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CLOSING THE DOOR through ADDICTIONS! THE GREAT DESTROYER OF UNFOLDING MAN As times seem to worsen in many aspects of living, please be aware of that worsening for if you do not, you may be led to believe, through the lies thrust upon you, that “things” are getting better--THEY ARE NOT. The supreme tragedy of this age is not alone in its wars. Wars destroy the best blood of a small percentage of whole peoples, but alcohol, tobacco and other drugs are destroying an extremely large percentage of men, women and teenage children as well as now oozing into the very young ages and lower grade school children throughout the entire world who are slaves to the slow mental and physical poisoning by nicotine and other damaging substances, other drugs and narcotics. For a century, this decaying process of man has been growing worse upon so huge a scale that tobacco and drugs are rated as two of the five greatest “industries” of the world. The great danger in the use of such drugs as tobacco lies in the ignorance of people as to what such drugs are doing to them. One of the worst, and most hidden dangers in that which you call smoking of tobacco, is that the processors are of the major cartel which also owns the pharmaceutical corporations worldwide and, in the processing and “curing” of the tobacco, sugar is utilized. Sugar then carmelizes in the burning process which creates a toxic cancer-causing element.  WHAT DRUGS ARE DOING TO THE HUMAN RACE There is no way to include all the ramifications herein at this point because the consideration must in actuality be inclusive of AIDS spread through infected needles, etc. But we will touch on some most important impacts on the unfolding of the direction of Man‟s spiritual Self. Awakening Man is unfolding in the direction of his spiritual divine Self. A small fraction of the human race has already been sufficiently illumined with the Light of God-awareness to deeply desire to live within the Light and know its joy. I do not speak of that which the “religions” preach on a Sunday morning--I speak of the awareness of Higher Source as friend and guide--not the doctrines as laid forth by some half-baked self-proclaimed knower of his own “preferred” doctrine. To these few of the many, Soul-Will absolutely dominates the matter which is their body. These few are finding the Kingdom of Heaven with their Consciousness and can know its heavenly rhythms by being able to completely forget their bodies as a centering focus of all attention. Forgetfulness of body and command of body by Soul-Will are the supreme achievements of the mystic and the genius who know the ecstasy ofthe Divine Light. This does not mean that these humans go about as if they have been struck by rapid-fire lightning of pious revelation and put on a false front of pretending to be that which they are not. -- PJ 33 --pag. 16 It has taken millions of years and countless re-journeyings for the unfolding of Cosmic Man (Higher Universal Man [human]) to that high stage where he can sever body-sensation from his Consciousness to the extent that he can be entirely freed from domination by his sensed-body and master it by his own Soul. Millions upon millions of humans who have already arrived at the very door to the Kingdom of Heaven ARE NOW CLOSING THAT DOOR by becoming enslaved by their own bodies through addictions to substances which damage the very fiber of the body tissues and alter the mental functioning. Nicotine is a simple, seemingly harmless enough, but insidious and treacherous slow-acting drug which is closing the long sought door to the Light for countless millions. The emotional reasons are as numerous as the physical for ones who become addicted to anything can not give themselves freedom of forgiveness for that addiction. People who habitually smoke cannot either forget or rule their bodies for the desireis always pulling attention back into the sensual desire for “another smoke” which simply keeps the person locked into the here and now of the physical demands. Drug addicts are ruled totally by their bodies to the exclusion of Soul-awareness except at rare intervals when just the right amount of drugs balances their changed normality for a few moments in intervals between the action and reaction cycles of the drug poisonings. It is claimed that smoking does not injure the body physically. It certainly does. It causes innumerable injuries ranging from stomach ulcers, lung and throat infections,to lung cancers and heart weakness. But that is not the most important fact because the body is not of the first importance. The important fact is that smoking gradually “depolarizes” the reasoning and thought processes to such an extent that time cycles develop in which the body periodically demands nicotine to stimulate the brain cells. At that time, then, the body DEMANDS another cigarette. The human body is made up of a formula which consists almost entirely of oxygen, hydrogen, carbon and nitrogen. The large portions of these elements total 98-1/2 percent of Man‟s whole body structure. The other 1-1/2 percent is made up of mineral salts, but in infinite simally small quantities. There is no nicotine in any of that 1-1/2 percent and that is why it is so injurious. No one can take anything into his body which is not prescribed for him in his body formula without having signs of violation and poisoning. Nicotine and/or other drugs are not included in it; therefore, they are also injurious to him in many physical ways but more injurious to him mentally. Any drug has a stupefying effect upon the brain cells which makes clear thinking more difficult. It is a strange fact that when the brain is dulled by drugs, the only cure for it is more drugs which bring normalcy back for a while, then more drugs become necessary until the habit is one demanded by the body. Slavery to the substance then follows. Some smokers‟ bodies will only DEMAND six or so cigarettes a day while others will demand one every twenty minutes. These become “chain smokers” who have lost practically all Soul-Will. Chain smokers are body slaves to a drug. Further, you will note the ones that argue against this fact are the ones who have the addiction! He who would deny his slavery to nicotine, food, alcohol, etc., may prove his freedom from it by asserting his will over the power of the substance. Not one in a thousand longtime smokers ever succeeds in proving his own will-power over the nicotine but rather usually proves the nicotine‟s power over him. The fact of body-slavery is the important thing for -- PJ 33 --pag. 17 any Man to ponder over who is in search of his own Soul and its dwelling place in the high heavens of God‟s Light. Most, however, you will find are not searching for that placement with God at any rate for Man has forgotten the Truth of that which God is. Man is divine. He is the Son of God when he KNOWS he is--but he can never know it through body-sensing. He can only know it through the ecstasy of inspiration while within the Light. Eternal Man is Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent but the body of Man is but sensed-clay and has neither power nor knowledge. Just as long as man is but sensed-clay, he is sensed-clay--and nothing more. The human race is seeking the Kingdom of Heaven through the Spirit. The Inner Voice of God is always directing every Man to the door of Light--but as long as man is but sensed-clay he cannot hear that Inner Voice. Therein lies the tragedy of Man‟s suicide of the Spirit by the use of these abusive substances.  Habitual uses of these things so effectually change the polarity of their bodies that they more and more effectually shut out the Inner Voice as they suppress Spirit in favor of gratifying the senses. Even the genius Mind who becomes addicted to these substances in excess is unable to express his genius until the stimulation of the drug allows him to become aware of the Light in him for just a short interval, then the substance calls loudly to his senses and he reaches out for the drug to which his body has become the slave. It is painfully sad when the enslaved cannot remove himself from the trap for the trap is one of ever increasing imprisonment.Think of the tragedy of a great Mind realizing that it can never rise to the height of Self except through the delusions of drugging the containing body. The great spiritual awakening of unfolding Man can come only through awareness of the Light in Man. Alcohol and other addicting substances taken into the body in sufficient quantitie schange one‟s polarity so much that the normal body polarity is lowered to an artificial one and prevents any user of such drugs from manifesting God in him except during those ever-lessening intervals when the drug stimulates him enough to allow him to reach his ARTIFICIAL normalcy. For brief moments he may even look upon the face of God and create inspired art while momentarily free, but those moments ever lessen as the bonds of slavery tighten to tear him from his high throne of the Spirit of eternal Man to become again but sensed-clay of earth. -- PJ 33 -- pag. 18