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THE TRUTH of the " JONESTOWN TRAGEDY ", part 1  In your year 1976 the United States and Russia became embroiled in top secret hostilities in preparation for World War III/Nuclear War I. It began in earnest during the summer of 1976 when the still secret Underwater Missile Crisis erupted. It then expanded into wholesale nuclear sabotage of the United States with weapons now planted at literally thousands of locations nation-wide. (We shall discuss this at a separate writing). These weapons ranged from mammoth hydrogen bombs ready to destroy your largest dams and reservoirs down to tiny nuclear devices called `micronukes' by the Russians. For some time the Russians had been detonating micronukes in a steady drum beat of explosions all over America. Still feel safe and cozy and unwilling to 'rock the boat'? In September of 1977 the secret war took a decisive new turn. In the still secret Battle of the Harvest Moon in space, America's Secret Rulers lost their supposed ace in the hole for the coming planned war. In a shocking upset, Russia knocked out America's secret Moon beam-weapons base in Copernicus Crater, (oh yes there was one!). Since that time Russia had seized the dominant position militarily in space. Now let's review a little arithmetic--from 1975 or so, to 1990--hummmmm, about fifteen years maybe?- - -what do you think they might have been doing all this while? We will cover all these subjects most carefully but this Guyana was set up in a religious setting and it fits into this Journal without distraction. Prior to this incident there were drastic changes taking place in the leadership of both Russia and the United States. In Russia the original ruling factions after 1917, the atheistic Bolsheviks, had been overthrown after a progressive struggle for over six decades. The Kremlin was now under the absolute control of a tough band of native Russians, a Christian sect who considered the Bolsheviks to be evil incarnate. As a result, the Bolsheviks were being expelled from Russia and they were flocking mostly to the United States. They were joining the many Bolsheviks already in powerful positions in the U.S. in a sophisticated new Bolshevik revolution. In the process, they were gradually preempting much of the power that was once exercised by their Secret Allies, the third generation Rockefeller brothers. As Bolshevik power became ever greater and greater in the United States, the Satanic fruits of that power were and are becoming increasingly visible. In April 1978, the lives of over one hundred unsuspecting civilians were deliberately put in great danger for the sake of an intelligence mission. This was the case of Korean Airlines Flight 902 which invaded supersensitive Russian air space and was shot down. There was nothing accidental about the Korean airliner episode, and the threat of death to all the innocent passengers was the key ingredient in the episode. It would have been far easier for the Russian fighters to blow the Boeing 707 out of the air in a ball of flame than to force it down with only a few casualties, as was done. As the time passed the Bolshevik grip grew steadily greater in its hold on the United States, and human life was growing cheaper by the day. This time it would not be a hundred but nearly a thousand civilian lives, and this time it would be that they would die because nothing would be left to chance. The gruesome tragedy at Jonestown, Guyana, is only a pale shadow of what lies ahead for the entire United States if the cancer of Bolshevism, along with a few other Cartels, is not stopped. Those who are seized by the Bolshevik way of thinking are quite schizophrenic and Satanic and unable to tell right from wrong--or at least practice in the guise of "right". When these tendencies are allowed to go unchecked and the Bolsheviks acquire power, the consequences for society as a whole are tragic indeed. Both murderous and suicidal actions take place\on a scale beyond comprehension. It happened seventy-five years ago in Russia as the Bolsheviks took over there; and now, as the Bolsheviks are efforting to take over in your territory, it is happening--right in the good old U.S. of A. MILITARY PURPOSE OF JONESTOWN Yes, I said "military". And a bit later, I shall show you how Leo J. Ryan, Congressman, was utilized. The set-up for the Guyana tragedy was staged as early as 1974, with the revealing of the presence of a Guyana missile base in that place. It made radio news all across America but was promptly covered and snuffed. This was in June. In October it was again brought to public attention by daring speakers and again snuffed along with threats to cease and desist with such news items - - "or else". The news items ran something like the following: that according to reliable in-telligence sources on the matter, the Republic of Guyana (next to Venezuela in South America) had been turned into another Cuba with Atomic Missiles aimed at the Gatun Locks of the Panama Canal and at your cities in the United States. Of course your government, which dances to a tune called "Dynasty", refused to even investigate the charges---actually, why would they? They set it up! The warnings were frequently re-presented and some of the public citizens did in fact effort to gather information which inquiries were met with stone wall silence or double-talk and denials. Many simply discounted the whole story but some more insightful patrons came to realize that you couldn't believe your Government. Well, guess who was right? MUST GO BACK TO 1965 TO LAY THE PLOT The developments which were destined to culminate in tragedy at Jonestown began in 1965. Guyana was a newly independent country, the former British colony of British Guiana. At that time the secret Rockefeller/Soviet alliance was in full swing, and the long range joint plans for a controlled Nuclear War were moving right along. Both sides were looking ahead toward an eventual double-cross, but that still lay far in the future at that time. The deliberate strengthening of Russia at America's expense was part of their joint plan for World Government and conquest. The Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 threw a temporary monkey wrench into the program when President John F. Kennedy intervened personally and stopped the nuclear arming of Cuba; and for doing that, and other humane "indiscretions", he lost his life in Dallas barely a year later. Kennedy's successor, Lyndon Johnson, made sure that he followed the script more carefully. In the wake of the Cuban crisis, the Russians needed a new forward base in the Caribbean area for strategic purposes until the heat was off in Cuba. To accommodate Russia, Guyana was selected for this purpose, and David Rockefeller saw to it that a Marxist named Forbes Burnham became Prime Minister. In return, the Chase Manhattan Bank became fiscal agent for