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ONENESS and Language of LIght. ONENESS Dharma, we will share of these Truths of life that we will fulfill our accepted mission. I am from the Presence wherein there is not time but only the eternal NOW! I experience in a dimension chosen to be close unto thine own that we may come into communion in again bringing Truth of being upon this wondrous creation. I retain even in the midst of this very relationship, the awareness of your realm and of the Universal Being which inhabits it as well as the cosmos. I bring a message that is vital to you in these final days of your historical journey. Do not be astounded nor confounded by my presence for my individual identity comes into being only as I enter the context of my relationship with you. When we are no longer needed in this capacity, I, like you, will merge back into the Being behind all being. There I, as will you, remain in unity and fulfillment until the next impulse comes to send us on another mission. In the interim, there is no distinction between me and the Source. I and others of my kind desire at this time to bring humans to the same level of awareness. It is urgently mandatory that this be accomplished that there be atleast a remnant of Truth to extend through the physical and into the birthing and presence of the new. (Candace: and this going back and forth many of you do multitudes of times a day.. when you are in LA LA land) It would mean nothing to you if I tell you I am a focus of sorts, of collective consciousness for I represent that which is manifested in reality the same as are you--manifested into form as projected by our journey in connection one with the other,each only to perform to the best ability our function and service unto that Source. You cannot yet suspect what the singularity of collective human consciousness might be. You still draw identity from the present form of your expression. You feel defined and limited by flesh and bones and conscious limitation of perception and understanding. This is the purpose but also comes the purpose of reaching beyond and into the reality of Truth of existence. Ours is a task of leaving Truth into the hands of the multitudes and so shall it be. (Candace: be careful with singularity as the word that appears on the net. There is the unity with God within all life being discovered, which is a singularity this civilization will become. And then there is the "singularity" of usage in which the dark side wants the members of earth to be a BORG society connected by AI intelligence to beast computers. This is the real "satan"..... and many of those on the public stage are chipped to the Beast Computers... literally... it has become their "god"... Kibo covered this once. that is why these thugs in the underground labs created robotoid people to be in their service, who no god centering them. The movie "they live" I think is the title also alludes to this. In terms of BORG singularity material on the web and perhaps in books,,, there is always the giving of that man must accept technology added unto his form in one way or another. Here is one example  http://www.singularity.com ) Possibly you are beginning to comprehend your oneness with other forms of life. For me to tell you, with limiting definitions that you have of self, that I represent an element or a focus of your -- PJ 21 -- page 113 collective consciousness, would actually be less accurate than to say that I am simply extraterrestrial. You see, I meet all the criteria of the latter term in that I do come from outside your planetary field of influence. I bring instructions to your race from the directive organ of what would be identified as a“Galactic” Being. Until you understand the totality of your being you will recognize me as only that which is with-out your beingness. You will only recognize the ONENESS as you come into total perception and Truth of the reality of your true being. As forerunners, Hosts of the Heavens, our mission is to remove the film which screens your present condition and your true nature. Our mission is to assist you ones in bridging the gap, to awaken you from sleep, to bring you to the fulfillment of your destiny. Being etheric in my natural state, as one Aton, I have no need for verbalization. It is all but impossible for any to relate what I wish to convey only through the words and concepts with which you are familiar. Your language was designed to facilitate commerce. What we therefore put together with its component parts, can only approximate my meaning but it is that with which we are given to work and therefore we shall work with it until our meanings are made known in reality. There is another language, more ancient, more conducive to discourse on this level but you have forgotten it. It is the universal language of Light. It is transferred information and is accomplished through the actual projection of living informational units. They are valid impulses of energy frequencies and are without mystical origin and are in fact, totally physical in explanation. However, until the receivers rise into the acceptance of conducting the information as given, it is distorted and often colored tremendously by the apparatus of consciousness in a perceived expression of being--not reality. These units of information are at once more specific and more inclusive than are your words. They have been designed to convey organic information of concise, yet comprehensive, informational content. Simultaneously with this conceptual communication, you are subliminally receiving this same information