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SEVEN MAIN PERIODS OF MAN EXPRESSION Just as reminders of progression of man in the order of the universe, let us look on the scale of growth and where is Earth man at this time of cycle changes: There are seven main periods of man expression. It can be considered that each division is a "whole" period or a "school semester". You must consider that it means, in your designation, one life semester during which seven subjects must be accomplished. PRIMARY LIFE: 1. Primary development of intellect and spirit. 2. Primary thinking of intellect and spirit. 3. Primary thinking of reason. 4. Primary exercise of intellect and spirit force. 5. Primary reasonable actions. 6. Primary will-thinking and will-activity. 7. Reason-conditioned guiding of the life. Creatures of these levels are considered insane, idiots, etc., by already thinking reasoning beings. But in truth their spirit and intellect is not yet spiritually developed. (They are new spirits who have to first form themselves by learning and experience). REASONED LIFE: 1. Primary development of reason. 2. Effective realization of reason and its use. 3. Primary acknowledgement and cognition of higher influences. 4. Belief in higher influences without having the knowledge. 5. Belief in higher forces, superstition, fear of evil, veneration of God, etc. This present germinating time for religions, etc. Now the next is about the present position of the average Earth human being: 6. Primary cognition of the true reality. Research, knowledgeable development. First spiritual cognitions and their exercise. Spiritual healing, telepathy, etc. 7. Primary development of knowledge and wisdom. INTELLECT LIFE: 1. Advanced development of the intellect. High technology. Second utilization of spiritual forces. Primary creation of living forms. 2. Realization and exercise of knowledge, truth, and wisdom. Slow breakdown of accepted beliefs. This is the approximate location of educated Earth beings, scientists, etc. and a few borderland and spiritual scientists. 3. First utilization of knowledge and wisdom. 4. Acknowledgement and utilization of nature's laws. Generation of super-technologies. Second creation of living forms. 5. Natural exercise of wisdom and knowledge in the cognition of spiritual forces. Further breakdown of accepted beliefs. 6. Life in knowing, about wisdom, truth and logic. 7. Primary cognition of the reality as absolutely real. REAL LIFE: 1. Clear knowledge about reality as absolutely real. 2. Cognition of spiritual knowledge and spiritual wisdom. 3. Utilization of spirit knowledge and spiritual wisdom. 4. Cognition of the reality of the Creation and its laws. 5. Living according to the Creation law. Purification of Spirit and intellect. Cognition of the obligation and force of Spirit. Breakdown of blind acceptances in belief. 6. Guided and controlled utilization of spiritual forces. 7. Creation of first living creatures. CREATIONAL LIFE: 1. Creating and controlling of living forms. 2. Construction of mechanical/organic living things. 3. Spiritual development of forces for control of material and organic forms of life. 4. Will-conditioned mastery of life in all its forms and sorts. 5. Position of recognitions. Reminiscences of earlier lifetimes, etc. 6. Kings of Wisdom--IHWH before their higher power knowledge. 7. Cognition of Spiritual Peace, of universal love and creational harmony. SPIRITUAL LIFE: 1. Acknowledgement and realization of Spiritual Peace, universal love and creational harmony. 2. Living according to pure Spiritual knowledge. 3. Spiritual creating and creations. 4. Dis-embodying of Spirit from organic matter. 5. First pure Spiritual existence. 6. Final Spiritual existence. 7. Passing-over into the Creation consciousness. CREATION LIFE: 1. Twilight sleeping during seven periods of rest. 2. Awakening and beginning of creating in the Creation as CREATION, during seven periods. 3. Creating of living forms. 4. Creating of new Spirit in improvement of the CREATION. 5. Creating of great Spirit in the Creation. 6. Creating of thought projection of Great Spirit WITHIN the Creation. 7. Last reach of highest improvement during the 7th period. The twilight sleep of the CREATION lasts seven periods/greattimes. One period/greattime lasts about 311,040,000,000,000 years in your counting (give or take a couple of years). In the twilight state of the CREATION all life and the whole universe seems to totally cease to exist. Just after its awakening it begins to create all things anew. During the twilight sleep, neither time nor space exist. There is only the "nothing", as all lies sleeping inside the infinite bosom of the CREATION and null-time (voidance). While no creating thought exists there is no force, no time, and no space.  There is only duration in a nameless nothing--at rest--awaiting renewal in manifestation. I sincerely hope that some of you, as you look again at this record of progression, see that YOU HAVE GROWN more than you thought--just since our first "meeting". May the Force be with you. Be ever able at any moment to sacrifice what you are for that which you can become--and so too shall it come to pass. Salu, Hatonn (CM) -- PJ 64  page 131 -- 133 311,040,000,000,000 = 311- Trillion - 40 Billion X 7 periods = 2,177,280,000, 000, 000 years !! 2 Quadrillion, 177 Trillion, 280 Billion years !!