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The "Monarch project", part 2 U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency genealogical mind control research project for military utilization. WARNING The following information, although intended for multi-generational family abuse systems, is adequate to divide a person’s base personality for enslavement purposes; but for humanitarian reasons, I cannot publish the actual programming information. If you try this at home--you are on your own...and when our nation “wakes up”...you will become a target for prosecution. [H: More than this writer, “I” hesitate to even publish as much as this small portion of information for it is almost impossible to give a full picture within “limitations” of presentation. However, you must consider these which will be offered as often-used subtle approaches to “finding yourself” or experiencing “celestial” contact and other B.S. (Balderdash) by well-recognized and, actually, well-meaning leaders of groups. Where, for instance, there will be speakings of water deprivation--reverse it and consider “water overload” which is far more damaging in the long-run. This will be inclusive of programs which claim “cleansing” but are actually to place the target in a state of “overload” and this is incredibly damaging to the body functional system along with sogging the brain into inability to properly function at which time programming is CERTAIN. BEWARE!!] First, slow body metabolism by reducing caloric intake say, for an average 125 lb. female 19-30 years of age to 300 per day--reduce to “0” intake of all sugar, lower protein intake accordingly. (This action will literally starve the brain into submission). [H: A LOT OF YOU, even near myself, had better take a long, hard look at this!!! (!!!)] From time to time water deprivation [Or water overload] may be necessary to swell the brain by raising the temperature making memory of experienced events difficult or impossible to recall by the victim AKA the “kiss and no tell syndrome”. Combine with 3 to 10 seconds of 120,000 volts to leg or back. Vomiting and flu-like symptoms will occur but MEMORY IS NOW HIDDEN BEHIND A WALL OF “BLACK LIGHTENING”. [H: In other words, you will haplessly become a perfected “target” and there will be not even a “memory” of the activities.] Sleep deprivation--absolutely a must in preconditioning and continued maintenance for new programming. Victims must not experience more than two hours continuous uninterrupted sleep. Maximum sleep allowed 3 hours per 24 hour day. Days should be spent in heavy physical exercise to the point of constant exhaustion. This action stimulates the brain to overproduce endorphins and thus temporarily silence the logic center. This action also is responsible for reversing the brain’s -- PJ 84 -- page. 115 functions from right to left or vice versa. Victims will respond to most any command robotically and hypnotic programming becomes a breeze. [H: As a “teacher” I must focus on this most seriously for you who have “gurus” or “sect” teachers that you may well consider to be incredibly spiritual GUIDES. MOST ARE NOTHING MORE THAN PROGRAMMERS--SOME FOR RATHER GOOD PURPOSES SUPPOSEDLY OR SOME FOR THE ADVERSARY HIMSELF. I do not go about sorting and limiting--even within my crew. IT IS FOR YOU TO NOTE AND SORT THESE ACTIVITIES. IF ANY ONE OF THESE MENTIONED IDEAS ARE EVEN “MENTIONED”--YOU HAD BETTER TAKE A MASSIVE OVERVIEW LOOK AT THE “WHOLE”. TO CONTACT GOD REQUIRES NOTHING--NOT FASTING, NOT GURUING--JUST YOU AND GOD. IF YOU FIND YOU ARE USING THESE OTHER RITUALISTIC ACTIVITIES TO HAVE A MORE WONDROUS DIVINE CONNECTION--YOU ARE IN REAL DANGER! THE VERY BEST-TRAINED PERSONS, ESPECIALLY REPRESENTING FAR-EASTERN RELIGIONS AND EXPRESSIONS, ARE WELL-PLACED DECEIVERS-- SOMETIMES HAVING THEIR OWN PURPOSE AND DIRECTION COVERED THROUGH TRAINING. BE CAREFUL, ASK GOD, BRING IN YOUR SPIRITUAL SHIELDING AND SQUARELY FACE WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND EXPERIENCING IN THE “NAME OF” ANYTHING. I WELCOME, YEA--DEMAND, THAT YOU PLACE ME AND MY TEACHINGS THROUGH THE SAME PROCESSING FOR MY TRUTH SHALL STAND THE TESTING--EVERY TIME!] Hanging the victims upside down for periods of time, one-two hours per day will further trick the brain into dissociation from reality and can reverse such primordial brain functions as turning pain into pleasure--up will become down--out will become in, and above all the person administering the tortures will become omnipotent in the victim’s now rearranged mind. This phenomena is likened to the Stockholm Syndrome. Daily tortures administered should focus on any of the known victim’s former idiosyncrasies. This could include introducing ants into the ear canal or covering the victim in say (harmless) spiders or snakes (rubber facsimile will work) or exposing them to loud noises (firecrackers) disguised as bombs, heated needles or toothpicks under the fingernails, etc. THE COMPONENTS Originally the physical components thought to be necessary to program/deprogram were rather complex and cumbersome...enough “laboratory decadence” to make Dr. Frankenstein