use in conjunction with early practice sessions--we will consider that as we move along here. The second step is to STOP WORKING AT THIS! At this point it should be even more obvious that I want you to be able to read--not cut out on me. You will, especially at first, find it hard to stop thinking. The harder you try to stop thinking, the more actively you will think! Therefore, just relax and “allow” the thoughts to drift on through--DO NOT HANG ONTO THEM--WE ARE EFFORTING TO CLEAR THE MIND, NOT SOLVE PROBLEMS OR FOCUS ON PROBLEMS. Get comfortable and let go--relaxing as much as possible--make this your time. Allow your mind to give “orders” as to that which you desire, i.e., I want to relax, then become alert enough to read with clarity and understanding. Take a nice deep breath and hold it (to a count of about six) and slowly exhale while repeating to yourself “I am still”. Do this about three times and then just rest a moment while instructing your inner mind to remain relaxed, remain receptive and that with each easy breath you take you are becoming more and more receptive and relaxed. As you move along you will probably want the simple tape we made with Dharma for it allows you to have assistance in clearing of self, dark energies, and then allows you to write or read while remaining quite relaxed. A lot of you already have it. At the worst, you will go to sleep and get some rest if nothing more. The main thing is that this is NOT the time to solve your financial problems, the kid‘s problems, the world‘s problems or tend your cares. You need to use these early sessions as if all the world were already in perfection and you have nothing to do but relax and play this game. First you will feel nothing more than a bit of inner relaxation along with the body relaxation. Desire to contact the thought of God and remember- -HE is on top of everything and therefore is perpetual universal joy--you must desire to reach that same frequency of pattern and you cannot do it while you dwell on the new tax affixed to “munchies” in California. Release the pounding anger over toxic wastes for a minute and put aside atomic bombs and starving children. You cannot change those things until you can approach them from Creator point of view and that can only be done by -- PJ 34 -- pag. 24 viewing from that standpoint. You will note that during this period of relaxation that you find some peace and stillness then the state of inner joyousness will gradually become an immediate response and the more you practice in segments the more permanent characteristic of your nature will this inner peace become. What you are efforting to attain is the acceptance of the negative impacts without bringing on reactions of fear, anger, discouragement, inferiority, envy or jealousy. Just see things for that which they are in objective manner--for you must function with reason and controlled intent--not in reactions based on fear, etc. God is total passion and energy--He is NOT in fear, anger, depression, etc. Even if for only this brief respite, your ailments and afflictions will move away from you for they cease to be the “focus” of your attention. If things ARE and you cannot change of them-- you must release them for that which they are and deal as if everything and everyone in the world had identical afflictions--this makes you one of the crowd rather than alone in perception--for actually, if a brother is afflicted you may not realize it--but you too have the affliction. As you begin to focus on God within-- the physical inconveniences or perceived unfairness becomes unfocused and you will find that a crippling circumstance is only a bit of a handicap, i.e., if you cannot walk--then God always has need of hands and brains! God accepts NO EXCUSES! AS YOU MOVE MORE DEEPLY IN BALANCE WITH GOD AND THE MENTAL ASPECT OF WHAT IS REALLY IMPORTANT--THE OTHER THINGS OF FLESH DESIRES DO BECOME LESSENED IN IMPACT. YOU WILL ACTUALLY FIND, IF YOU GIVE IT ACTUALIZATION, THAT IT IS ONLY THE MIND CONNECTION TO SOURCE WHICH HAS MEANING AND THE THINGS OF THE BODY TAKE A LONG BACK-SEAT. YOU MUST ACCEPT SELF AS IS--EXACTLY AS IS, WITHOUT “IFS” FOR YOU ARE WHAT IS!  