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Fear is......, To dissolve the fear which exists only as an illusion of physical survival, you must DESIRE Truth and knowledge in order to serve the will of GOD. Ask yourself, "What is my feeling of fear showing me?" Is it a warning call? "WAKE UP, WAKE UP, THE TIME OF GLORY OF YOUR SERVICE IS AT HAND!” Fear is felt when you feel threatened in some way. For example, when Commander Hatonn writes of the socio-economic and political evils perpetrated upon you and George Green speaks of his experiences of corruption in the highest offices of your government, are you afraid? WHY? Because you did not know or because YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW? To become aware of the truth about the unbalance developed upon your plane requires change and often you ones are simply afraid to change your perceived comfortable life-styles because you perceive PHYSICAL inconvenience or even suffering IF you were to LOSE those precious assets of which you believe you OWN. You OWN NOTHING save your immortal soul and even your immortal soul belongs to God/Aton THE ONE! Does this mean you must not have? OF COURSE NOT! Remember GOD IS ABUNDANCE! You will simply let ALL go of physical manifestation when you leave this plane. So it does become wise -- PJ 47 -- page 72 to gain knowledge of Truth that YOUR FEAR OF LOSS OF BODY PHYSICAL AND/OR PHYSICAL ASSETS IS PROPERLY ALLEVIATED, DOES IT NOT? When you align your free-will choice into service unto God/Aton or Light, Love and Knowledge, YOU will have ALL abundance you need to sustain in His Service ALWAYS! With that thought, precious chelas, we will close this document. You ones who seek, who desire to KNOW, who seek to gain knowledge of Truth, who desire to SERVE ARE MOST BLESSED OF OUR FATHER. WE HONOR YOU ALL AND WE ARE SO GRATEFUL TO SERVE YOU OF OUR BROTHERS OF GOD AND THE CREATION. Thank you, little dove of light, Druthea, We LOVE you greatly and God is most pleased with your service, chela. Hold it closely. We are Sananda, Lord Michael and St. Germain. May God's Light shine brightly upon and within you, our brethren. Walk gently and in Peace with one another. Salu. -- PJ 47 -- pag. 73 IF YOU ARE AFRAID, then you are not centered by the Power of GODLINESS within you for you deny your power and so become helpless in the degree of denial in self. FEAR is an emotional HUMAN response. YOU CHOOSE TO FEAR. NO ONE MAKES YOU AFRAID. LIKE ALL EMOTIONAL RESPONSES, YOU CHOOSE HOW YOU WILL RESPOND! This is one of your challenges, chelas; call you conquer your fear and continue in service to God? Don't expect not to feel it. See it simply as a warning flag. "Here is where I lack trust and faith and knowledge of the protection and guidance of MY Holy Creator, God working within me." Do you begin to see, precious ones of mine? YOU CHOOSE and so YOU MUST LIVE WITH THE CONSEQUENCES OF YOUR CHOICES! If you become paralyzed by fear to the point you allow evil to occur and you ignore it or feed it, you have therefore denied the presence and power of GOD within you to change the situation. And just look at your world, people. This corruption exists because those involved turned away and ALLOWED it to continue for they were more afraid of the perceived power of the adversary to harm them than they were trusting and in knowledge about GOD's POWER who exists within self! You deny God and YOU ARE POWERLESS, HELPLESS PAWNS, and so it has become. -- PJ 47 -- pag. 121 Nearly all humans who exist upon earth Shan at this time have experienced FEAR in some way or another. You ones are FEAR  motivated and programmed. FEAR is a product of your physical plane and of the appearance of separation from God. Promoting and inducing Fear is a favored method of control used by the evil adversary. You see no one can MAKE you afraid. YOU CHOOSE TO BE AFRAID AS A RESPONSE. Just as you choose to be pleased as a response. Many religions have produced and developed a god of fear and wrath and punishment. I will tell you that Father/Mother Creator is NONE of these emotions. These belong to His Adversary and are acted out upon the physical dimensions. Those who are very attached to the physical body and places and things are often easy to frighten. You ones will flounder helplessly, dangling by your emotions until, of course, you find GOD of Light and Love within you and have thus committed to His Will in service. Then and only then will your doubts and fears become obscure memories in the motion picture called "you". I am speaking of an inner peace which mine scribe has tried to describe as "sitting in the hand of God, secure and more than secure, the fear is gone". And yet she knows that even these words do not completely describe her feeling. She is describing detachment from earth physical emotions. Does that mean she is now totally unemotional and NEVER afraid? NO. It simply means she now knows the difference and knows it is HER choice as to how she will respond in all circumstances. She has become acutely aware of her responsibility of creating her life. And in her decision to serve GOD OF LIGHT AND LOVE, He has helped her recognize her folly of blame, helplessness and separation from God. In other words, her lifeline (God) is secure, strong and solid as SHE has done her part to make it so. -- PJ 47 -- pag. 124 What I have described above is a part of the process of attaining God-Awareness and growing into God-Knowingness. Detachment, both emotional and physical, is a large stepping-stone across the raging river of life in the physical which takes your soul-mind consciousness into the higher light dimensions. Each of you who so choose to "graduate" will in the days ahead (if not already achieved) be tested until you do step upon that stone of detachment and release this illusionary world of duality and limitation and move into the Kingdom of Heaven which is LOVE. Does this mean you float away into the clouds? Hardly, my precious ones. It simply means you are given MORE responsibility in the reclamation process. You either are or will assist God's Hosts and Me, Sananda, in confronting the evil adversary and reclaiming God's Kingdom here. There is MUCH awakening of the little sleepy lambs to be done. Each of