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EGO is....., part 2 Man, and evil cause in the hands of Man--votes in rules and regulations, acceptance of that which is against God, etc. GOD'S TRUTH NEVER VARIES IN THE LEAST IOTA! NEVER! FURTHER, NEVER, NEVER CONSIDER THE LAWS OF GOD AND THE CREATTON TO EVEN RESEMBLE THE LAW AS SET FORTH AND VOTED-IN BY THE HUMAN SPECIES-- THOSE ARE SET UP TO PULL YOU ENTIRELY AWAY FROM GOD. There are two parts to the human creature--that which is physical and that which is spiritual and, actually, never the twain shall meet as one. It is not intended so and Ego is of the conscious mental function of the body physical--the testing mechanism of soul spirit to determine the level of growth in the dimensions of immortality of spirit. -- PJ 28 -- pag. 99 --------------------------- Ours is a Creator-sourced mission and it shall be completed in that total Light. Therefore, we are allowed to protect our counterparts upon your orb and we do not allow ones who work with us in full intent of personal gain, greed or falseness to continue interchange with us. We are extremely disciplined and require total discipline from our ground troops--if personal matters cannot be put aside during our work, then they are relieved of duty until such time as the space is again clear and separate. Our efforts are to never offend if possible but the ego is the first item in forfeit if one chooses to work with us. -- PJ 30 -- pag. 145 --------------------------- Before we move into the steps of How and What, etc., let us visit a bit about ego self. This IS the manifestation of greatest sensing in the human being. It IS that which causes the separation and to simply ―override that ego is totally an incapability for it IS your humanness! You will never override it--you will train it to willingly give access to higher influence--you will mold it to set aside of itself to allow and welcome God within. It is the ego which stands at the door of the soul and allows or disallows passage within. There are methods of causing that ego to step aside--that human consciousness to bow to higher input--to negate self unto higher knowledge--but it requires knowing the ―how-to. But a hint-- this is WHY the orthodox doctrines of religions will deny use and pronounce hypnosis as EVIL. It is the ONLY route to accomplish the setting aside of that ego through YOUR OWN POWER. Again, man has ruined the very term and caused something which is THE TOOL of God to be pronounced evil and to be avoided at all costs--again, so that the ―would-be rulers of your destiny can remain in total control of your physical aspect and likewise keep your soul entrapped in the lie. If MAN can keep you from communion with GOD, he can control you! If you are ever to find God and be WITH GOD--YOU MUST COME INTO COMMUNION WITH GOD--AND BYPASS THE -- PJ 34 -- pag. 19 INPUT OF MAN. Since your time as man is short indeed and your time with God is long indeed--infinite, would it not be worthy to learn to talk with God and get His instructions for passage and cease and desist listening to the misguided and misguiding ones from the pulpits and thrones of ―authority and ―expert blatherings? If they be MAN--THEY DO NOT KNOW! THEY ONLY PRESENT THAT WHICH IS ALREADY THRUST UPON THEM AND YOU--BY MAN! I AM NOT MAN IN FLESH--AND DHARMA IS NOT ME. YOU SEEM TO BE ABLE TO BELIEVE THAT WHICH MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE BEEN WRITTEN BY, SAY, ABRAHAM--DID HE PROJECT WHAT HE HEARD FROM GOD OR DID HE CLAIM TO BE GOD? IT IS IMPORTANT ABOVE ALL, THAT YOU KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. DHARMA CLAIMS TO BE NOTHING SAVE A SPEAKER AND A TYPIST. IT IS THE CONTENT OF THE MESSAGE WHICH IS TRUTH OR FALSE AND YOU WILL DISCERN THAT FOR SELF--NOT ACCORDING TO WHAT YOUR NEIGHBOR TELLS YOU--FOR THAT IS ONLY WHAT YOUR NEIGHBOR PROJECTS. -- PJ 34 -- pag. 20 As to ones who pronounce and think themselves ―HIGHLY EVOLVED--I shudder. Those who believe themselves to be authority and filled with great knowledge at this point, I must agree with Hatonn, they are NOT. As ones become ―highly evolved they tend to get less and less verbal in opinions, silent in proffering their ―advice and come to recognize that the more they are offered and know--THE LESS THEY KNOW! Ego is a strange beast--it destroys its host as the parasite on a tree. For practical definition as to the identity of THE ANTI-CHRIST--it‘s name in your language is EGO! ―But, you say, ―...we each have an ego! Touche!!! And that is what hypnosis really IS--setting aside the EGO so that you can commune with YOU. So be it. -- PJ 34 -- pag. 109 --------------------------- So what part of you wishes to make judgement and opinion without having achieved access to all the information? Or to put it bluntly, which part of you would deem itself the power of Creator to