The point herein, however, is get into that state of relaxation which allows this peace. The utter relaxation from all mental and physical strains which comes from simply stopping the madness in your mind and stopping your active focused thinking and replacing it with desire for just one thing--inner joyousness-- which will immediately begin the cure of any bodily ailment of mental distress. After you get pretty good at this procedure you can begin to add some problem solving into the storyline. At on set just hold in your mind that you desire to “talk with God about things”. In other words, give form to your desire--for that is real prayer. Furthermore, if you ask in behalf of another, placing self at the end of the request, except as how you can better serve--you will note instant response and disattachment from ego self-centered “me”. Just reading these words will not do it--you are going to need to practice but it most certainly DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU GIVE ALL YOUR TIME TO IT. We will get to some very substantial physical conscious methods of dealing with problems--through confronting them. You hold the problem and therefore, you hold the answer, all you need do is locate it and in objectively looking and listing all aspects of the thing you stop the “worrying” at it and get on with solutions. To worry is to prevent solution. -- PJ 34 -- pag. 25 --- MISCONCEPTION OF PRAYER Realize, therefore, that prayer is not for the purpose of asking for something you wish to have. It is for the purpose of realizing that you already have that for which you have asked. All power exists in the universe and is yours when you do your part in bringing it to you. You have health--and a perfect body. It is eternal in you. What have you done to drive it away so that you now think you do not have it? What have you, or your ancestors, or loved ones, done to destroy the perfection of your body--or the seed of your body? Why do you now ask for health and a perfect body as though it is not already yours? What you did to destroy your health or your perfection, you must undo to attain the normalcy which is already yours and always has been. Whom are you blaming? If you have lost anything, have you not gained its equivalent? Is not finding your Self worth a broken back? Balance and perfection are normal. They are primal CAUSE. Imperfection is an EFFECT of unbalance. Who--and what-- caused your unbalanced effect? You still have perfection. Restore it by eliminating imperfection. Normalcy is the basis of abnormalcy, just as silence is the basis of sound. When sound ceases, silence reappears, but silence IS. It has never ceased to be. Likewise, normalcy IS. Stop abnormalcy and normalcy reappears. It has never ceased to be. AND BY WHOSE DEFINITION AND GUIDELINES DO YOU PERCEIVE PERFECTION? I MUST REMIND YOU THAT A HANDICAP IS NOT IMPERFECTION! When you pray to God for love because you are lonely and without love, God answers, saying: -- PJ 34 -- pag. 70 You already have all the love of all the universe. Prove what I say to you by giving love out from you. You will find that all of the world loves you in the measure that you love the world.” When you thus give love out from you to all the world, love will come to you from its far horizons. He who would pray for love and the companionship of many friends shall be given that for which he asks in the measure in which he gives love and friendship to others whom he befriends. And he who would feel the ecstasy of all the world at prayer with the God of Nature should go out into nature's great cathedral of forest pines and oaks and join in that mighty prayer of running streams and babbling brooks, and the singing of birds, the sound of the bees, the droning of countless insects and hidden things that chirp and trill, and sing hosannas to God in His high heavens to gladden our hearts as we walk and talk with God. When any man prays to you to fulfill HIS DESIRES, as you do to your Father, know that he is praying to your Father who is ONE with you. Even as God works with you to fulfill your desire, you should work with him who desires aught of you to fulfill his desire--for as all men are one, so, likewise, are all desires of all men one. If he thus prays to you to help him to fulfill an UNBALANCED desire which is not love given and regiven equally, extend to him your love and balanced knowing, even as God whispers it always to the unhearing and unknowing. If he hears but heeds not your counseling, do not condemn him or fail to watch over him until the Light of your illumining has reached his heart as it some day will, even as God watches over the unbalanced ones who have not yet learned to manifest love. Say to him within your heart what God says in His heart--”All men will come to me in due time, but theirs is the agony of awaiting.” And be there awaiting him with love when he has at last known love. In the interim you must not thrust by force your opinions upon him for that is not of God--but you must allow release of that one to his own