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Prayers & Praying, part 1 5. REMEMBER GOD'S "DAY" AND KEEP IT HOLY. Now within the "so-called" Christian Bible, this law has been interpreted as "A" day and the day that was chosen by HUMANS was the one called SUNDAY and also called "The Sabbath". This was the day which HUMANS said that NO work could be done and you must go to THEIR Church and pray, repent and give thanks because this was God's day. We must tell you this is not correct because ALL days in the Kingdom of God and The Creation are HIS. This means you must keep ALL of your Days HOLY in reverence to THE DIVINE HOLY ONE PRESENCE OF GOD WITHIN ALL OF THE CREATION. EVERY day you must, as a part of your prayer, acknowledge and give thanks and HONOR unto God and The Creation for ALL the blessings of abundance, Wisdom and LIFE which THE FATHER WITHIN YOU has bestowed upon you. Remember this about the true purpose and POWER of Prayer and Meditation. PRAYER is Asking for guidance from the Father within for WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW IN ORDER TO SUSTAIN IN HIS SERVICE, "AND IN ALL THINGS, FATHER, NOT MY WILL, BUT THINE WILL BE DONE." MEDITATION then is RECEIVING that information from the Father within to sustain in HIS service. Eventually, YOU will ALL be in a constant state of meditation and communion (mutual participation or sharing) with the Divine Father within. -- PJ 27 -- pag. 19 --- Here is a portion of a most wondrous PRAYER by Hatonn which is helpful to remember in your daily communion with God and in times when you feel you could be lured into the Anti-Christ drama of another. "Father, let me always allow YOUR will to manifest through me that I stand in judgment of no man and yet wisely judge that which is given in action against YOUR HOLY PRESENCE." -- PJ 27 -- pag. 45 ------------------------ PRAYER "When you pray, you shall call upon the omnipotence of the spirit, and you should not babble as do the ignorant and selfish, for they think that they are heard because they use many, and grand, words. The spirit of man does not require many words, but it requires the knowledge of its power. Pray, therefore, in knowledge to the almightiness of the spirit that its grandeur and power is infinite. "If you do not know how to pray directly to the almighty power of the spirit, then use instead something sacred through which you will enter into the spirit. But never be like the ignorant, the hypocrites, and the selfish who revere some "thing" or object believing that the almighty power of the spirit somehow dwells within "it". Ye must be aware that the object is only an opening of the way through which the almighty power of the spirit can be reached within thy self. Therefore, pray as ones that "know", and therefore you should pray thusly: A PERFECT PRAYER "MY SPIRIT, YOU ARE OMNIPOTENT. YOUR NAME IS HOLY. MAY YOUR REALM BE INCARNATE IN ME. MAY YOUR POWER REVEAL ITSELF WITHIN ME, ON EARTH AND IN THE HEAVEN. GIVE ME TODAY MY DAILY BREAD, AND THUS, LET ME RECOGNIZE MY TRANSGRESSIONS AND ERRORS, AND I SHALL RECOGNIZE THE TRUTH. AND DO NOT LEAD ME INTO TEMPTATION AND CONFUSION, BUT DELIVER ME FROM ERROR. FOR YOURS IS THE REALM WITHIN ME AND THE POWER AND THE KNOWLEDGE FOREVER, AMEN. "For when you pray to your spirit, whatever you request will be given to you if it truly is a desire, for believe with knowledge and you will receive. -- PJ 02 -- pag. 32 --- Jmmanuel had pity for them and asked, "What do you believe, whose power is it which can make you see?" They said, "The power of The Creation which is in the Laws." Jmmanuel was astonished and said, "Verily, so far I have never seen such faith and knowledge among these people. Be it done to you as you believe." And he touched their eyes and soon they had vision and got up and followed him. As they traveled along on their way, Jmmanuel taught the people most candidly, saying, "Verily, verily I say to you, if you are knowledgeable in spirit and embrace wisdom, and if you have faith in the truth and do not doubt, you will not only do such things with blind eyes, but when you say to the fig tree it should dry up, then it will dry up, or, when you say to the mountain 'lift you up and throw me into the sea', it will come to pass, for you are knowledgeable in the truth of wisdom, so that your spirit will become totally powerful. When you are knowledgeable and live in the truth of wisdom, your spirit will be filled with infinite power. And then, everything that you command or ask for in PRAYER, when you believe it, you will receive. "Do not believe, however, that prayer is necessary, for you will also receive without prayer if your spirit is trained through wisdom.  