JUDGE. If you said physical EGO, or what I often refer to as the "altered ego", you are quite correct. The problem comes when you make a judgement/opinion from your physical ego and then you act upon that opinion, not knowing you are in error. If, for example, your co-worker makes a comment or even a request and you "feel" hurt or angry. Which part of you feels this? Your physical ego is the part of you which chooses to take offense. Was there intentional offense given towards you? How do you KNOW? How will you find out? -- PJ 47 -- pag. 148 --------------------------- Our spiritual intelligence is the missing dimension, the rejected aspect, of your own wholeness. For thousands of years, you have been afraid of us. Many of you are now learning that you have nothing -- PJ 50 -- pag. 19 to lose and everything to gain by establishing contact with us once again. It is only your ego that makes you fear. Your ego is here to look after your physical body, to make sure it gets enough to eat, to make sure it does not walk over the edge of a cliff or damage itself unknowingly. Your ego is the steward and potential master of all material-plane fears, an important and necessary component of your identity. However, your ego was never meant to provide you with your primary sense of self--and you have turned over your infinite destiny into the control of a mechanical physically-oriented destroyer of spiritual reality and growth. In a healthy state, the ego is a secondary component of identity and when it becomes the "first", you are doomed until you reach out and regain control. In a healthy state, the Being behind all being, the self behind every self, the Great Spirit behind all creation is experienced as your primary sense of self. Your ego does not have to be repressed or transcended for this to happen. It does not have to perish. It simply has to assume an appropriate relationship with the spirit that in Truth you ARE, the spirit that wants to incarnate and take up residence in your body/mind/heart system. Not as in "walk-in" but rather as "invited" wisdom. EGO REFLECTION Your ego is by nature simply a "reflection". It can either be a good, sharp, clear reflection, or it can be an independent, controlling reflection. Yet logic shows there is no such thing as an "independent reflection". Your ego may create such an illusion and fool you but if you believe in it, you will be troubled and unfulfilled and continually work diligently toward your own destruction. When your ego stops "trying" to do everything all by itself and you bring it back within control, and invite eternal spirit into your consciousness in Truth of understanding, your historical illusion evaporates like mist on a bright and sun-filled morning. A polarity reversal takes place in the charge of your human envelope. The field of consciousness around you changes. Instead of your ego  dominating your sense of identity and blocking your awareness of the Great Spirit, an eternal sense of self awakens within you. You know yourself as a projection of the Creator of all the stars in the sky. You know yourself as one of a family of god-beings, sharing God's Being. You remember! Everything is seen differently, clearly and in proper KNOWING. Your ego becomes your working partner and servant, and you commence the conscious creation of a new human reality. We bring to you an angelic awareness that historically has not often been incarnate in human form. We therefore bring an eternal continuity of consciousness that henceforth you might know yourselves as we know ourselves. Together, in loving cooperation, we join to provide spirit and matter with the optimal balance. We are NOT here to dominate your ego, but to secure its agreement, that between us we might work together and, ultimately, as the perception of time and proper sequence of this transition pass, merge into a single, biological, spiritual and psychological entity--an entity that shall in no way deny the needs and concerns of either ego or spirit, but that shall in every way honor and fulfill the fundamental design and purpose of BOTH. UNDERSTANDING We understand love and how it seeks to become objectified in a material universe. Your human egos understand the mechanics of the physical plane. Together we will form a single, creative dyad, an entry point into which the Eternal One's universal cre-ativity will pour and from there, flow out to thoroughly transform these realms of matter. We are come now to help you make the shift from unconscious, creature worlds of biology, to -- PJ 50 -- pag. 20 conscious co-creative biology. We are here to make this great time of change as gentle as possible. Our purpose is to blend with your race, to bring you into harmony with the Creator and with the earth, to create a world that works for everyone, a world that allows for the optimal development of all