path while he alone finds of his way into Truth and giving. And so it is in all ways of man--for we say that God is Love and love is all that is in God's kingdom of heaven--and the manifestation of love is all that is on Earth. Man of earth does not yet know that, but he is beginning to know it through cosmic man brothers of the high heavens who know love in him and give it to the world in the heavenly rhythms of the high heavens. The geniuses of the world manifest God‘s love and give it out from themselves to uplift the world by reinspiring man-of-earth with the inspirations of heaven-born men. The love-inspired symphony is prayer for love fulfilled in the composer, and again fulfilled in the hearts of those whose heartbeat feels the ecstasy of God‘s heartbeat as expressed in those heavenly rhythms. And so is all the art of all the world a prayer for love fulfilled in inspired cosmic man for regiving of love to the race of man. For art is beauty, without which man is not yet even human. -- PJ 34 -- pag. 71 The workman at his bench who gives beauty to his work regives the love which God has given him to all the world to uplift the world. Likewise, the housewife who puts love into her cooking enriches the food with God‘s love which renourishes her family with love. Likewise, the butcher, the baker and that candlestick maker who regive love for love given to them to manifest God in building His universe of love with Him also uplift the world. And the mason gives love to his wall in the laying of each brick which, in turn, reflects love‘s beauty to each passer-by. Beauty thus given by the mason and reflected to man is the Light of the kingdom of heaven extended to man for his illumining. -- PJ 34 -- pag. 72 --- Germain presenting in the Mighty I AM Presence. Good morning. Let us move, please, right to the subject. How often you are told that the greatest miracle which can happen to you is the discovery of your inner immortal Self. We would say that again and again for a thousand times until you fully know that the “kingdom of heaven” is really within yourself. Let me add to it by telling you that one inspiring hour alone with God, in communion with Him in HIS Light, is worth more to you than all the possessions of all the earth, all of its jewels, its gold, yes, even its richest thrones. This highest of all the attainments of man, we are trying to open up to you through your continued growth of comprehension. Do not think it easy for you to acquire such a high goal overnight--simple but not easy.Many write that they have followed instructions carefully but cannot decentrate to the stillness, try how they may. Let us look at a few of those questions. We find a response to the material worthy of immediate consideration for it came not for testing but for clarification of something troubling a heart. Taking time to respond to basically “inside” inquiry also gives me a chance to speak to the ones who serve and work so diligently in this geographic location. That sentence usually causes a bit of discomfort in the recipients, of the next to come--but I have to await some overeagerness to confront all to have cause to sit us all down and speak of these things. My intent is to cause you to again think! Think about what you project--each of you. Think how you respond to new entries into your presence-- HOW DO YOU TREAT THEM? DO YOU TREAT THEM AS IF THEY HAVE INVADED FROM THE ELITE CARTEL OR DO YOU RESENT THEIR PRESENCE FOR THEIR JOB APPEARS TO BE MORE WORTHY THAN DO YOU ACCLAIM YOUR OWN TO BE? HOW MANY GURUS DO WE HAVE TO HAVE IN THIS GROUP? Well, we have several who speak and act as if they are appointed and highly evolved. Let me burst bubbles--if you think yourself to be highly evolved and know all--YOU ARE NOT. WORSE, IT SHOWS! The information coming forth now has not been presented before this time in its compiled form and added information--SO YOU CANNOT BE PRIORLY INFORMED. If you wish to share opinions and discuss, fine--if your intent is to pick and find fault with every sentence, to show your wisdom--you show only your foolishness for you cannot know that which has not been given for you are still the students and the teachers have not given forth that which we are giving you now. Can you not be patient and await the unfolding? Must you consider that “something should be churning” and it should be thee that churns it? Have you been so successful in your past experience in EVERY encounter--that you have become master? I repeat--WE ARE NOT AN ORGANIZED GROUP AND ANY AND ALL WHO WISH TO DO SOMETHING INCLUDING ONES WHO SHARE THE WORK--SO BE IT. I SUGGEST