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BECOME AS A CHILD!, part 3 AS A CHILD The advice that takes within the "child" is not relevant to those who prove God's love over and over again while being more childish than a child. A child will play games to learn and find, seek and find, ask and, hopefully, grow. An adult who feigns childishness is a foolish buffoon using the tyranny of "I can't" to gain control over an environment, a spouse, a relative, a friend, or simply over anything that crosses their selfish pathway. God's meaning of "child" is perfection, innocence of ill-intent, even to control, curiosity in order to challenge and learn, and to REFLECT love. So, what of the parent in relationship to the child? Always it must be as a true friend: unbending in strength, character, and guardianship with guidance. Then, as the child grows older, you must back off, give wings and allow, and yet never lose the strength born of love, caring, and ability to release (either for better or worse). YOU AS A PARENT AT ANY AGE CANNOT DO FOR ANOTHER, EVEN YOUR OWN CHILD. As a little child you can move them from dangers for that is your protective role, but as they grow into independent persons within themselves, good, bad or indifferent--THEY MUST ACT FOR SELVES. As parents, especially in the days come upon you of the vying for souls and the available destructive things abounding, you must take your realization from this knowing: YOU CANNOT DO FOR THAT "OTHER", NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU WOULD LIKE TO EXCHANGE THE BURDENS. If you try to take that which is another's experience, consequences of ill-actions, you will only further weaken the other, and self. Just as I must wait for YOU to reach out and accept, receive, CREATE and follow through-- so too must YOU make those same demands upon selves in your relationships and within your own weaknesses. You do not do these things to punish or judge, you use discipline to grow and learn. What would I do with her? Protect her from the gossip, first of all, and then walk a mile in her shoes until you can realize her plight and what has attacked her for years now--dark energies wishing to stop our work and render Mom and Dad useless in some measure, even if it be small. I allowed you to KNOW that in years past by SHOWING you that those energies accompany any mind-altering addictive substance. You can drive out the demons, but only when the person housing them is ready to lose their friendship and support network. I am not an exorcist for no one can exorcise another's demons. Demons can certainly, yes, be quite general in nature, but are fully adapted to individual mutation. You do not, for instance, confront Her soul, for the demons are on guard to push, shove, test, and break her. BUT SHE MUST ATTEND THE BASTARDS FROM -- PJ 222 -- page. 33 HELL WHICH BRING HELL UPON EARTH TO HER. This is not easily for general digestion for you and other readers hop onto these things like superglue to excuse your own actions and you either judge, excuse selves, or send the child, in reality, forth to be eaten alive by the dragon. In the early circumstance, and each new encounter is a new circumstance, I certainly DO have input and suggestions. We have now confronted the attempts to push beyond the limits in order to hold the dragon close without cleaning up the life as a whole. Fine. The RESPONSIBILITY rests solely upon the experiencers--but there are ways of allowing the "child" to grow and find self-worth and responsibility. My next TEST would be to allow the "pair", in this instance, the responsibility of judging status EACH AND EVERY MORNING. If there has been a drink--then no appearance at the workplace--period. If the "child" is clean, then work that day but no regular hours upon which to base the drinking vs. the getting caught. You are not here to monitor or discipline, guard or protect the ones refusing to grow. If the testing and pushing becomes greater in the trying to "not get caught"--just quietly send the person home. You would do this if a person showed up with pneumonia--a less deadly disease. You have an opportunity to control YOUR environment. You do not tend the premises as if you would be hiding or locking away poison from a little babe. You cause responsible acceptance of the problem FROM THE PARTY IN POINT, WHOEVER THAT MIGHT BE. But you KNOW you have a problem here with this one--so, you don't give opportunity. If you are going to be gone--so too will the party in point. Trust is EARNED, not simply dumped on a person. If a man is starving, he is going to eat the minute you are not there to constrain him. You have to, however, replace punishment with some-thing called good self-esteem in order to allow redemption of the individual--this goes beyond that ever-present misused "forgiveness" bit. A demand failure experience is destined to be the GAME INVOLVED with every addict for it reverses the adult to the shrewd and devilish child every time there is a weakening of restraint. The affected party must replace the driving need for failure and self punishment with self-esteem building blocks that fit those holes in the heart. And oh my yes, the devil gets cunning and convinces the being involved that there is no strength big enough to overcome. Well, GOD