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BECOME AS A CHILD!, part 4 IT MATTERS NOT WHO I MIGHT BE--YOU HAD BEST LOOK SQUARELY AT THAT WHICH “IS” ABOUT YOU AND GO WITHIN YOUR REASONING MIND AT WHAT “THEY” PROJECT AND CALCULATE IF IT CAN EVEN BE PRODUCED THROUGH WHAT THEY TELL YOU--THEN, AND ONLY THEN, WILL YOU COME INTO REALIZATION THAT THE PLIGHT IS FAIRLY SERIOUS IF YOU DON‟T TAKE SOME POSITIVE ACTION IN SELF PROTECTION. THERE IS NO MERIT IN DENOUNCING ME OR MINE--FOR I DO NOT CARE WHAT YOU DO--I OFFER INFORMATION UNTO THOSE WHO ASK ME AND, EVEN THEN, THEY ARE CERTAINLY FREE TO ACT AS THEY PLEASE. “IF A CHILD ASKS HIS FATHER FOR A PIECE OF BREAD WOULD THE FATHER GIVE HIM A STONE?” YOU ASK, I GIVE--NO MORE AND NO LESS--YOU MAY EAT THE BREAD OR GET THINE OWN STONE BUT THE PROOF OF THE MATTER IS IN THE “EATING”. I CAN ONLY HOPE YOU HAVE VERY GOOD TEETH FOR I KNOW NO “FREE” DENTISTS EITHER! -- PJ 59 -- page. 10 If you fear death, then you also fear life. Fear only lives in shadows. When you re-connect with Creator, you see that there are no shadows and no death as well. All is spirit, all is God. You are a part of it and always have been and will be. You need no guru or priest or church. You need no rituals or rhetoric or trappings of any kind in order to see this and experience this. You only need to be still and listen and remember, that which you already know. This is the primitive premise. It has always been so since man first was, when he was simple and uncomplicated like a child. So it will always be and so will that little eternal child that you truly are, that fears nothing and simply awaits your remembering. As a child you will enter the kingdom within; as a little child, innocent, trusting and free, or you will not, cannot, enter therein. You say you wait on God. Nay, He waits on you. He waits eternally for you to tire of your misery and childish games enough to call upon Him. Then He will lift you. He will lift you high above the eagle. He will surely heal all your hurts, dry all your tears, and bring you home in one piece. I speak here from my own hard road of experience. Now, I walk the “good red road” forever. -- PJ 59 -- page. 91 You can see and feel love everywhere if you become still within. Have you ever met the innocent gaze of a child and had him burst an unconditional smile your way? Have you ever smiled -- PJ 59 -- page 100 like that since you were a child? Have you ever seen a “wild” dolphin leap clean out of the water with the pure ecstasy of being? Gaze at a garden or forest of plant people in stillness and feel the love and willingness of being as they anchor to the mother and reach for the warmth of the father‟s radiance. See the many creatures live and breathe and dance with life. They are all innocent children. They are love; the innocent fire and……so are you. Awaken, remember, be still, let God in, let ecstasy take you, have you and have its way. Be the bride of Christ. Know that you are the son or daughter of the most high love. He is also as innocent as a child, you know. He loves all unconditionally, yet He is the author of all wisdom. My God! You must experience how tenderly you are held and cherished. It is “we” who judge ourselves harshly and hold grudges and accuse one another, not God. He only waits and beckons to you in a million ways, every day, to awaken and remember. Meditate. Walk through that gate and know this Truth. No one, neither God nor Sananda nor I nor anyone, can walk through that gate “for” you. “You” must walk through of your own free will. Engage! -- PJ 59 -- page. 101 ----------------------------- Therefore, I, Esu, The Son, accept as "right" only those things which fit the expression as dictated by God and Creation, infinite expression and true "life" and expressing my experiences always with oneness with THAT One of all Creation/Creator in my nearest expression of perfection. If one adjusts his physical expression to accommodate allowance and sanction on all things because of "infinite LOVE", he lies to self. He is simply not taking a stand against that which is, in truth, evil; "Evil" being that intent or action deliberately perpetrated which pulls a being from his goodly path to Oneness with God Creator. By the same token, however, I "allow" the "unknowing" status of "man" to error (sin) without coercion or force to otherwise "act". Does this mean a lessening of infinite "love"? It has nothing to do with love as such. It is as a child is growing, he will stumble and often fall--is this right or wrong? If he refuses to get up and try again, is it "wrong" or is it "right"? It simply IS. If, however, a fire is raging and about to catch his clothing afire--it seems only "right" to get up and get out of the way. God often lifts you out of the path of, say, the fire--but if you fully understand the consequences of your actions, He will let you bumble right back into the flames. It is all dependent upon your INTENT. "INFINITE LOVE" is that total and unbending, unlimited giving, through grace, enough compassion and expression to lead or draw another into Truth--not simply "ALLOWING" all expressions of unlimited actions to be OK and not only accept these expressions but join within the expression in both spiritual and physical thought and action. -- PJ 63 -- page. 39 --------------------------- As we move along it would seem so very wonderful to have capability of changing disease into wellness when a child is birthed and bears damaged genetic structure which gives physical mutation or impairment. Would God object to the allowance of beauty instead of deformity--strength instead of weakness? Of course not--but do you believe your greedy controllers of the planet are Godly enough to use these magnificent and insightful gifts ONLY for goodness and healing? Come now, the whole intent of the adversary is control, enslavement and power. Therefore, if the power-brokers can alter a gene which allows