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Nelson Mandela SOUTH AFRICA Why would I choose Africa? Because nowere is America's plunge toward the political "left" and socialism more evident than in its efforts to overthrow the pro-Western government of South Africa and establish in its place a communist government under the ANC and its Marxist/Leninist revolutionary leader, Nelson Mandela. I'm sorry, friends, I mean exactly that which I say. Mandela is not who you have been led to believe he is and what he represents. Perhaps this is only important in its own category of discussion for I am hard-put not to talk first about Brazil for Brazil is next on the "New World Order" hit list, and yet that requires an entire three days of writing. The plans of the conspirators are to make an example, just like Iraq, of Brazil's Amazon. And worse programs are being forced upon the citizens of Brazil as vicious as those of the Chinese Communists--perhaps even more so. There is a deliberate depopulation policy taking place in that besieged country which rends the heart. Meanwhile, however, back in Africa, where the "other" war is going on via holocaust. This war zone is even bigger in terms of the number of hapless victims. First come the epidemics. AIDS spreads unchecked throughout Africa, and now you have the reappearance of diseases like cholera in many countries; Zambia and Uganda are very hard hit. A U.S. statistical study gives minimal estimates projecting some 70 million people in Africa will be infected and ac*tively experiencing AIDS by the end of another decade. Already in Tanzania, 40% of the adults are infected with HIV; in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, 30% are infected. In the hospitals of Zambia, almost 80% of all patients are infected. Remember that this disease compounds itself continually. In parts of the Ivory Coast whose total populaton is around 12 million, over 700,000 KNOWN persons are infected with active AIDS; in the capital, Abidjan, it's every 10th person. AIDS is already the number-one cause of death overall, and number two for women in the capital. Twelve percent of pregnant women are infected with AIDS. In other Ivory Coast cities the infected percent is around 7.5%; in the villages, almost 5%. Hospitals are filled to overflowing and do not have the equipment to help people. If there is medicine, it is only to help against pain, diarrhea, and itching. In the Rakai district of Uganda, a rural area with about 330,000 people, some 40,000 children have lost their parents to AIDS; 250,000 African children are orphans for this reason. By the year 2015 even your own projectors predict over 16 million AIDS orphans. -- PJ 28 -- pag. 165 For well over a decade the U.S. has held a gun to the head of the South African government, blackmailing and intimidating the South Africans to surrender their government to the communist ANC (African National Congress). That the African National Congress (ANC) is a Soviet-backed terrorist organization, armed, trained, and financed by the KGB since the 1950's, is well known to your George Bush (former head of the CIA), your State Department, your intelligence services, and your Congress. That the South African Communist Party (a surrogate of the Soviet Union headed by a white Lithuanian communist and colonel in the KGB, Joe Slovo), totally dominates the ANC is well known to your American leaders! That the ANC has brutally butchered thousands of moderate, non-communist, -- PJ 28 -- pag. 166 Christian South African blacks via the "necklace" treatment and other horrific methods of slaughter, is also known to American leaders. That Nelson Mandela and his murderous wife, Winnie, are hardcore communist revolutionaries who have paid one hundred percent allegiance to the Soviet Union, and to communist revolution in South Africa for the past forty years is well-known to Bush, your congressional leaders, and your intelligence services. That Mandela has promised a communist-style confiscation of virtually all private property when he comes to power, that he consistently gives the communist clenched-fist salute in public, that he constantly marches and speaks before the Soviet flag, all in plain sight before the television and newspaper reporters of America and the West, is also well-known to your leaders. That U.S. economic sanctions against South Africa, far more draconian than any ever directed at any communist dictatorship in the world, have pushed millions of moderate South African blacks out of work, impoverishing them and preparing them for conquest by the "necklace"/AK-47 wielding ANC comrades, is well-known to the Administration, the State Department, congressional leaders, and your intelligence