Do not make the mistake and believe in the false teachings that man has a will, for this belief is incorrect. Know then, whatever man wants to attempt he is -- PJ 02 -- pag. 77 obligated at all times to first create a will for this or that, because this is the Law of Nature. Thus man determines the course of his life which is called 'fate'. But it is such that he must acquire the knowledge and learn wisdom, so that from this he creates a will which is then within the Law of Nature. "Consider yourselves as people who live in order to learn and to perfect the spirit. For you are born for the obligation of becoming perfect in spirit. Do not worry about the future, when the false teaching is spread, that man would have to perfect himself in spirit another time because he has fallen away from The Creation. -- PJ 02 -- pag. 78 ------------------------ PRAYER But I pray and pray and pray and - - - - ! For what do ye pray? Do you pray to God to cause another to change or others to accept that which is wrong and evil so that you might have of your choices? It is, most vain to expect your prayers to be heard, IF YOU DO NOT STRIVE AS WELL AS PRAY! Do not ask a Godly person to accept Satan as a bedfellow! If that one turns away from Satan, then and only then, can the individual in truth be asked into the houses of God for in Heaven within God's mansions there shall be no evil brought within. If man offers to change--allow him distance in order for his ability to PROVE OF SELF AND INTENT. For if the relationship bears merit--"time" hath no measure for man must EARN his position or he resents self and all who supply him with crutches. No greater gift can be given another than to require that he stand strong for then, and only then, can self-esteem birth and grow and the conscience be freed to fly with the eagles. How many flight feathers are you responsible for clipping in order to keep another in sickness to fit unto thine own needs and excuses for not making "whole" of self? To ask that the laws of the universe be annulled in behalf of a single petitioner might well be most unworthy. To ask, effort and work toward changing of the self-individual to come within the laws of the universe is indeed divine--wherein do you fit? AND ABOVE ALL--REMEMBER THIS:ACTIONS SPEAK FAR LOUDER THAN THINE WORDS!!! -- PJ 20 -- page. 139 ---------------------------- Precious Linda, do you see, dearest one--that it is hard for me to respond to your "miracle" through Love and Prayer? Do you see where God is placed by man? Who shall die and who shall live? Your sons or theirs? Is it a "miracle" of "Godness" to the grieving and still dying nation of Iraq? THERE ARE NO WINNERS IN WAR--WAR IS EVIL AND THERE IS NEVER JUST CAUSE FOR WAR--DEFENSE IN FACE OF DEATH IS HONORABLE--ALL WAR IS EVIL. The Soviets stopped the war (in response to your inquiry) and you had to agree for you have not the military power of the Soviets, who, like you, have only continued massive increase in weaponry and space power. You could not even get your shuttle off the ground--remember? But yes, there is nothing more powerful than Prayer through honorable and selfless intent, through Love. It will be that which salvages your planet--through confrontation and recognition of TRUTH of how it IS. If you do not come up from out of the lies, you have no notion for that which you petition unto God. -- PJ 26 -- page. 106 ---------------------------- So you must now think and reason, dear ones, how can you maintain your life in Harmony and Balance with the rest of this CREATION? You begin with the pure desire to KNOW Truth. In order to come into knowing, you must recognize that your conscious "altered" ego is limited in its perception of Truth and that GOD KNOWS the best way and the path for you in His service. So you must then surrender your WILL to that which is GOD's Will. In your daily prayer you must ask GOD for the LOVING LIGHT of protection, guidance, power, wisdom, knowledge, Truth, integrity and courage in order to best serve HIS will and not YOUR will. Then, dear ones, you must WAIT upon the Father to give you that which you need to sustain in HIS service. Do you see? Your will and HIS will must become ONE again. -- PJ 27 -- pag. 43 Here is a portion of a most wondrous prayer by Hatonn which is helpful to remember in your daily communion with God and in times when you feel you could be lured into the Anti-Christ drama of another. "Father, let me always allow YOUR will to manifest through me that I stand in judgment of no man and yet wisely judge that which is given in action against YOUR HOLY PRESENCE." (Hatonn: Oh yes, I hear you--"...if YOUR higher self is God, Hatonn--then how can you speak and say how to speak to God?" Simple--because I, therefore, know that which God hears and honors just as so should YOU! Let us put it this way "...if the message of the horse comes directly from that horse's mouth………!!?") You see, whether