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ESSENCE OF MEDITATION The basic reason for meditation is that you want to ask something from God.  There is no other reason for it.  And you do not begin to ask God for anything until you begin to realize your oneness with Him. You then ask God because you realize that you cannot fulfill your Soul‘s desire without Him. When you finally do ask Him, you naturally ask how you may fulfill your Soul‘s desire. You wordlessly say in your heart, ―0, God, show me the way. Illumine my path with Thy Light. Your Soul asks this in the silences of the Universal Soul. Naturally your inner ears cannot hear the answer except in the silences of the Light of inspiration.Naturally, also, you cannot comprehend the wordless answer from the silences of rest in His Light unless your Soul is so attuned to the Universal Soul that your inner ears can hear that answer in the universal language of Light. That is the language in which God talks to inspired man who knows God in him and is thus illumined. Naturally you seek aloneness with God in the quiet of your chamber or work shop, or in the forests of Nature where the nature of God is being made manifest in the forms and whisperings of rhythms which echo within your own heartbeat as one. That very desire puts you in the ―mood for meditation, and the more you thus become companion with God, the more readily you comprehend His language of Light and can put words and forms to it. When you have formed the habit of constant communion with God, you will then not have to make any conscious effort, or seek the quiet of nature‘s environment, to induce it. It will become a working habit--a fixed habit of working knowingly with God--under any circumstances. A cosmic thinker can instantly decentrate to the zero of the Light of all-knowing whether he is in a subway or in a forest. Let us analyze what is meant by ―Soul‘s desire. What is the greatest thing in the world you can ask for or become? There is only one answer, and that is to be like unto God and manifest His nature. Until that IS the answer you have missed the intent of the journey. In its simplest form, just what, exactly, does that mean? In its simplest form, how can you be like God and manifest His nature? The simplest answer to that, in turn, is to acknowledge that God is love, life, and the Truth which lies in the Light of all knowledge and power. That is what God IS. Love is the nature of God, the Universal Mind or Soul. Now, as to what God does, the answer is just as simple. GOD EXTENDS HIS KNOWLEDGE AND POWER FROM THE STILL LIGHT OF HIS MIND, THROUGH THE PULSATIONS OF HIS THINKING, TO WAVES OF MOVING, DIVIDED LIGHT TO CREATE -- PJ 34 -- pag. 39 ONE PULSING BODY TO MANIFEST THE LOVE, LIFE AND TRUTH OF HIS KNOWING. WHICH CONSTITUTE HIS NATURE. And that is exactly what you do to the extent of your knowledge and ability. You extend your knowledge and your power from the still Light of your Mind, through the pulsations of your thinking, to create your universe in forms which reflect your nature. Whatever you create is the image of you. You call it your individuality or personality. Whatever it is, it is YOUR IMAGE projected into forms imagined by you to manifest your nature. You create a manifestation of your immortal Self by thinking your knowing into form. If you know but little, and think but little, you will create a little person. IF YOU THINK OUT OF BALANCE, YOU WILL CREATE AN UNBALANCED INDIVIDUAL WITH AN UNBALANCED BODY. Where do you fit? If you are a hypochondriac, you have made yourself into one instead of into a genial, cheerful, happy and healthy leader of men. WHATEVER YOU WISH TO BECOME, YOU MAY BECOME FOR YOU MUST, BY NOW, REALIZE THAT YOU CAN BECOME ANYTHING YOU CHOOSE. If you create your own personality alone, by yourself, it will have all of the weaknesses of the senses. The more you ask God to help you make your Self into His image, the more power of His Mind you will have to fashion your Self into a powerful individual. When His nature and yours are one, you will then be a person of cosmic power and your creations will manifest your nature and God‘s nature as one. Our very name for God‟s Creations is NATURE, for God is Love, and Love is what Nature IS.We thus define Nature for you in simple words: NATURE IS A LIGHT-WAVE IMAGE OF THOUGHTS WHICH EXPRESS GOD‟S LOVE NATURE. LIGHT WAVES ARE OPTICALLY PROJECTED FROM HIS FORMLESS AND UNCONDITIONED ONE LIGHT INTO COUNTLESS MANY FORMS OF CONDITIONED LIGHT WHICH WE CALL MATTER. IN OTHER WORDS, GOD IS LOVE AND MATTER MANIFESTS LOVE. AFFECTING OTHERS THROUGH YOUR MEDITATION Your genius does not depend upon your ability to translate your Soul-imagined patterns into material ones, for your genius unfolds for your own exaltation even if you never express it through a technique which gives it a body. To awaken it in your Soul exalts you to your own high heavens, but does not exalt your neighbor to his high heavens until you have expressed it as a Soul-to-Soul message by giving it a formed body. When the genius of your Soul sends out a visual or audible message which awakens the genius in another Soul and reinspires him with your inspiration, you have then extended your immortality to another. He then recognizes his own genius in the measure of your awakening of the knowledge of his immortality in him. It is not necessary to another whom you may inspire that he should have the technical mastery of any instrument or medium you employ to lift him up into your ecstatic heaven, for the moment you inspire him with your genius he has genius in himself to the extent of the intensity of his inspiration. He cannot bring his heavenly inspirations to Earth, as you can, unless he acquires the technique that you have acquired to be enabled to bring them to Earth. It has, however, uplifted his cultural -- PJ 34 -- pag. 40 standard and, in so doing, has uplifted the cultural standard of all mankind, even as one drop of water uplifts the whole ocean by that measure. Your transcendent genius is the result of your communion with God. But through your masterly interpretation of the rhythmic heartbeat of His thinking, you have caused others to commune with you and God. Your meditation and theirs are one. You have made them forget their sensed-bodies and dwell in the