you will be moved, I trust passionately moved, to awaken your brethren and expose the lies of the adversary. You will KNOWINGLY wear the armor of God in His service and you will abide KNOWINGLY within His basic laws of balance. It is really very simple. We have given you all the tools within THE PHOENIX JOURNALS to DO just that. If you are unsure about the laws and the nature and structure of God and His Universe and need some clear and concise reminders, please read “The Phoenix Operator- Owner Manual” as well as the EIGHT books in "The Pleiades Connection" series. Do your part and read His reminders and, I assure you, God will make sure you get what YOU need to give back love unto Him so that He may regive it to you. So be it. -- PJ 47 -- pag. 125 All of the above limitations as well as many not named are expressions of the adversary and denial of your own God power within. Expressions of Resisting change, Impatience, and Fear have to do with Not TRUSTING or understanding the process of your life and, therefore, feeling helpless and powerless. These expressions are simply the symptoms of your unbalance within. By recognizing -- PJ 47 -- page 131 the symptom of Resistance, for example, you can then ask God within to show you its CAUSE, which usually involves Fear. Is it bad to feel afraid? No. It is simply a symptom of your ignorance about your own ability to move through the fear with the knowledge that God walks with you when your intentions serve Him. Fear is a selfish response, often concerning loss of something which you think you hold dear. There is only one concern you each must acknowledge in which the symptom of some Fear may serve you. And even the label Fear  does not quite accurately describe this concern. What might that be? "Losing" your soul to the adversary and becoming a prisoner of his Hell on Earth, in which the absence of God, will be prevalent. The eventual absence of God upon your place is a probability. Healthy concern because of understanding the consequences is appropriate here. For must of you of God's children, there is not this problem for your hearts are pure although your actions may sometimes be somewhat less than pure. Remember we've spoken many times about how YOU push God out. He never leaves you! Most of you have already experienced moments or even lifetimes in Hell with the absence of God's knowing presence within you. Simply because you did not know to accept your inner power. And ALL of you have experienced, at one time or another, His rescue or Hand of Light pulling you from the darkness, when you asked for help. Eventually, and already for many of you, the status of your soul is not even a concern for your only choice can be God of Light. Your lifeline is always God and that is ALL you need to be like unto Him and you will be shown the path out of your self-imposed limitations. -- PJ 47 -- pag. 132 Know too, that if you draw to you anything that frightens you, the fear is INSIDE YOU, not in the person or information which seems to CAUSE the fear. YOU feel threatened in some or many ways and usually your fear is of some sort of LOSS. THAT fear or root of fear is what YOU each need to get in touch with. Chelas, it is not BAD to feel the fear. It is simply a temporary illusion barrier of growth and a lack of TRUST in GOD within you. The fear, the guilt, the anger are symptoms of the deeper feeling of disconnection with God and the feelings of powerlessness and helplessness that accompany that belief in separateness. Let the fear be a warning flag to you. Instead of ignoring it and hoping it goes away because you don't focus your attention on it, FACE IT SQUARELY. Ask the Father Within you to show you the root of this fear and what YOU must DO and KNOW to understand and release it. And anger can become a very positive flag as well, if you face it and understand its CAUSE within you and then TRANSMUTE it into ACTION and PASSION to SERVE GOD of LIGHT to bring balance to the circumstance which upsets you. What do I mean by TRANSMUTE? The dictionary says. "To change in nature, form or quality; transform." YOU each have the POWER within you to transform or change any energy, any emotion, any situation or circumstance to bring balance to self and/or the circumstance. How do you do that? BY YOUR DESIRE TO CHANGE SELF TO BE LIKE UNTO GOD AND KNOW HIM WITHIN YOU. You will be shown the course of action to take to serve GOD in honorable reflection if that is truly your intent. The way will be opened, for the Kingdom of Heaven is WITHIN you. When you truly awaken to your inner spiritual knowledge, YOU CAN AND WILL ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING you set your mind to for that is what you have given your attention to. No energy controls YOU unless you allow it and you can transmute any thought. Many of you do it all the time and just don't know it. -- PJ 47 -- pag. 141  You each and together FEAR for your selves, your civilization, your own society, your nation, your world of nations, your planet.... No, chelas, concern over the direction of self, act within the LAWS OF GOD in EVERY action taken, KNOW THE WAY and act upon that KNOWING--and there shall be RADIANCE! FEAR is also a lack of FAITH. FEAR IS A LACK OF LOVE--LOVE IS GOD--SO IF YOU BUT HAVE FAITH WITHIN THE TRUTH OF WHAT IS, AND NOT THE LIE, YOU WILL COME TO BALANCE WITH THE IMPATIENCE OF THE HUMAN. God will show the way to transformation; you need not the lessons of the gurus as to “how” to ascend. How many have YOU seen ascend?? Leave go of it--TRUTH IN GOD GUARANTEES THE PASSAGE!  The bottom line, readers, is that of accepting responsibility, discernment and not “argument”, gaining knowledge and not JUST information, and ultimately taking action in the KNOWING. What you are looking for, you already ARE. What you are seeking, you already own. What you would like to find out, you already know.  YOU SIMPLY HAVE FORGOTTEN AND YOU HAVE ALSO FORGOTTEN HOW TO “DREAM” WHILE BEING MORE AND MORE DEEPLY MIRED WITHIN THE NIGHTMARE. You are presented with a grand and wondrous “challenge”. Are you worthy of the gift? We shall see.... Salu, Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn (Christ Michael) Servant unto God according to HIS Will. -- PJ 89 -- page. 8