blush. There were elaborate sound and light-proof sensory deprivation isolation chambers, some using exotic suspension fluids that could mimic weightlessness. Direct current high voltage with very low amperage electroshock devices are the most important tools of the trade as the brain is electrically powered. Voltages ranged from .072 volt to 200,000 depending on application and to what part of the body it was to be administered. There are “strap on” head and foot devices that could deliver a mind altering shock of an exact duration according to the subjects’s brainwave activity and/or heartbeat. Other portable hand held stun gun type devices can deliver shocks up to 200,000 volts for a variety of reasons, but primarily for instant control of the conscious mind. -- PJ 84 -- page. 116 A great deal of successful research and development went into the effects of harmonics or inaudible to the conscious ear sound waves that affect the RNA covering of neuron pathways to the subconscious mind. Harmonics generators, code named ether-wave, are capable of subconscious mind embedding detailed messages (commands linked to audible triggers). This is known as electronic programming and is a standard programming device in all forms of Project Monarch. Hence the reason many Monarch survivors (drug mules/prostitutes) recall being taken onto certain US military bases and “Freedom Ranch” AKA trauma centers for “programming”. Mind altering drugs...natural and synthetic compounds that can instantly alter certain brain/thought functions were developed from modern medical technology and from ancient witchcraft formulas. The revised components list is not so comprehensive and obvious. For instance, a sound-proofed burial casket makes a great sensory depravation chamber similar to one being used now at a Kentucky (CIA) “conditioning camp”. There, Delta, Alpha, and Beta victims of this conspiracy are regularly taken by their owners for “reconditioning” and reprogramming or drug muling runs or “assignments”. Most make it out of this man-made-hell alive, some don’t...but as it is said, there’s always more where those came from. Whereas, the only other equipment components needed are devices to hang victims upside down by their ankles, cattle prods-- the cylinder type that are inserted deep into the vagina or rectum for a “simulated orgasm with the devil”. High voltage (up to 200,000 volts DC) hand held law enforcement type stun guns are a must tool for the victim’s owner to erase certain memory (if used on the muscle areas of the victims within 2 hours of the “to-be-forgotten” event) and to control the victim’s “insane” fits of rage if they are mistakenly triggered to perform a pre-conditioned task and they are at the moment in the “wrong personality”. The only other components the Beta owner must possess are a diary or a damn good memory of their programs, keys, and a working knowledge of hypnosis. In other words, a small brief case will contain everything a Beta owner “needs” to control his slave...completely... forever. Many unsuspected things are effective--even constant tickling. These idiosyncrasies then become “tortures-of-the-mind”, tortures from which there are no escapes. When the operator ceases torturing the victims short of death, he’s considered benevolent and “worship” by the victim will again commence...even stronger than before. The controllers voiced wishes will become instead commands to the victim and all moral decision-making processes (sex, murder, etc.) totally bridged (ignored) by the “new mind” of the victim. High voltage electroshock has multi-use purposes--for torture, left brain/right brain function, reversals and, depending on the amount of voltage administered and the location on the body, to compartmentize programs or to set in new ones. Electroshock is also used as a “harmless” not so subtle reminder to carry out commands. High DC voltage is a key component as it, too, produces an instant euphoric state due to the increased endorphin production, coupled with the victim’s total lack of physical control. Sensory depravation can be accomplished through hanging in conjunction with eye and ear covers--or with more elaborate sound and light proof rooms or even burial caskets. I am more familiar with specially heated salt water tanks where buoyancy accomplishes weightlessness, and fitted electroshock movement sensitive sensors are positioned on the victims to stimulate the mental sensation of loss of consciousness momentarily. This process is repeated over and over until the brain is trained to stop all external body movement from the conscious mind. Then the victim can be -- PJ 84 -- page. 117 audibly commanded and programmed to a calendar date to perform a task...say 50 years in the future...without even being cued by an operator...flawlessly. This program becomes a part of the primitive mind--the same one that tells the victim’s heart to beat, etc. [H: I think it important to interrupt here with an observation and example of full programming. I have had so many ask “how” could astronauts, etc., be programmed to “act” as “if” they are on a specific mission and yet