Guyana, giving Rockefeller access to the gold produced in Guyana; and as a key factor in all this, then President Lyndon Johnson in 1965 turned over the American Air Base, Atkinson Field, to Guyana. America's right to retain control over the Base for several more decades was simply thrown away without any excuses offered. Atkinson Field, which was then renamed Temehri Airfield, is south of Georgetown, the capital city. This is the airfield to which American helicopters carried bodies to be airlifted to America after the Jonestown disaster. When Johnson gave the Temehri Airfield to Marxist Guyana, he handed Russia a very large plum indeed. The Temehri Airfield is the largest in all of Latin America, larger even than New York's largest airport, the John F. Kennedy Airport; and its location makes it ideal for ferrying Cuban troops and supplies to Africa. As a result, Johnson's action on behalf of Rockefellers robbed the United States of an important logistic connection to Africa while opening the door for Cuban troops. Your later trouble with Cuban troops in Angola and elsewhere in Africa were partly the result. For a number of years, Russian military activity in Guyana was heavily concentrated around the vicinity of the Temehri Airfield. In 1974, they emplaced missiles in sites that ringed the airfield. Then the missiles were pulled out from those locations and moved to a separate missile complex west of Georgetown, over the following two years. In that new complex, the missiles were deployed at sites scattered over an area some 30 miles in diameter. In the approximate center was a Command and control installation commanded by Russian personnel. And the plot began to thicken considerably. After the missile base relocation was completed, the missile complex was centered at a point about 70 miles northwest of Temehri Airfield; and roughly another 70 miles to the northwest lay the Jonestown Peoples Temple complex, an Israeli-type kibbutz. So the missile base ended up about midway between the Jonestown commune and Temehri Airfield. It was no accident, my friends, that the Peoples Temple kibbutz was located so close to the missile base. ORIGINS OF THE PEOPLE'S TEMPLE The origins of the People's Temple in the 1950s had nothing to do with government intrigues. It was not until about 1970 that certain elements of the United States Intelligence community began to infiltrate and subvert the People's Temple. The Rockefeller brothers have always had a standard practice of supporting not only the faction in power but also spies and opponents to that faction--and who doesn't want a little "free" funding and support money? In this manner they are always in a position, at least theoretically, to cut down anyone who tries to break free of their control. Heed this lesson well lest ye be tempted by their guiles in our own work. In the case of Guyana, the Rockefellers wanted to have such a tool in Guyana as a check on Forbes Burnham, the Prime Minister, whom they had put in power with use of their money. Certain elements within the United States Intelligence community under general coordination by the CIA were given the task of finding ways of accomplishing this. In the course of evaluating various options, it was concluded that the Peoples Temple would prove ideal. The psychological profile of the leader, Jim Jones, indicated that he could be converted into a powerful tool of the Unseen Rulers. Contrary to reports in the controlled major media, Jim Jones was born a Jew (oops), and he already exhibited tendencies toward kibbutz-style organization that could be channeled into useful directions. This would be brought about through a combination of both conscious and unconscious factors. At the conscious level, money and powerful political support would be channeled in his direction; at the unconscious level, the technique of psychological programming, which we will discuss in more detail elsewhere, would be employed. Gradually, Jim Jones would lose control of his own personality and become what your Unseen Rulers wanted him to be. The process would inevitably create tremendous internal conflicts and turn Jim Jones into a troubled and dangerous man and that, dear ones, is exactly that which came to pass. CHANGES IN BEHAVIOR By 1973 changes in Jones' behavior began to be noticed by his friends and followers. His conversion into a semi-conscious agent of death and intrigue was underway in earnest by that time. That same year the mushrooming funds of the Peoples Temple were used to launch the agricultural kibbutz at Jonestown, Guyana, though only a few people went there at that time. Guyana was a rigid Marxist police state, and no one could have launched a new enterprise like the Commune without its approval by Forbes Burnham; but David Rockefeller agents made sure that Burnham received all the assurances he needed that the Jones compound would fit neatly into the Marxist environment of Guyana. At the same time, Forbes Burhnam had begun double-crossing David Rockefeller, exactly as had been feared. He was now playing ball politically but he was hiding much of Guyana's gold production in caves in the mountains. David Rockefeller found this out sometime later, but by then the much bigger problem was developing from a double-cross by Russia so Burnham was left untouched in order to make way for bigger things. By summer 1974, the Rockefeller brothers were still soundly in bed with the Kremlin, and there were already ominous signs that something was happening in Russia which they did not understand; but they simply could not imagine that their old Kremlin allies, the Bolsheviks, were being overthrown. And so it goes; just as any mention of possible threat from Russia goes totally denied this day, so went denied the public warnings about Guyana missiles--and the Government spokesmen went right on lying and ridiculing those who dared speak out. The planned and programmed Nuclear War was being blueprinted for the late 1970s and they did not want the plan to be spoiled by public awareness; but two years later Russia's all-out military double-cross of America began with the Underwater Missile Crisis of 1976. Most of you know about that crisis, which the Government kept silent about, but we shall talk about it again, later. Your Unseen Rulers were badly shaken by that surprise and initially tried to reinstate their secret alliance with the Kremlin rulers. After all, they had succeeded in doing so once before after President Kennedy broke the rules and made an issue of the Cuban missiles; but meanwhile they also began setting in motion contingency plans to gear up their possible real war. Dharma, this is enough for this portion since we had so many personal matters this morning. Please take a short rest and then we can continue. Thank you, chela. I shall move to stand-by and be prepared to resume when you are ready. -- PJ 14 -- pag. 119 -- 123 NEXT PAGE