creative potential. Many human beings are already consciously blending with us. Wherever human hearts are willing to honor the spirits of love, we are present, we "incarnate". We complete the human creation come into KNOWING. During the age when fear was enthroned as the god at the source of human motivation, our incarnations only rarely occurred. By this statement, do not misinterpret intent of meaning in absolute definition. Most of us--your symbiotic counterparts, the missing pieces that are needed to make you fully HUman--flew to the gentler, non-physical realms of higher vibration, fluttering away as birds might fly, startled at the thrashing of some loud and ignorant creature, only now to return, to approach you again under more favorable conditions. I can present only that which befits higher brotherhood--as one who has walked upon your plains and knows wherein I speak for God would not leave you devoid of that to which you can relate. You who are controlled by the options and opinions of "another" are sorely in error. You CANNOT find self outside of self--you will only find "other" and it will be of little value to you now and of no value at all to you later as you meet responsibility for the experience of journey and action. As we focus now on places of the Lion and the Eagle we must remember that the "FireBird" has given that which would be needed. This one bears labels of all nations and all people but all represent the one outside of ALL THINGS--holding ALL THINGS and being ALL THINGS. The great spirit is the single "Being" whose unfoldment has become this universe, the Source of all Life and you ones have long ago FORGOTTEN the meaning herein. I like the interchangeable titles as given especially by the native populations awaiting return of that Great Spirit: Mother God, Father God, Wakan Tanka, Eternal One, Mother of Old Ones, Goddess, Great One, Holy Spirit, Grandfather of All, Above One, Eternal Being, Spirit of Truth, Thunderbird, Source of Life and Fire Bird. This is pleasing to my own recognition for it represents Truth of direction--Sky People, Bird Tribes, Winged Silver Clouds of the Sky-Dwellers--all reminding all of the attachment to the eternal and infinite ALL. -- PJ 50 -- pag. 21 ------------------------- Dharma, for instance, knows she "lacks it" in understanding and knows "she wants the proof for self"--BUT, we continue our work with the "KNOWING WITHIN" that rises above need for silly magic tricks and show-and-tell games and hoopla. Just be honest in your approach and--all of you--KNOW THAT YOU ARE FAR MORE WORTHY "WITHIN" THAN YOU REALIZE "WITHOUT". GOD DOES KNOW AND UNDERSTAND--IN AND WITHIN SELF. REMEMBER "THAT" TRUTH TO KEEP IT HOLY IN RELATIONSHIP--AND ALWAYS KNOW THAT THE HUMAN "HOUSE" AND EGO IS A FULLY SEPARATE AND DIFFERENT BEING IN CREATION--UTILIZING THE SAME MECHANICALLY PHYSICAL "VEHICLE" TO MAKE IT THROUGH SCHOOL. SALU. -- PJ 53 -- page. 56 ---------------------------- You do not need to chase after the new age CRAP that has been put out by the Satanic ones. You may read, but you should be learning to see thru it. You do not need to believe others if they borrow on that and claim you are acting in your "ego." That was a lot of new age crap put out to stop yea ones from functioning and it has worked pretty well on some of you. You are so "afraid" of being called ego struck if you state your knowledge. Stating knowledge is not being stuck in Ego. Ego is the little self, your little mind that came with this body you use. It likes the material world. It knows no other way to be. Get out of the little mind that has been programmed by your current life and get INTO your really big mind, your soul, that you have built over the eons. Get back into the higher realms. I had many try to disuade me from moving AH forward in the early days becuse I was seen as being stuck in my "ego." It was hoped that I would be dissuaded by this. It did not work, obviously or I would not still be here doing this work. I endured a lot of crap and still do. I will not go back into my small mind and materialism. Being strong in the light, is not ego. Being strong in materialism and chasing only material things, is being in ego. People stuck in Ego care not truly about higher ways to be. They want mostly fast cars, and lots of wealth, and often engage in dark spiritual practices, some of them pretty stupid. Find your higher selves, it is NOT hidden from you. Some was hidden yes, until the "great awakening" was made manifest mostly in the 1990's. People were intentionally awakened then that it was NOW the time. A lot of us that came in at my time, after WW2, with the "baby boomers", had to sort of go back to sleep with the murder of John Kennedy. That was a huge loss with recouping needed of the plans for this world. -- AH- Peter #1 -- page. 45 -------------------------------------