have NEVER LEFT THE GROUND. This is it. Right now as we write you are being made the fool. You are shown pictures of the shuttle, the walking astronauts and the “repair” of the Hubble telescope. The telescope in point is at White Sands, New Mexico-- underground. The apparatus being shown to you is the revamping of the “spy” controlled apparatus which can monitor EVERY MOVE YOU MAKE--AND check out every cent you have, every gun EVERYWHERE and thus and so. You “oh” and “ah” and applaud YOUR OWN EXECUTION METHOD AND YOUR EXECUTIONER!] Death or health programs can easily be put in place and are not diffusible through conventional psychiatry without knowledge of exact keys administered by an expert psycho/hypnotherapist. I personally know of one 13 year-old girl who is currently institutionalized awaiting such care due to her being locked in through the use of sophisticated harmonics equipment from birth. But US Department of Justice officials have stopped her mother (Beta victim) in their pursuit of justice...and so goes the mother’s credibility and the needed expert mental health assistance for her child. Now you’ve got the formula. “Try” and protect yourself from it...nobody else will. THE VICTIMS, PAST AND PRESENT IT IS “ALLEGED”... The first victims were captured MPD (Multi Personality Disordered) spies and dissidents from friendly and hostile nations, but unfortunately for the second group of victims, there weren’t enough caught to properly study and develop the so-called Manchurian Candidate via psychological abuse with our country’s newly organized Project MK Ultra. The second group, it is alleged, were bright, aggressive young men who had applied to Officers Candidate School (OCS). These men took entrance exams and psychological tests...tests that revealed whether or not they would become “candidates” for Project Monarch as their entrance psychological exams revealed they were victims of child abuse. These eager young men were allegedly told (more or less) that they couldn’t go to OCS for whatever reason, but they could “volunteer” for a career in Intelligence and with their Top Secret “training” they could develop incredible super human physical and psychological abilities...with a “just sign here”. It is true but very misleading information created powerful patriotic images in their minds...they envisioned being “special” espionage agents in just a few months instead of years at OCS. 007 stuff...well, sort of anyway. They were the first volunteers! Their fates are unknown even in their families and themselves if they’re still alive. -- PJ 84 -- page. 118 [H: I am asked about ones such as Col. Bo Gritz and his training, as a for instance. He has served in the most Elite of the hit- squad ranks, from Delta to whatever---so, is he a programmed robotic killer or what? What he is NOT is longer under control of the Adversary. If he serves the seemingly “enemy adversary”, it is pretty deliberate in intent. Why? Because this man, for whatever reason God may have had for arranging it, was trained in hypnosis by a Master- Teacher in Hypnotherapy--Gil Boyne (Mark Gilboyne). Gilboyne is recently totally confirmed recognizer of God Presence and GRACE. He accepts no half-baked students and a portion of training, whether he realizes it or not--is how to protect yourself from brainwashing through these hypnotic means. Together, God recognition and shielding through God intent and KNOWING how a “thing” works--the system can’t reach through well enough to program you for other than the hypnotic moment. When released from such a program it is easy to take a Godly person and totally reprogram or “unprogram”. This does not mean that attempts of the controllers will stop in their quest to re-capture the entity--it simply means that the assault CAN be countered quite nicely. Are some lost to a “re-programming”? YES INDEED! This is why you must always be aware and observant and discern very, very carefully any encounter with anyone set forth as a “leader”, “central authority” or “goodly stranger or friend touting God as his own center”. If God is a man’s center--HE WILL ADVOCATE NOTHING WHICH IS AGAINST THE LAWS OF GOD AND CREATION AND HIS ACTIONS WILL TELL IT ALL IF YOU ARE AWARE OF TRUTH!  Can these people lie well enough to fool you? Yes--but NOT IF YOU ARE INFORMED! THE PRESENTATIONS WILL SOON BE “SEEN-THROUGH” FOR THE ADVERSARIAL TOOL, AS WELL AS ADVERSARIAL BEINGS AND ACTIONS--ALWAYS MUST “WEAR A SIGN”.] Present day Beta victims are allegedly “recruited” a little younger, up to 9 from BIRTH. Some (but certainly not all) by fathers who got caught sending kiddie porn through the US Mails [H: You must realize right now, if not before, that the purpose of such mailings is to identify potential candidates.], but most were either government or MOB connected. These “caught” fathers were more or less then blackmailed by alleged CIA agents to dedicate their child to the program in exchange for money, business favors, and protection against prosecution...these pedophiles became an honorable member of a US government Criminal Conspiracy. The fathers were then educated at government expense