perfection--WHO WILL BENEFIT? WILL THE CHILDREN BEING METHODICALLY DESTROYED IN GHETTOS OF DISEASE BE SALVAGED, OR, THE CHILD OF THE ELITE? IN THIS OVERPOPULATED WORLD WHEREIN THERE IS THE PLANNED ANNIHILATION OF OVER 6 BILLION PEOPLE--DO YOU THINK THE "AVERAGE" CHILD OF A GOD-RESPECTING FAMILY WOULD BE "SAVED"? -- PJ 65 -- page. 44 --------------------------- Financial improprieties were not the only things to surface during the Senate investigations however. Very quickly the committee found itself neck deep in allegations of a massive child exploitation ring, run by Larry King from the Franklin Credit Union, and involving some of the country's most prominent citizens, businessmen, public officials, corporations, and politicians. As a result of the allegations, two Grand Juries were eventually established, one Federal, and one by the Douglas County. These allegations in the main were from testimony given principally by three victim-witnesses, Alisha Owen, Paul Bonacci, and Troy Boner. Specifically, these three independently described a child exploitation ring where young people, either supplied through the likes of the Webb family through foster care (which will be described more fully next), or obtained through various children's homes, were forced or cajoled into being child prostitutes to some of America's richest and most famous. There were also descriptions given of occult ceremonies, satanic devil worship, and child sacrifices (all of which bear a remarkable similarity to recent allegations made public by the Channel Ten network in Australia). Principally these things were alleged to have been arranged by Larry King, who flew the children to various places for these "parties". A major site for such "parties" was a residence maintained by King in Washington, the Capital of the U.S.A. This Special Report will focus on these allegations made to the Senate Investigative Committee, the young victim-witnesses who made them, what happened to them, and the subsequent perversion of the course of justice and cover-up. Apart from King himself, some of the people and businesses named in the various investigations or otherwise implicated in the child exploitation ring include: -- PJ 67 -- page. 19 Mr. Bush is the former head of the CIA, former Vice President at the time of these allegations, and currently President of the United States of America. [This report was printed in November, 1991]. It should be noted that Mr. Bush has not been personally named in the latest round of allegations relevant to the Franklin scandal. He was actually implicated many years earlier, as we shall see from the official documents and evidence. The inexorable and inescapable link between Bush and the latest revelations is Larry King, and the allegations that he ran a child  exploitation/pornography ring, with strong suggestions of occult/satanic influences. -- PJ 67 -- page. 22 CHILDREN "As ye do unto the least of these--have ye done it unto ME"! When ye have defiled a child--ye have defiled and assaulted the very KINGDOM OF HEAVEN. THERE IS NO GREATER SIN ONE CAN PERPETRATE AGAINST GOD--THAN TO SIN AGAINST HIS CHILDREN AND TO ABUSE A CHILD SHALL BRING THE GREATEST PUNISHMENT UPON SELF OF ALL ACTIONS THOUGHT UP BY "MAN"! -- PJ 67 -- page. 26 [C: I must add here, for it is not so far mentioned, but you readers will remember that I wrote about an "International" ring hooked up via computers which was also a part of this same ring. It dealt with the capabilities of ones from Europe calling in on an "800" number and getting service children delivered anywhere chosen--in the world. In those instances a child could be waiting in the Philippines (a heavily used location), Australia (also a very heavily used location), etc. There were varying rates for virgins, etc. But the thing that actually brought the house down as to credibility was that for "just a few mere dollars more" a child could be ordered up for "snuff" purposes. (in other words for 'murder' during sex or within the scenario of sexual activities, torture, and such). Why the extra charge? You might think for commodity scarcity? No--for disposal of the body! Now, chela readers, if you find it hard to believe this--you better harken back because this was made public on both Larry King Live and one of the 60-minute type programs on your own television!] If one thing demonstrates the utter ruthlessness of those working to prevent the full story of the Nebraska Child Sex Ring from coming out, it is the trail of dead bodies and other casualties that mark the trail of the investigation so far. You will find this to be true in EVERY uncovering of clandestine and criminal activities rings. You will find the Weavers, Campbells, Gritzs, Russbachers, Casolaros, and abundant and nameless others from both sides of the discovery. Most "accidents" will show as murdercides, sui-terminus, heart arrests and accidental terminus from assorted diagnoses. Among those dead in this particular Sex Ring activity are: QUOTING: -- PJ 67 -- page. 32 Kathleen Sorenson is the lady to whom the Webb girls were sent by the child care authorities after they fled the Webb household. It was to Mrs. Sorenson that the girls first made their allegations of a child sex ring run by Larry King; and it was to Mrs. Sorenson that Lisa Webb first named then Vice President George Bush. Mrs. Sorenson was killed in a head-on car crash. The woman driver of the other car, who apparently deliberately smashed into Sorenson's vehicle, was deeply involved in a Satanic Cult. Her husband had been convicted of being involved in ritual sacrifice of animals. Other testimony indicates members of an occult group drew lots for the privilege of "taking Mrs. Sorenson out". This "accident" bears a remarkably strong similarity to a smash involving a member of Australia's "freedom fight". Fortunately, Jackie Butler wasn't killed. -- PJ 67 -- page. 33 ---------------------------  NEXT PAGE