Mind-kingdom of your high heavens with you and all illumined Souls who dwell in God‘s kingdom of Light. That is the way that culture gradually awakens in unfolding man. Those who have come to know that kingdom through meditation tell it to others in the inspired language of Light--and that language has no words, no sounds, no form and no technique. It is purely a radiant state of knowing, without meaning. When meaning does begin to come into that radiance of your meditation, it comes in rhythms of octave thought-waves of ―light‖, and those rhythms are always the rhythms of the Universal heartbeat and your heartbeat. That is what is meant by being ―in tune with the Infinite‖. When your radiance is a state of knowing, without meaning, that is the state of meditation. When, however, IDEA enters your meditation with meaning, your meditation is also a ―communion‖ with God. That is what is meant by talking with God. That is also what is meant by inspired revelations from God. The language of Light is from Light to Light, or Soul to Soul, and there need be no words, nor sounds, nor forms. The Soul understands that rhythmic language whenever expressed by Soul. The body-senses, centered at the seat of sensation in the brain, can never understand it, even though they hear its expression in words and sound and see it expressed in form. SO AGAIN: MEDITATION DEFINED The seat of Consciousness, which is the Light in man, centers the seat of sensation from which the electric action-reaction sequences of thinking extend. In meditation, you are partially or wholly severing the extending sensations of your thinking in order to find the stillness of the Light, which your Consciousness is. You thus lose your manifestation of life--which your body is--to find the eternal life--which your Soul is. Let us again define meditation in other words: Meditation is a communion with God for the purpose of acquiring knowledge and power to manifest God as co-Creator of His universe. In different words, it is to enable Mind to control matter. That acquisition gives you the power to create your individual universe in the image of your individual Self, as God creates His universe in His image. Through meditation, you free your body from slavery and acquire mastery over it. The human race has been a slave to its body all down the ages. You and every other man are slaves to your bodily senses until knowledge gives your Mind mastery over them. Since different words about the same thing have connotations which lead to better understandings, let us again define meditation with different words: Meditation is the basis for intercommunication between your immortal mind and the electric senses of your mortal body. -- PJ 34 -- pag. 41 Meditation is a conference between your immortal Mind-Self which knows and your thinking which builds images of your knowing-- also your body which acts in obedience to the will of your Mind. Meditation is an expression of desire for knowledge of perfect CAUSE for the purpose of producing perfect EFFECT. In communion with God, you acquire God-awareness, which means Cosmic Consciousness, by forgetting body awareness, which means material sensing. God-awareness in you brings realization of the Light of Cosmic Consciousness in you. When your realization of your cosmic unity with God is strong enough, your cosmic power is the measure of your intensity of that realization. The only way you can multiply your strength to think, or to create, or to command matter to your obedience such as commanding your body to health, or commanding masterly achievement by control over your body, Is to multiply God-awareness In you. Your Mind is God‘s Mind. Your thinking is God‘s thinking. Your creative processes are God‘s creative processes. When God concentrates His thinking, body-forms appear in the image of His desiring. When God decentrates His thinking, those body-forms expand into disappearance to reappear when God reconcentrates His thinking. You do likewise, for there is but one KNOWER, one THINKER and one CRFATOR In the universe. God is all that IS. YOU are all that IS. In meditative communion with God, you become aware of that. To be alone with God is to know the wonder of that awareness. Meditation is for the purpose of recollecting your immortality. God creates His universal body by extending the electric pulsations of His thinking from the stillness of the Light of His knowing. Idea of God‘s knowing is projected by light-waves through the motion of His thinking to mirrored image waveforms of idea which we call matter. All matter is but electric wave-pulsations of His thinking, recording the idea of His thinking in forms which appear, disappear and reappear to synchronize with the cyclic sequences of His concentrative-decentrative and reconcentrative thinking which characterize the entirety of effect in this dynamic universe of His creating. God‟s eternally-creating universe is the result of His eternally-continuous meditation and desire to manifest idea. You create your universe in the same manner and by the same processes and method under control of the same law. There is no other manner, nor process, nor method, nor law. Your universe is your Mind-idea of what you are. It is your Soul‘s desire manifested into the material image of your thinking. It is the fruit of your meditation. The most wonderful thing about it is that God will give you whatever you ask, fulfill your desire no matter what you desire. You can make yourself into the kind of person you desire to be, whether bishop, poet or thief, for the whole universe will work with you to fulfill your desire if you work with its law. If you work against the law, it will avail you nothing, even if you fulfill your desire. Balance your desires, therefore, and their fulfillment will, likewise, be balanced. Communion with God in meditation will not only mold your desires in harmony with Divine Law -- PJ 34 -- pag. 42 but will give you knowledge of the nature of God--which will become your nature. To the extent that you reflect God‘s nature, your desires will also reflect God‘s nature. THIS SHOULD BE YOUR CONSTANT ENDEAVOR FOR ITS SUPREME ATTAINMENT IS YOUR ULTIMATE GOAL. Please allow us a break at this point and then we will return and continue this subject explained as: GOD IS LIGHT. I AM -- PJ 34 -- pag. 43