is plenty big for the occasion but will never intervene until asked--by the party in point. GOD may well save a life from the accident to FILL YOUR PRAYERS, but the final confrontation with the demon will have to be one on one--others can only support and attend that sending forth of that demon. Now, parents, in this program or any other, what is your role? Well, if you can't bring forth beauty and healing within your own walls--where and who should attend the matter? If others do not like what you do--let them go their way for THIS place in point is YOUR HOME, YOUR CHILD, YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. You could not choose for Charles what he should do for Scott, Rick for Zita, Sandy for her babe, Kathy for her experience--but YOU ARE SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN BAG OF RESPONSIBILITY. You need help in a job; she desperately needs help with her life, and both can be enhanced and well-served with wisdom and discipline. And moreover, none of them, nor do you-- follow my instructions, so what "new" have we here? An opportunity to make a thing work in positive growth for all involved. Have not ALL OF YOUR RELATIONS paid enough for your errors? -- PJ 222 -- page. 34 I would suggest that you have a time-sheet so that hours are kept and it need not present as other than a way to keep records. Let the "child" see the value of the work and the need for assistance--in other words, let those few hours of focus begin to replace that driving need to be "out of it" in order to be "in it". Why do any of YOU drink or take pills, even aspirin? It is to ease the pain of some perceived pain. Alcohol has a terrible means of making you feel big, smart, strong, and unrestrained. It becomes the celebration, the failure, the pain agent of choice once the body learns to manipulate. Suppose you have a tooth abscess with constant pain--but you can't even take an aspirin? Would YOU handle the pain or would you head for the bourbon if there be some? Come on, you head for the wine when there is nothing save celebration of some kind. SEE SELF FIRST AND ONLY THEN CAN YOU SEE ANOTHER! Now we come to the hard part, MOTHER. What will YOU do in this instance for if there be a slippage, YOU will eat the crow-meat for each is so fearful of being the one who screws up. Can't you take your individual responsibility and assume your place in such matters? If the child cannot work in the office where others come and go, even when there is NO TASK, put her in the room with you for she will not disturb our work with her silent bookkeeping. There are myriads of solutions to this inconvenience--but there is SURE LOSS, virtually forever, if we do nothing save turn away. You will find it is far more easy to simply meet the challenge for I am meeting my own commitments to this period of development and evolvement in exchange for services rendered. The game of "getcha", "gotcha", "tattle" and "caughtcha" must stop immediately for these games are far more childish than are the lapses in actions and attitudes of the sick person. E.J.: I want this writing cleaned up to protect all guilty parties--for I find NO INNOCENT PARTIES IN THIS GAME, and allow it to go forth for if we can't clean up our OWN, we have nothing to offer a remnant, anywhere, anytime. This approach dumps the responsibility upon the ONE avoiding responsibility while they are destroying more and more deeply all vestiges of survival. We have opportunity here to prove value--and that other party needs that opportunity while the pain is great and relief can be greater yet. As you are going you are further punishing the punished child. YOU can't have this or that? Well, let me remind you that it is not YOUR choice--to please the multitudes or any other one or two. It is MY commitment and I am weary of you people assuming otherwise. I wonder how many times you stop to think how weary I might get of your delays, postponements, slippages, wine-supping, and failures to DO YOUR JOB? Shall I simply turn you out and away to not grace my presence except in your pure and healed performance? My job is to nurture, love, and seek the best within you IN RESPONSIBILITY, and YOU ARE WORTH EVERY MOMENT OF MY TIME AND LABOR FOR YOU ARE NOT HEAVY, BROTHERS, YOU ARE MY VERY BEING. Now, what will you do? I suggest you think about this a LOT before the week-end comes and goes -- PJ 222 -- page. 35 and deeper "failures" are established. Isn't it time you brought JOY back within your own hearts and stop the pounding on the flaws of another while pretending perfection of your own outer show-and-tell? Why do you allow every Tom, Dick and Harry their faults but you will not reach out a hand to help a broken angel? Kathy needs office HELP and she needs our HELP. Can't we accomplish both with one positive measure which answers bookkeeping problems as well? There needs be no big confrontation for the confrontation is well understood; just give the rules and let the persons decide whether or not they can take it or break it for themselves. This is called "responsibility" without ability to dump it back onto your shoulders who allowed it in the first place. I AM LOSING TWO SOULS--what are YOU losing? What is the REAL purpose of this journey and mission? Spelta? NO! Indian nations? No. YOUR