you are aware of it or not, you are unconsciously manifesting ALL within your scope of reality mostly with your "altered" ego. The beautiful thing about this truth is that when it is realized, one can become a conscious creator of a truly balanced manifested experience by surrendering his altered ego to the loving Divine God within him and so thereby balancing all of his creation within the Laws of God and The Creation. -- PJ 27 -- pag. 45 ------------------------ PRAYERS You continually ponder upon “prayer ” for yes, it is indeed important that you petition and it is most significant HOW you present your petition. Let us first understand the meaning of “prayer”. A prayer is truly a “wish”; a wishful call upon the spirit of the human being himself, the Creation part in the Creation collective, meaning “grant me this or that...”. Those who are conscious of the force, the knowledge, and the ability of their spirit, no longer resort to such prayers because they already live in the knowledge that the power and might of their spirit is capable anything. For that reason, they determine constantly, the might of their spirit. The unspiritualized one, being unaware, is unable, and thus seeks to activate his spirit by conscious prayer. Further explained, this means that the spiritualized human is always using the forces and abilities of his spirit, and quite consciously, while the unspiritualized one expresses only wishes in prayer, and those to an exterior power/force, usually personified, when the source is within through his personal contact with The Creation itself. A most beauteous prayer was established by Jmmanuel and has not been improved upon through the generations, so let us consider it carefully: My spirit Almighty: My spirit who is all-knowing, almighty, and all loving in me. Your presence be sanctified: Your presence confirms to me your controlling power over all matters concerning myself. -- PJ 30 -- pag. 103 May your wisdom become conscious to me: May your power be extended in the consciousness of my thoughts in order to enable me to apply all truths, wisdom and love, peace and freedom, given to and acquired by me and all mankind. May your power be extended in me, on earth as well as in heaven: May your power become effective in me, in all material as well as all spiritual aspects. Please allow and give unto me all that I need for living this day and each day: Please grant me all I need for my material as well as my spiritual life and development, for you are almighty. So that I acknowledge my errors: So that I may recognize my faults and eliminate them since they hinder me on my way of evolution. Please do not allow me to be led into temptation, nor allow me fall into temptation’s clutches, but rather to right decision and choices through discernment and just judgments: Please do not let me make error by material and wrong thinking, or become dependent on beliefs alone. For you are within and without me as power and wisdom, truth and knowledge for eternity: May I become conscious of your almighty forces inside me at ALL times. All of this ask in truth and ask not for self, except for understanding and truth and ask all else in behalf of brother so that the cycle of wholeness may become manifest--even unto the tiny most portion of manifestation of your relations--which after all--IS ALL! Thy will be done in and through me as the creation which I AM” does very nicely indeed. Thy will--as I desire it to be....” DOES NOT! -- PJ 30 -- pag. 104 -------------------------- What is prayer? I mean real prayer, the prayer which is answered? What is it? A sincere desire of the heart, which is "feeling". That is what is released when prayers are answered. It is because enough feeling is released to produce the results. No results can be produced in your outer world of activity without "feelings" (in LIGHT [JOURNAL], we outlay the meaning and necessity of “desire”), because feeling is the Power-house!--the outer activity of the Inner Power of the Presence. -- PJ 32 -- pag. 25 ------------------------- Faith is a word for the Biblical relation to God. It means absolute trust in the will of God--that does NOT mean in a church house wherein Man goes to be told a thing or another. It means "absolute" trust in the will of God. "Thy will be done" is an expression of this trust. Faith is certainly concerning God, concerning Man's bond with Him, concerning God's love which is the foundation of prayer. Faith is the salt that seasons, a Man's whole being. But it cannot be taken for granted, induced by design. It does not understand itself. It is weak and fragile. Effort can only denature it. It is a gift, not a possession. "Lord, I believe; help me in my unbelief"--you must ask for the continuing connection. -- PJ 32 -- pag. 36 ------------------------  NEXT PAGE