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The "Monarch project", part 5 MORE ON BO GRITZ, A MONARCH SLAVE BEING USED AS A SPY BY THE NWO After my last article in my January '94 newsletter exposing Bo Gritz as a Monarch slave, I got wind through the patriot "grapevine" that Bo Gritz was planning to come to Portland and make a big production in confronting me. Supposedly by confronting me unexpectedly he could make me look bad. Afterwards I got further news that he had decided not to come but simply to confront me with a phone call. [H: Yes, Dharma has had the same good old offers! You will note, however, that Col. Gritz avoids ME at all costs! THAT IS ONE WAY YOU CAN KNOW FOR SURE THAT HE KNOWS EXACTLY WHO I AM!] That has not happened, so I imagine his handler and the CIA are trying to make sure they have his programming protected before he confronts someone like me. Depending on what the situation is, I might feel obliged to try to shake up his programming. [H: It's easy, friend, I already HAVE!] Anyway, I would like to go easy on Bo, because he is only following orders and his front alters do not know what he is all about. Further, I do not suggest readers of this newsletter confront Bo with too much because, like many Monarch slaves, the exposure may lead to his death. Still it's hard to feel too sorry knowing that the names of patriots Bo has gathered is going to cause the suffering of a lot of people. [H: It is also hard to let something like "Wolfgang" go unrewarded.] Bo Gritz lives in Nevada. He has an airport and an airplane in his yard at Sandy Valley, NV. He flies all over the country. Bo got a temple recommend from the local Mormon bishop, EVEN -- PJ 101 -- page 35 THOUGH HE DOESN'T EVER ATTEND CHURCH THERE. That is unusual, and smacks of CIA pull. Although Bo and his wife, Claudia, have joined the Mormon church (on orders from his handler), Bo Gritz went to Pastor Pete Peters' church in Colorado and was also baptized into Pete's Christian church. This double-mindedness may simply be the result of Bo having Multiple Personality Disorder, or it may be due to instruction given to some alters by his handler. Bo never told Pete that he was a temple-recommend Mormon when Pete was baptizing him. When Bo speaks to Seedliners he is supportive of the seedline doctrine which believes Eve's sin was copulation with Satan thereby producing a race of unredeemable half-demon "jews". America West and its tabloid Phoenix Liberator were supportive of Bo's presidential campaign. IT IS KNOWN BY SOME OF US THAT THE CIA IS PROMOTING SPACE RELIGION, SO THIS WHOLE AREA NEEDS INVESTIGATION. JUST WHAT WENT ON BETWEEN AMERICA WEST, BO GRITZ AND THE CIA? [H: Yes indeed and a lot of the ones who no longer associate with any of those people--would certainly like to know because America West's George Green (and wife) have stolen, outright, around half a million or more dollars directly from the ones he lied to, thieved from and pretended to work with. But I CAN tell you what happened--he could NOT BEAR THE PRESENCE OF CHRIST ENERGY in his presence so he ran away from California to Nevada as rapidly as his big Chrysler would take him when it was going to get tight for him. Who are his handlers and how about his wife? Well, he gets a bit confused in his stories and even if just telling a story his facts will not match twice out of ten times. The LIGHT OF TRUTH will always back-off the bastard adversarial workers. Did George KNOW? Well, he certainly DID when he skived the gold and now argues into infinity that he somehow bought it from himself, was given it as a secret gift, bought it from The Ekkers and on and on ad infinitum. The cases in legal ongoings also seem to go on into infinity as he accumulates ones who work the system without morals or integrity. He made his own bargains with the evil adversary--he also made his own dealings, while selling out everybody who passed this way, and bargains with those who would share his program--including Bo Gritz. Why was this allowed?--SO YOU WOULD SEE AND KNOW AND REALIZE THAT THERE IS A WAR AGAINST GOD, MY GOOD FRIENDS--AND HIS HOSTS. THE ADVERSARY WILL SEND HIS WORKERS AMONG YOU EVERY TIME--AND THEN LET PART OF THEM DESTROY THE OTHER HALF OF HIS OWN TEAM WITHOUT SEEMING TO CARE AT ALL--ALL THE WHILE USING THEM, TWISTING THEM, TAKING FROM THEM WHILE THEY CAN'T FIGHT BACK OR UNDERSTAND! IT IS A DIRTY GAME, READERS, AND YOU ARE IN IT! WELL, THE GREATEST JOY I HAVE IN A DAY OF YOUR COUNTING IS WHEN "I" PULL AWAY KEY PLAYERS FROM MY ENEMY! OH INDEED, I HAVE--AND DO; JUST STICK AROUND A WHILE LONGER.] Bo has been noted to not remember people from one setting to another. This is simply his MPD. Bo has also been noted to speak differently at different places. In eastern U.S., Bo tells people he is a born-again Christian and that they should "forget about your guns, just love the Lord Jesus Christ". But in Utah, Bo Gritz speaks as if he were a die-hard Mormon. Bo Gritz has been teaching people self-defense training which he calls SPIKE training. However, at a SPIKE training around Oct., '93 