HOWEVER, THAT YOU ARE PUSHING THE RIVER AND WILL BE DROWNED IN THE EBB TIDE AS IT SWEEPS AROUND YOU. As with B.H. whose inquiry we will herein share--I suggest that by your own inquiries you see that you have not yet found the Truth and you have that which to measure this statement against. I care not who and what taught you before and if of the higher realms, I suggest you be SURE. The higher energies are very, very focused at this time and the intent is to unfold this work in proper sequence. HEAR--REALLY HEAR what may be said to you. Make sure that, if you are nudged to do a thing, it is not JUST your own willingness to serve for no energy of the higher realm will tell you that you absolutely may not do a thing. As with meditations, if you find a visitor responding to your call-- because we “don’t just show up”--and urges you to do something or other--be sure that you are not actually being urged to consider carefully that which you do. We have no intent to stop meditation groups but I believe you are going to find that the very Masters of Communications, Germain and Korton,  will not readily participate in any meditation groups as now established. It is not that they are ALL unworthy--but most are totally useless as to lasting mode of communication and you are learning a habit which may later be hard to break. This is only a caution for ones are free, certainly, to offer that which you choose and partake of that which you choose. If you want comradery and group sharing why not have a pot-luck supper and study the writings for either you will base your movement on this material or you do not believe it to be Truth. If you do not believe us to be and bring Truth--you should be happier somewhere in another location for these are serious times and YOU ARE NOT THE MAJOR FOCUS OTHER THAN AS YOU ARE ALSO GOD FRAGMENT BUT THIS TIME YOU ARE A SUPPORT GROUP OF ACTORS FOR THE TESTING OF THE HIGHEST ENERGY FORMS IN THE UNIVERSE. BETTER YOU UNDERSTAND THE LESSONS AND THEN, YOU WILL FIND GREAT BENEFIT IN MEDITATION AND GROUP PRAYER IF YOU STILL DESIRE SAME--WHICH YOU WILL PROBABLY NOT. COMMUNICATION WITH GOD REQUIRES NO GROUPS, NONE OTHER THAN YOU AND YOU AND THE GOD-YOU WITHIN. IT REQUIRES NO WORDS OTHER THAN THE INTENT AND DESIRE WITHIN THE SOUL--THE REST IS DESIRE FOR COMRADERY.  This is fine, it is simply not going to be called by disinformed identification. Some of you are finding “inconsistencies” between Sananda’s and Germain’s teachings. Restudy that which seems inconsistent and let us clear it up--or perhaps you misinterpreted. Since the letter was not sent to any of us of higher dimension, I shall turn the response over to Germain for response since it all deals with that which is coming forth under his name. I ask that you consider carefully that which you are again doing in self- appointed manner for unrest is rising and that is surely not an example of that Truth we bring. If ones who make claim to being a part of this non-existent organization can not find ways to project the very Love which we show, to those with whom you daily labor and share, is mandatory to return unto the Center of Love- -then how shall we reach unto the world? Vio, thank you for allowing me voice. I shall now step aside and also receive. * * * * * Germain--in the Presence of the Mighty I Am. May we be given into understanding and sharing within the Light of Truth and Clarity. I am honored to have inquiry for clarification. I am given two instructions--to please answer “some hard questions” and give “hard answers”. I shall do so with the assumption that my “hard answers” are accepted as exactly that and not an attack on personal petition nor person! I believe we have a good “man to man” relationship going here and can speak frankly and clearly. Dharma, we will take the questions one at a time and move down with responses in order. Then I’ll probably make far too many comments at the ending of the communication clarification. 