services. That Mandela pledged his comradeship, loyalty, and allegiance to his allies. Fidel Castro. Colonel Kadafi and Arafat and Communism--on television before millions of American viewers during his American tour in June 1990 is well-known to the American people and the liberal leadership of America. And all you did was "hail Mandela". Mandela, dear ones, and his murderous ANC terrorists have been in bed with, armed by, and allied to the Cubans, Libyans, and PLO (America's sworn enemies)--BUT, funny thing is that the terrorists are trained primarily by the KGB/Khazarian Mossad. Now, isn't that interesting? These ones have been sworn enemies for decades and this is all well-known by your socialist leadership in America, as is Mandela's televised statement that the enemies of Castro, Kadafi, and Arafat are Mandela's enemies as well. Mandela publicly offered to return to America after his visit in the summer of 1990 and help stir up a revolution among American Indians on behalf of the far-left American Indian Movement (AIM)--as if they weren't already in plenty of misery. This is well- known to the Administration, the congressional leaders and your liberal media--and BEWARE: IT EVEN MADE IT TO THE PUBLIC TELEVISION PICTURE TUBES. THAT MEANS SOMETHING REALLY NASTY IS IN THE WORKS. The facade begins to slip however, for the American leadership wants you to believe that you are totally dependent on the vast treasure chest of strategic minerals found in South Africa that are absolutely essential to the running of your defense, auto, space, and heavy manufacturing industries; and that if these minerals were to fall into the hands of a hostile, pro-Soviet, Marxist/Leninist government, America would be brought to its economic knees almost overnight. We have been over this before so I won't bore you a second time--you DO NOT need the minerals of South Africa! -- PJ 28 -- pag. 167  So, you must wonder why Mandela received a ticker tape parade in New York, whichcost millions of dollars, normally reserved for great American heroes? Why wasMandela wined and dined in your White House by your President and his StateDepartment? Why was he allowed to speak before a joint session of the U.S. Congress,an honor only accorded to three civilians in U.S. history? Why was he given thegreatest television and newspaper coverage of any foreign leadership, includingChurchill, deGaulle, and Gorbachev, in U.S. history? The answer becomes obvious--America's political leaders have plunged totally intobecoming a socialist and "one-world oriented body" which accepts exil as good. Youcan accept your enemies as friends if they be politically useful, and you can accept thefalse as truth. Lenin once said, and it bears repeating: "We will spit in their face (i.e., the faces of the Western capitalist leaders) andthey will call it dew". Surely Mandela was spitting in the faces of your congressional leaders and moresurely in the faces of the American people as he publicly pledged his allegiance andfriendship to your deadliest enemies and the communist revolution. Your leaderssmiled in joy and said, literally: "It doesn't get any better than this", right on the floorof Congress. Can't you see the seriousness of your plight? If the liberal political and medialeadership of America can sell Mikhail Gorbachev and Nelson Mandela (two ofhistory's bloodiest Marxist/Leninist revolutionaries, avowed atheists, and evil men) tothe American people as great leaders and men of peace, then selling socialism, theenvironmental crisis, gun-control, world government, or even the Anti-Christ to theAmerican people should be an easy task indeed--and the Anti-Christ is already sold toyou hook, line and Khazarian Elite New World Order. The American people have been gradually poisoned and prepared for socialism andworld government by your leaders, your educational system, and the media for decadefollowing decade. The 1990's is the decade of destiny--the decade in which the forcesof evil plan to converge and establish their global government. Whether it be the NewWorld Order, the New Age Movement, the massive Soviet military juggernaut, or acombination of all three, a socialist dictatorship is to be imposed on the people ofAmerica and the West before year 2000. But first, America, the last great bastion of freedom and capitalism must be socialized,and made into a second-class power, and its people turned into passive, non-aggressive, intimidated, obedient serfs and docile "me" oriented "wimps", as youdefine weak-do- nothings. How can such a transformation of a formerly great, greatnation and people take place? Socialize, centralize, and mediocratize the country, itspeople and its institutions. Right along the rules of the Communist