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The "Monarch project", part 4 SEXUAL SLAVE ALTERS Kittens and cat alters are frequently the sexual alters. Sexual alters and sexual slave models are frequently labelled Betas. The Illuminati found out how to create women with insatiable sexual appetites. This is done via torture and rape early in the child's life. After the initial personality splits, using rape and electro shock, the father figure (called "Daddy" by many Monarch slaves) carries out repeated sex (incest) to develop the sexual desire. Experts in sex will often give "finishing lessons" to the slaves so that the sexual alters can perform incredible sexual feats with which normal prostitutes are not likely to be able to begin to compare. Marilyn Monroe was a Monarch Sex slave. It is public knowledge that she was sexually abused as an orphan, but it has been skillfully kept from the public that she was a Presidential Model Monarch Slave. President Kennedy found her more entertaining than Jackie, which is no surprise. -- PJ 101 -- page 32 PROFILE OF MONARCH VICTIMS *Monarch victims have structured MPD. Their MPD may be detected through a whole range of clues. It is not within the scope of this paper to give all the many clues and indications of MPD, but the following might be tip-offs: a. the person changes tastes and behavior and is self-contradictory in what they say they like. b. the person believes that aliens are talking inside their heads. c. the person is not able to comfortably watch certain films such as the Wizard of Oz, or Alice in Wonderland or some other particular non-horror movie. The list of clues could go on for a long ways on how to detect structured MPD. *Older ones may have tattoos with a Monarch butterfly. (This applies to CIA and Government Models especially). Since the 1970s most Monarch victims have no longer been tattooed but wear butterfly barrettes, large butterfly ear rings, pins, necklaces, bracelets, or embroidered insignias. Illuminati Monarch slaves often do not have any tattoos because their bodies have to be blemish free to be qualified for the higher ranks within the Illuminati. *Victims will have scars of various kinds on their bodies, including multiple electric prod scars or the resultant moles on their bodies. The type of scarring that these victims have is a long subject just in itself. *When the victims get memory most if not all victims have participated in weird sex and pornography. *Monarch victims suffer all types of problems, including confusion, fears, headaches, program-induced medical problems, hurting feet, dizziness, seeing black and white spots, etc., etc. Men who are active in the programming will often have multiple marriages and will most often then marry a woman of striking appearance and who is much younger--but with little show of emotional attachment. SUMMARY This is a very brief look at the Monarch programming. This Mind-control is a very serious threat to survival of civilization as we know it. There are many more sophisticated mind-control techniques such as using microwaves hooked to a computer, and brain stem implants, and still other methods, but the Monarch type of trauma-based Mind Control programming is likely to be around for a long time. Today this programming can be carried out in a house or other small facility, making it a highly possible cottage industry of the 21st century. Following this article, I will have a question-and-answer section on commonly asked questions on the Monarch programming, and then that will be followed up with an article about a specific Monarch slave being used as a spy against us. Directly following this is a list of material Mark Phillips (a deprogrammer) and Cathy O'Brien (a deprogrammed ex-slave) have written on the Monarch project. -- PJ 101 -- page 33 COMMONLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT THE MONARCH MIND CONTROL PROGRAM Q: Are many of the random killings, assassinations, and murders actually caused by Monarch programmed people? Yes, mind-controlled slaves are often the culprits to these seemingly "random" events. The reason I can give that answer is that I know to some degree what the insiders are planning. But when a person is very familiar with how Monarch mind-controlled slaves act one can also pick tiny clues that would tend to support my yes answer. When I listen or read about current murders there are frequently clues that would often point that direction. An example of a case which a brother recently brought to my attention is Mark Chapman who killed John Lennon. The book Who Killed John Lennon by Fenton Bresler shows that Mark was put under some type of CIA mind control. On pages 174 and 221 of the book one gets some glimpses of Mark's fascination for the Wizard of Oz. The lyrics of the Beatles' songs (also used for Monarch programming) were also important to him. (Remember how Charles Manson--also a Monarch program victim--liked the lyrics of the Beatles music in his own weird way?) Bresler writes about Mark Chapman (p. 220-221), "...Mark did a strange thing: he set up, on a bureau in his room, a display of his most treasured possessions... They were designed to show the police the "real" Mark when, as he anticipated, they later entered the room after he had accomplished the murder... there was a movie still from The Wizard of Oz showing the young Judy Garland as Dorothy wiping away the Cowardly Lion's tears with "To Dorothy" written on it in Mark's own handwriting." Basically, all the Monarch Mind-controlled slaves I have worked with have set up displays with memorabilia/knickknacks of items associated with the type of programming they have had. Q: How many Christians know about this? Rebecca Brown in her last book talks about someone who has escaped from the Temple of Set. Her description of the person indicates that the person was a Monarch slave. Whether Rebecca Brown knows about the Monarch program she has at least tried to work with one of its victims. Bob Larson on a recent show had a Monarch person call in. This Monarch victim had different alters speak to Bob on a couple of different days. How much Bob Larson knows is hard to pin-point--but he was saying various things on the show that indicated to me that he knew some of the treatment process that psychologists are offering to victims of MPD. Bill Schnoebelen, who has a Christian ministry and who had written several informative books on the occult, and who was not from a generational satanic family but who was allowed to reach the neophyte level of the Illuminati is familiar with the Monarch program. I will be sharing more with him about it in the future. Christians who are in ministry where they deal with Satanism are going to encounter Monarch victims, whether they realize what they are working with or not. Christian psychologists who have bumped into the Monarch program's victims are under professional standards not to talk about their clients, and they by-and-large have only spoken to -- PJ 101 -- page 34 their peers about what is going on. My guess is that there are only around 100 Christian psychologist nation-wide who specialize in disassociative disorders such as structured MPD. In summary, although there are some very knowledgeable people who know about the Monarch program, knowledge of it has not reached people in general. Percentage wise perhaps 1 Christian in a thousand knows about the program. When one considers how dangerous this Monarch project is and yet how it is still a secret, then one realizes that our work is cut out to inform the public while there is still a chance. [H: Be careful, readers MANY MORE CHRISTIANS ARE MONARCH-PROGRAMMED THAN YOU WHO EVEN KNOW ABOUT IT HAVE ANY IDEA. AND THE TEACHERS WHO PREACH TO THE CONGREGATIONS ARE THE WORST OF THE LOT. I MAKE NO COMMENT ON THE PRESENT WRITER IN THIS INSTANCE. HOWEVER, THIS IS EXACTLY "HOW" THEY WORK!] Q: Isn't MPD really demonic possession? No, MPD has been clinically proven. Anyone can look up in the DSM-3 or DSM-4, which is the standard work for mental health professions, and you will see that MPD has been scientifically identified and recognized. Anyone who really gets to know what they are working with--that is if they really get into working with Monarch victims for a long period of time--then he or she will realize that the MPD is for real, and that it is not demonic possession. That doesn't mean demons are not attached, because demons are certainly attached to Monarch slaves. Illuminati Monarch Slaves likely had Moon Child ceremonies done for them when they were yet a fetus in order to demonize the fetus. -- PJ 101 -- page 35 NEXT PAGE