1. In the Owner/Operator Manual, Sananda said, and Hatonn sometimes says, “Pray to God, Ask God, Better--Talk to God”. Germain is now saying Don‘t talk, don‘t use words, use the feeling of the desire instead of the words. Correct? NO! NOT CORRECT! Somewhere in the JOURNALS, and floating around the “Rainbow Laundry”, is a copy of Sananda‘s “My Perfect Prayer” The Lord’s Prayer  revised--A Big Bunch of words. Germain‘s statement of “Don ‘t use words” shoots down Sananda‘s Perfect Prayer. Would you seek clarification? Literally, no, I would not seek clarification for obviously to me--it is quite clear as I project it. But since you do so, I shall further clarify the message. Number one: the “Perfect Prayer” was brought into the attention of Hatonn and beautifully done in art-form by Karen. Sananda and Hatonn have often worked from the message in example of that which is suitable and worthy of response in “prayer”. You are finding, here, that we are working with 6 billion sleeping pre-school children and we must give forth that which CAN be accepted lest we lose a person before we can give any worthy help. The intent is to fully understand that all the affirmations, prayers, printed words, recited words and blather ad nauseam, is but a show--a facade. The intent and desire is reflected in the soul/heart and has nothing to do with “lips”. Lips are prone to lie or, at the least, stretch a point here and there in favor of the one petitioning. What Sananda has said is “...it is magnificently wondrous if the lips (words) match the desire within”. I can use an example of true foolishness--the Rosary. And this is no offense to those who choose to utilize the token of focus. It is worthless if all the person is doing is reciting rote words and the soul has no attention nor intent to even hear the words. Affirmations, as practiced in the I AM group, are totally without merit, except for the personal discipline involved, IF THE PERSON HAS NO PERSONAL INTENT WITHIN NOR DESIRE FOR THAT WHICH IS BEING UTTERED. BY THE WAY, THERE ARE SOME GLARING ERRORS EVEN IN THE “PERFECT PRAYER”--FOR IT RATHER “ASSUMES” LACK OF SELF-POWER. BUT A CHILD MUST GROW AND HE MUST GROW IN UNDERSTANDABLE, CAPABLE STEPS. So--blather all you like, but that which will be acted upon is that intent and desire within Soul. 2. When “going within to ask God”, how does one know the answers are from The Source and not from one‘s own subconscious filled with one’s own adversarial programming? “I went within and asked God” can be a great cop-out and excuse for adversarial behavior, like, I’m hungry and go within to ask the source “What should I eat to nourish my body?” I can easily “get”-- “A large pepperoni & sausage pizza washed down with a few beers.” So, how does one recognize the answer from the God Source and not the subconscious? Logic can‘t be trusted because it, too, follows subconscious beliefs. Responses in order of questions: In the beginning you may not-- but that will be because you have not cleared your space sufficiently. The subconscious mind will tell you anything already programmed into it--EVERY TIME. If it is full of garbage it will produce garbage. If it is filled with distortions and illness, it will produce it right on queue. You have hit on something more important, however, than almost anything else--for a large pepperoni and sausage pizza can be most hardy and pleasing at times, as can a beer or two. If you ate what the Russians eat--black bread and dark beer--the whole lot of you would return to physical health. So, what we are now dealing with is the following. What if nudges come and you assume you are told something from your subconscious. You will balance it against the LAWS and check as to whether or not it deviates. If it deviates one iota, it lies. It will, if in truth, as a voice of God-- NEVER LIE although it may well test you and yes, you CAN reason--REASON IS YOUR GIFT--A REASONING CAPABILITY AND FREE- WILL CHOICE. You, further, will always be given the choice and the free-will to act on it. IF the inner voice gives dark commands--it may well be in the testing to see that which you will do--it is the learning and Knowing of Truth against which you must balance every output and demand in confrontation with the subconscious (on its level of reception) to cease and desist. Come on, chelas, YOU KNOW! And, therefore, the “cop-out” comes directly from the conscious mind desiring something or other of physicalness. Spirit deals with that which is NOT PHYSICAL and couldn’t care less whether or not you eat pizzas and drink beer. It does care when you get drunk and out of control for your responsibility is to rule that subconscious mind which is YOUR SERVANT--TO SERVE IS ITS ONLY CAPABLITY--GARBAGE IN-GARBAGE OUT! 3. Please explain the seeming dichotomy between “relinquishing one‘s will to God” vs. “programming your subconscious to do anything you desire, even to be a good thief’? (A la Germain) Does “Doing God’s will” mean being a fantastic success at anything you desire, even being a fantastic thief, IF YOU SOMEHOW MANAGE TO GIVE AND REGIVE AND FOLLOW THE COMMANDMENTS--SOMEHOW? Please get Germain to clarify. It’s becoming double-talk. Now B.H., I get your drift but I am inclined to throw the book at you! If you become a thief--surely you are not acting in accordance with God’s laws, so the option is out as to God’s way. LISTEN, ALL OF YOU, YOU ARE A FREE-WILL BEING-- IF YOUR INTENT IS TO BE A FANTASTIC THIEF YOU CAN ACHIEVE IT NICELY--THE METHOD WORKS EQUALLY FOR THE DARK INTENT AS IT DOES FOR THE LIGHTED INTENT.  