Manifesto and theProtocols of the Zionist Men of Wisdom--go back and check them out closely. -- PJ 28 -- pag. 168 With all the uprising and confusion in South Africa--read the death note on the wall.This is exactly that which happened in South Africa, as well as many other places--butmore recently for your reflection, and the majority of their people are now passivelyawaiting their government's handover of power to the communist/socialist one worldrulers. The process of socializing America has been lost to most Americans. You haven't evennoticed the transition. A few new freedoms removed every few weeks or months, afew new controls or restrictions added "for your own good", and over a period of a fewhard- rock noise-filled decades, the freedom is gone---GONE--GONE! Now that theglobalists have their target in sight, however, they are beginning to accelerate theprocess on every front, every law and in every segment of your lives. Environmentalism will be one of the primary vehicles for accelerating the so-cialization of America and Europe, hence the Clean Air Act and a host of other environmentalist absurdities which will cause the industries "to have to move" to other nations in order to meet legal "pollution levels"--so “for your own good” your industrial capacity will drop to zilch. People control, especially of dissidents or reactionaries who will not accept the new system, is essential and detention facilities are already set in place and ready to receive occupants. Hence, the Hate Crimes bill,gun-control and confiscation, new search-and-seizure powers, elimination of financial privacy and computerization of people's lives and financial affairs, arrest and imprisonment of tax protestors, conservatives, anti-abortion protestors, and other maverick patriots who will not adapt to, or who may potentially lead opposition to the new system. MUST WEAKEN AMERICA Weakening America is essential to merging America into a one-world socialist systemwhere a dominant superpower would just not fit. That weakening has come and iscoming via massive disarmament; undermining America's financial strength viamassive debt financing; diluting American business with massive imports producedwith cheap Third World, or communist bloc slave, labor; selling off your nationalassets to foreigners made possible by a weak and declining dollar; transferring yourhigh technology, your food surpluses, and your industrial strength to communist bloccountries; squeezing the American free enterprise system to death with an avalanche ofsocialistic regulations, red tape, taxes, and bureaucratic controls, and opening the floodgates of pornography, abortion, and pro-homosexual initiatives. The three watershed events that will signal that the end of a free America is near and that a socialist America has arrived have been projected by some and are worthy of listing: 1. The collapse of South Africa into a communist revolution--prosperous indus-trial America DOES NOT WISH TO LOSE THOSE STRATEGIC MIN-ERALS. -- PJ 28 -- pag. 169 Gun control and confiscation in America--a socialist dictatorship will be im-posed immediately after the American people are disarmed and the NewConstitution will take the place of the old without even a Convention. The merger of America with a united Europe--it will be called the AtlanticCommunity or something equally as cute. Further, to really understand all of this, you must know more about the historical evolution of the Khazars and thus we will close this portion and get some needed restprior to starting again on such a massive subject. I am sorry, chelas, there is no longerway to separate these subjects--they are so interrelated that we will just move along inbits and pieces until we fit in some of the more urgent information. Thank you for yourattention. Thank you for your love and caring which is flowing back to us each andevery day--THAT, dear ones, is the fuel for the engines that keep us running. As wecome into brotherhood in unity of cause of God-ness, our strength builds and each stepof the hard journey becomes worthy of the taking. One reason for the urgent need todisperse this information so rapidly is to offer protection and bring back intoprotection those daring ones who walked ahead and now MUST HAVE BACKUP BYTHE "FREE" BRETHREN FOR SOME ARE ALREADY INCARCERATED ANDCANNOT HELP THEMSELVES. WE MUST ATTEND OUR BROTHERSWITHIN THE HELL OF PRISONS AT THE HANDS OF THE EVILCONSPIRATORS. WE CANNOT ALLOW THEM TO PAY THE FULL PRICEWHILE WE RIDE UPON THEIR SHIRT- TAILS OR SIMPLY ALLOW FAILURE.TIME IS SO SHORT, BELOVED ONES, BUT WE CAN DO IT IF WE WANT TOBADLY ENOUGH. You do not walk alone! You have called upon the Lord and He has sent his Hosts. Sobe it, and salu. Hatonn to clear.