on how to precondition their little girl/boy with tortures of the mind and body and with sex--which would give this child a “gift which keeps on giving” Multiple Personality Disorder--a super-child. Some more aggressive fathers would have a half dozen children and “dedicate” as many as “Uncle” wanted. Most all became affluent or rich...except the victims...The New Victims of Project Monarch. Organized crime bosses jumped in the conspiracy for the protection of their lucrative child/adult pornography business. Day Care Centers were opened by conspiracy members for what was dubbed a “kiddie smorgasbord”. Some conspirators got “sloppy” and used too much occult or satanic trauma to the Mind Control base on the kids and they “told”. But to no avail...AS OUR GOVERNMENT REGARDS PUBLIC EXPOSURE OF THEIR OWN HUMAN EXPERIMENTS AS A “THREAT TO NATIONAL SECURITY”. [H: Neat cover--just slap a National Security Threat on a file-folder and it is “gone” forever.] -- PJ 84 -- page. 119 West Point had a Day care Center that recently collapsed under the pressure of irate parents who themselves were students at this most elite school in the “free” world. The same thing happened at Presidio, Ca. The government (US Army CID) covered it up in the name of National Security and the kids are in counseling--now scarred mentally for life. So for now it looks like it’s going to be a return to “in home supply” and implants ‘cause it’s the American way...and father and Uncle Sam “knows best” as they say. Note: There are many other known methods of recruiting victims for Alpha and Beta. This was just two common identified methods, among others, in professional sports. I could write volumes on the other methods for types of Alpha victims such as “super” baseball (victim) players who from time to time forget how to pitch and embarrass their owners. Ironically enough, one of the main alleged organizers of this conspiracy is a baseball fanatic and even required two of the Beta victims he used from time to time to memorize every player’s batting average on four teams...this man was US Attorney General, appointed by Reagan, who resigned his post in a cloud of dishonor and is now “CHIEF LEGAL COUNCIL” for our NEW WORLD ORDER police force...the United Nations. THE FUTURE Psychological mind control techniques, formulas and equipment, unlike nuclear weapon systems, can be reproduced without exotic and expensive component systems...in the privacy of one’s own home by virtually anyone with average intelligence, a little information, and no conscience (i.e., criminals). Mind Control Out of Control is just as lethal as nuclear war byproducts; however, through genetically engineering psychology...the “evil” seed is passed on generation to generation. [H: Can you not see here, that it MUST be you of this last generation of partial untampering which will have to change the stream of direction? There is no hope for the next generation beyond you few can pass on--for the mass mind-controlling mechanisms are IN PLACE and can be accomplished now, via your idiot box and invisible frequency waves. You will, however, get to experience the “nuclear” portion of the “game” also for depopulation is a MUST in this NEW WORLD ORDER ACCOMPLISHED.] Trauma-based mind control, also aptly termed “white slavery”, for the CHOSEN ONES in the 21st Century will be predictably the largest “cottage industry” in terms of illicit profits, death, and destruction of innocent victims...unless the trend is stopped and those responsible in government and the private sector are punished and the survivors/victims given qualified rehabilitative psychiatric care. The US now has nuclear regulatory agencies which exercise caution as to who can even build nuclear weapons, power plants, x-ray machines, or even smoke detectors. But not for Mind Control--thanks to the same US government corrupt officials...it’s out of control. The results of which are showing up everywhere. Multiple Personality Disordered persons are now common-place--whereas before 1980 it was one of the rarest diagnosed psychiatric disorders...from 200 cases to 24,000. Which could mean a bare minimum over 250,000 undiagnosed -- PJ 84 -- page. 120 programmed MPDs walking around waiting to explode with rage as serial killers, child abusers, etc., etc., etc., against the society that protects a few US government criminal conspirators--WHY? While we’re waiting for the answer, another child is being raped, most likely by the very person biologically designed to protect them...their father. So in a few years--he can put a notice in his computer bulletin board... “Beta trained child for sale...Best offer...will trade for business of equal value.” THE FUTURE? WHO KNOWS? WHO CARES?? END OF DOCUMENT * * * This document, my friends, IS SO IMPORTANT THAT I ASK YOU STUDY IT AT LEAST THREE TIMES--CAREFULLY. THANK YOU. I ask that the REFERENCE SOURCES be offered. The copy is terrible but I want it exactly as it arrived. I ask, however, that space not be taken in the paper for same. Let us run it in the concurrently being prepared JOURNAL. Hatonn to clear. (See next 4 pages) -- PJ 84 -- page. 121 NEXT PAGE