I would further suggest that it is not necessarily Germain who produces the “double-talk”. You can program your subconscious mind to be and do anything--I said anything! It cares not--it just acts upon its orders. It is up to YOU to put that upon which you want to function within the program. The PERSON will not respond to that which is basically “will” and foundation of action within the Soul, i.e., if you are not capable of committing an act of some sort if not in hypnosis--you WILL NOT COMMIT IT IN A TRANCE. If, however, the intent of yourself or another is to train you to override the capability of selection--you have MIND CONTROL and that is a far different and more serious matter, as covered in prior Journal material. In hypnosis of the type of which we direct to your attention--you will do no thing which you would not otherwise do if without your critical conscious mind. This means, drunk with alcohol or altered by drugs-- anything which removed the critical functioning conscious mind. Certainly “doing God’s will” does NOT mean “being a fantastic success at anything,...” If you break the laws of God and Creation--YOU ARE NOT DOING GOD’S WILL! NO MATTER HOW SUCCESSFUL YOU ARE AT THE ACTION OR ACQUISITION. The thrust of the writings, dear ones, is to come into communion with God--that is the reason for the writings regarding meditation and prayer-- Our intent is to show you how to contact God which is the only point in question. If you DESIRE to contact God, we will effort to help you do so--I am not interested in your conscious desires for physical and/or material “stuff”. Anything coming forth from this source for use with or within subconscious levels of intake/output will only be that which deals with the laws of God and Creation. What goes on in the big dark world, I cannot control--but it is time that you ones started to do so--in the area of hypnosis is an excellent place to begin for it is being utilized in a most ineffective and greedy manner. The tool is being utilized for all the wrong reasons. 4. Does meditating and spending time “decentrated” in the “voidance “point of the source eventually reprogram the subconscious? NO. There is “nothing” in the voidance point. The point of communication with God is to allow you to come into ability to open a circuit wherein to recognize response. “Just being” programs nothing except perhaps laziness and intent for non- participation or action. If you think non-action will prevent you from making errors--you have just made your largest one. Spending a lot of time in meditation does one thing--waste the precious “time” you are allotted for “action”. The whole of Knowledge is garnered in a timeless split second--the only time you need to spend with that subconscious is perhaps the time required to reprogram it to function in a healthy manner according to your instructions--that is between you and that subconscious Self. It takes but a flash to commune with God. Moreover--the full intent of the lessons is to get you to stop focusing on Self-centered “I wants”. You will never find that which you REALLY DESIRE through that route. 5. Somewhere in the Journals is a Big Pitch for “ONE MIND”. How do we now get a conscious mind and a subconscious mind out of the one mind? If we’re all extensions of the one mind, how do we get to program our separate desires into the subconscious. If it is all God’s idea, what difference does it make, then? What indeed? Sweethearts--you had best go back and reread and reread and really study the material. You are a thought projection of God--but that thought gives you separation of function in your manifestation and if you do a good job He rethinks you and if you act according to his projected laws, etc., you can become co-creator with and within that one mind. Also, for goodness sakes, we have hardly begun in the writings-- be patient, we will get there! The public doesn’t even have these portions yet and would be boggled by this communication and feel great distress at the time which they would consider wasted as to their needs. If all of you can but find patience to wait upon God--the answers will flow.  Now as to the two minds? Do you not have a left hand and a right hand? Are they not of the same body? -- PJ 34 -- pag. 101 -- 106 -----------------------------------  NEXT PAGE