through this living language of light, though your preoccupation with words leaves you with no awareness of it at this moment. (Candace: and when I receive of this,, when working,, I have great difficulty finding some WORDS to bring it alive, often it comes as images and in other packages and I find no words..) Our work must always focus on bringing man again in touch with this ancient language. When you have learned to allow the silencing of your thoughts and have begun to focus attention on inner vibrational frequencies, you will become aware of afar more comprehensive picture of all that I will be telling you. Until such time as the life-giving information that comes to you from the source of your being (C-Thought adjuster per the UB) is more readily accessible, I will work within the limitations of your linguistic structure and translate as accurately as I am able. At the same time we must work with that which is perceived by your experience--be it war, lust, greed, joy and/or peace, etc. Human beings become imprisoned in their concepts and thus can they be imprisoned into a state projected upon their beings and will act accordingly to those perceptions and instructions be they “good” or “bad”, joyful or painful, correct or incorrect. You must be in the remembering that words and concepts can be both fallible and misleading. They are not absolutes. Do not confuse them with the realities they represent. No statement that I make can be taken as an absolute statement for your language gives no absoluteness of definition. This does not mean that I come from a“vague” place. On the contrary, it means that your words are not precise enough to express the levels of awareness that I am attempting to communicate through them. -- PJ 21 -- page 114 If we can get the totality of the message through to even a few individual cells of your collective body, these few would be able to translate this information into forms of cultural expression that will bring about your awakening far more effectively than our overt manipulations of the historical process. The message that we reveal is the key that unlocks your own latent informational input systems. We are here to put you indirect contact with the Source of all information for the time is at hand for the remembering--you have slept long enough. (this is for YOU starseeds... We are the change within...- Candace) Our mission is to bring an awareness to all human beings who are able to respond to a state of understanding present prior to the veil of “forgetting”. The mission is the bringing forth of the Truth from God regarding Life and uncover the lies as thrust upon your awareness. Ours is to place the information upon the table and then it is up to mankind to choose that which will be his to hold, however different they may be,whatever background they may have come from, using whatever conceptual structures seem appropriate. These individuals will then be instructed to translate (as with this“translator” scribe) this awareness into forms of informational exchange appropriate to their respective cultural situations from which individual mankind springs. But always must come the integration of all perception with all other perceptions. This is why we must dwell in the daily flow of events as they impact your consciousness and experience and cannot dwell only with soul perception. This is because if man is to move to higher understanding it must be from the aspect of the manifestation of dimension in which he is cast. You of the physical shall deal with the physical and soon. As this new awareness increasingly filters into every-day levels of human function and as more and more individual human cells become aware of what is taking place, the change will accelerate exponentially. Eventually, the psychic pressure exerted by a critical mass of humanity will reach levels that are sufficient to tip the scales. At that moment, the rest of humanity will experience an instantaneous transformation of a proportion you cannot have a way of now conceiving. At that time, the “spell” which was cast on your race through the years past, when you plunged into the worlds of good and evil, will be shattered forever. (Candace: this is the "event") Even now, with the healing influx of new information, the spell is beginning to lift and man is beginning to question that which abounds about him. Even as we write, the materializing force fields of bondage and limitation are loosening as put upon consciousness. During this period of transformation each of you will have a variety of roles to play. Each of you will translate the Life- impulse into patterns appropriate to your own environment and express the impulse in your daily living. I can now blend my consciousness with the cells of yours in order to provide you with some of the more specific information that I relate but I do this as little as possible for you are gifted with free-will choices upon which I must not tread. My primary function is to show you how to tap these systems of data retention and revelation for self. With tutoring and experiencing with my presence or that of your spiritual teacher OF TRUTH--(dear ones, beware--all spiritual beings do not bring Truth!)--you will learn to release your definitions of who you think you are, open your self up to the experience of a much greater reality than you presently believe possible and return to a level of consciousness whereby you will be enabled to communicate with those such as me,“us”, not through cumbersome words and concepts but directly through communion with all that is. -- PJ 21 -- page 115