Bo Gritz was teaching people how to break into all kinds of locks, and sold people illegal lock-smithing tools at a discount. What is behind this? Bo Gritz has been strongly denying to the people he leads that "there is no such thing as black, unmarked helicopters, UN troops, handcuffs, shackles, and guillotines, or concentration camps". -- PJ 101 -- page 36 These things do exist, a great deal of witnesses have reported these things. Bo Gritz denies in his newsletter that he is a CIA agent. Linda Thompson and Bill Cooper, who are two people exposing the NWO, both claim to have proof that he is a CIA agent. I don't know that that is any secret. I heard Bo say on a radio interview here in Portland, "I am an intelligence agent". He's said it himself, at least one of his alters said it. When Bo gives a speaking engagement, people who attend have been video*taped. When asked about this Bo has told people not to worry about it. Again, as a final note, I have learned about Bo Gritz from the best of sources. People simply need to be aware that a civil war is going on in the CIA, and some of the CIA are trying to dis*mantle the NWO from within. They know exactly what Bo Gritz is, and if you have read last issue of this newsletter or this issue, then you know too. * * * * Well, I'm glad that there is no listing of this author's address, etc. I don't think we want to make his life any more miserable. I would still be most happy to share with ones such as this Springmeier, Thompson and yes, indeed, my old debate person, Bill Cooper. I can't say too much for George Green and his confrontation with Bill but I can promise him that Doris and E.J. Ekker are NOT "slimy little" pukes out to hurt, steal or damage him in any way whatsoever. I would offer one more observation about Bo, however. He took the most insulting approach to my people in quoting the most stupid and garbage material from a set-up story by the Associated Press--and used it on his radio program. However, when an Associated Press series of articles about him were run--he was indignant and spent days on his radio talking about the controlled and lying media. To what type of article do I refer? LOS ANGELES SENTINEL, Thursday, Feb. 24, 1994 EX-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE ‘BO’ GRITZ OPENING SUPREMACISTS' CAMP PORTLAND, Ore. (AP)--Former presidential candidate James "Bo" Gritz is establishing a center for white supremacists in central Idaho, a human rights group said Friday. Gritz and some ultra-conservative Christian leaders has pur*chased about 280 acres of land near Kamiah, Idaho, according to a report issued by the Coalition for Human Dignity. [H: This coalition involves several of the major players in the "Wolfgang" Project. His SPIKE training sessions involve one who offers "trusts" and yet have given information to the IRS, etc. It involves one who sets up his scheduling (or did do so) called Gary Anderson who used to SELL THESE TRUSTS and also set up a genuine Constitutional Law Cen*tre Trust in the same building with the Constitutional Law Center and he and George Green managed to bypass the in*tended receiver with checks, etc., and directly deposited them into a bank in Colorado. George denies involvement even though the checks bear his name and signatures and involvement--along with Gary's. Some of the sidetracked money even came from the same beautiful person, Dave Overton of Texas, from whom George stole the $350,000 in gold coins. But no one in the Sheriff's Department--or in the court system, seems to think this is unusual -- PJ 101 -- page 37 --perhaps IT IS NOT UNUSUAL IN THEIR CIRCLES?? There may, further, be denial of the intent of the place in point here, in Idaho. I find it remarkable because the place is called, PER GRITZ, the CHRISTIAN COVENANT COMMUNITY.] The land is held in trust by the Oregon-based Almost Heaven Properties and the Western Development Trust, headed by Jack McLamb, a former Arizona police officer and associate of Gritz, according to the report. Jonathan Mozzochi, the coalition's research director, said the move is "perhaps the most significant development in the white supremacist movement in recent years". Efforts to reach Gritz, who reportedly has a home in Nevada, were unsuccessful. Gritz ran an unsuccessful campaign for president in 1992. He also served as an intermediary in the surrender of white separatist Randy Weaver after a deadly firefight with U.S. marshals in northern Idaho in August 1992. Gritz conducts paramilitary training in Oregon called SPIKE sessions, or Specially Prepared Individuals for Key Events, the coalition said. The training grew out of his role in the Weaver case, which ended in Weaver's acquittal last year on all charges related to the shootout and ensuing 11-day standoff. -- PJ 101 -- page 38 More on: http://hollywoodsubliminals.wordpress.com/project-monarch/ http://educate-yourself.org/mc/illumformula1chap.shtml http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/so..._mindcon02.htm http://vigilantcitizen.com/hidden-knowledge/origins-and-techniques-of-monarch-mind-control/