soul is my mission and I shall not quit, nor faint, nor bend until YOU pass the testing. So be it. An hour a day, two hours, may be all you can get at upstart--but you work ever unbending to the days where a full day replaces the weaknesses. Those choices are SOLELY UP TO THE ADULT IN THAT CHILD. You give money, self, interest, and effort into those who have no part of your being. Can you not give unto ME that which I offer freely and openly unto YOU? Does this ruin your macho image of self--to bend for a bleeding child? Oh, you judge and pronounce and yet in the doing you only present your own need to present appearances to OTHERS. This is NOT my mission, to allow you such power or force. And yes, you can become angry and "wash your hands" but, like Pilote, it will not bring peace or rest for I shall not allow you to turn away and simply fail YOUR examinations of intent and TRUTH. Nor do I easily turn away and watch you cut your own line of assistance to spite your noses. Perhaps if you kept your "noses" to self you wouldn't be so in need of judgements. (???) How many times have I had to endure the stench of alcohol on YOUR breath? ROADS, RED AND BLACK Little Crow might offer some insight, more clearly expressed to you than to himself, as is most pronounced wisdom. "On the Red Road, we seek to find balance." I would remind you that on ANY road the search is for balance, but the search is most often down the wrong roads which lead to more non-balance. "I look at my Oral Tradition and it says the Red Road and the Black Road. The Black Road is the road of materialism and it's easy to walk, it's easy to get onto. Life in itself is easy. The Red Road is the spiritual road and it's a road that is difficult because it is a road that says you redistribute, you redistribute your wealth. You see the sacredness of your creation and the sacredness of all things. You respect all people, you respect all things within life as you know it and life as you don't know it. The Red Road, the spiritual road, the spiritual path. "Being on the Red Road takes all your life. It isn't something that you need to be Indian to do. Being on a spiritual path takes ALL YOUR LIFE. It isn't something you do Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Thursday; it's something you do every breath you take. Being on the Red Road means every time you breathe, you're praying... -- PJ 222 -- page. 36 "We can pay lip service to our spirituality, but unless we enforce it through our actions and behavior, we simply pay lip service." Listen up, readers, this is FOR YOU: HOW MANY OF MY BABIES ARE YOU GOING TO CAUSE TO COMMIT SUICIDE TO MEET YOUR EXPECTATIONS AND NEED? HOW MANY ARE YOU GOING TO DUMP OR KILL OR LEAVE MAIMED BECAUSE YOU WILL NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY, AND TURN AWAY? HARD? OH, YOU BET! When you pass these tests for the most IMPORTANT mission in the Universe this day--you shall have all the abundance and peace you can hold. Don't pass them and another shall be chosen and ye shall be passed. Few remain at the portal to GOD'S ship. Many of you turn from your families because "they just don't see it"; well, how hard did you REALLY try? Well, better, what REAL EFFORT did you make while you had opportunity? When you reach beyond the things you WANT and realize the self-being left naked--are you proud in service or do you actually feel embarrassed and a bit ashamed for WOULD GOD LEAVE YOU IN DESOLATION AND DESPERATION? Then WHY do you leave others in that state of being? Do NOT think these tests are FOR ANOTHER--THEY ARE FOR YOU! When a person is truly crying out for help and you turn away, you have just turned AWAY FROM GOD. The turning is easy, the responsible staying of the course is easy, as well, with much more beautiful results. Now, get this off this machine and get about our Father's business. I suggest you each just reach out and touch someone who is perishing in the midst of the seas of Hell. You must come to see and KNOW. I don't give a damn about what "others" think. I do care about WHAT I THINK OF ME--AND YOU. Does God dream up these hurdles to be crossed? Of course, all things manifest are the THOUGHT AND CREATION OF GOD for YOUR experience. When you STOP allowing failure into your own being--you will stop presenting for others to overcome. The time is at hand, kids, and you can't postpone longer the cleaning of your own closets and heart. The more quickly we get on with the housecleaning, the more quickly we get on with the fun part of this journey. "But I did what I could and what I thought best!" Bull Shit: NO YOU DID NOT! You have done what is a cop-out to please others who have no business inputting their own failures to perform onto your pathway to ease their own realizations or actions, inactions or emotional positions. To go "visit" a suffering person is indeed a public display of service--but to take up the healing assistance to THAT SICK BEING is not acceptable? Come now, all the visiting and pretending in the world will not heal one shred of that sickness in the other. If you are not going to CHANGE the circumstances and spend of self to help in the HEALING, you might as well not waste the time of travel or run the risks of the journey to and from. A bad morning? I hope so. I also pray for and hope you make it a good day for that is up to YOU. But, until we straighten out our minds from the fuzzy acceptance of training along the worst -- PJ 222 -- page. 37 roadways, we need not turn to our other assumed great and wondrous expectations. ALL THINGS ARE SACRED--NOT JUST YOUR OBSERVATIONS, ACTIONS OR OPINIONS. Are YOU quite angry now? Then I suggest you stop, look and LISTEN because anger at facing one's own possible faults is one of the hurdles over which we leaders must jump. When we realize the journey of life, we must always KNOW what the problems were, the misinformation and the way it is discovered and ACTIONS TAKEN TO REFLECT THE NEW INSIGHTS AND TRUTH IN ACTIONS. SO, THE NEXT JUMP IS UP TO YOU IN WHATEVER YOU MIGHT PERCEIVE TO BE YOUR OWN BASKET OF TRICKS AND EXAMINATIONS. WE-THE-TEACHERS WILL NEVER STROKE YOU FOR YOUR ERRORS--ONLY YOUR ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENTS. Do I pick on you here in my presence? Yes. You are the ones who set the play and if you refuse my direction and that of our Master Brotherhood to suit your own ego needs, you err. Sananda will be far more harsh than will I, so go LISTEN and stop depending on someone else, like me, to scold and confront. Rick must, for instance, present a far more visible image of PERFECTION than any of the rest of you. Charles is next because he is the most available and visible traveler and presentation of you-the-crew. If you do not act in each and every in-stance as if you are on display before the world--you are not fulfilling your responsibility. Oh wham, wham, whack, whack? That acceptance is strictly up to you. I bear no whips or leashes, and if YOU are not strong enough to take the responsibility in any given circumstance, then so be it--for perhaps that "other" who calls the plays will keep you grounded as well as self. YOU act on what you KNOW IS RIGHT AND ALL ELSE WILL TAKE ITS PLACE, AND THE OBSERVERS CAN GO TO YOU KNOW WHERE! TO EACH HIS OWN. When are you going to start handling "alternatives" to actions in any given circumstance? Are you just going to cast out your perceived and adjudged people? Wow, and how can God then depend on YOU TO SERVE HIS NEEDS? Suppose I did not work out an alternative for your misperceptions and incorrect actions and selfish diddlings? Ponder it, for until you can come up with positive alternatives to casting out my children, you will not graduate into my service for it is INTENT upon which you judge self in the pure presence of TRUTH AND JUSTICE. It is too late for Zita; it well may be too late for Scott; but it is not too late for her for, as with God, ALWAYS the time is perfect to act in wisdom and Godly intent. Why don't I pick on somebody else? Because YOU are my prize, my self, my heart and MY SOUL. And, I DO pick on everybody else! (!!!!!) Do you actually think I have not bashed her, Scott and Zita? Oh boy, you have a lot of growing to do, don't you? Well, I'm up to the task; how about YOU? Ah, Dharma says, "Well, I guess I'll try once more..." How many times will you try, in your cop-out? Once, twice, a million times, a zillion times? Get off your ass and fix this thing for SELF, and the rest shall find its balance or take itself away--purely simple in concept and action. Don't fool yourselves, chelas, I AM RIGHT AND I AM CORRECT--KNOW IT, or we aren't going another footstep on this mission. -- PJ 222 -- page. 38 I asked for her to be brought back within service--I did not ask you to turn her out again. I am meeting my obligations at the time of this "big thrust" but you are going to also meet yours and that will NOT be on the basis of committee rule. Now that I believe we understand one another a bit better than earlier this day, Salu. Smile, for you got caught, again, on candid camera! May we each walk in beauty and righteousness so that what is reflected is impossible to be other than beauty and righteousness. If there were no darkness, there would be no need for LIGHT. Think about it. -- PJ 222 -- page. 39 ----------------------------- AS A CHILD--NOT CHILDISH When you are told to come unto God as a child it MEANS: "Come with the open searching wondering of a child". It does NOT mean in "childish behavior" with closed minds and tantrum tactics to get your way. To experience the wonder of life through the eyes of a child is the most rewarding feeling in the world. The most deadly experience is to never grow beyond the childish things. And again, it comes again to the "child" for, no matter how you wish it to be otherwise, you can't expect your children to listen to your advice and ignore your example. What examples do you give unto your children and those of the world? A continuing question to me is, "How can God and you ones allow the suffering of the children about the world?" I remind you--WE DON'T, YOU DO. How many children does God and we of His crew save? ALL OF THEM! PONDER IT. WE HAVE THEM ALL, AFTER YOU DO YOUR HEINOUS PHYSICAL DEEDS UNTO THEM. Do these things worry you? Really? Well, I have seen that "worry" is most often a "substitute for action". So, what are YOU going to do about this mess in which you find yourselves? I know what I am going to do--so it remains only that YOU decide what it is that you will do. -- PJ 55 -- page. 139 -----------------------------  NEXT PAGE