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Anastasia Romanoff WHAT IS THIS ALEKSEI NICHOLAEVICH ROMANOFF STUFF? You don't remember my writing about this? Funny thing, all the way over to France, it was not missed, chelas--indeed, his name (see 'alias') are very common indeed if you want privacy--He became "Col. Michal Goleniewski", a "Polish Intelligence" officer of high rank and who supplied -- PJ 58 -- page. 108 valuable information to the Western Free World on operations of Communist intelligence agents from which wondrously sensational spy cases resulted. DO YOU BEGIN TO UNDERSTAND WHY THERE ARE NOT (Transcription of PJ's is an abundanthope.net project.) ENOUGH NUMBERS TO INCLUDE ALL THE "TANGLED WEBS" SERIES? This person is/was the DIRECT heir to the Czardom of Russia. Oh, indeed, yes--it also explains that dear little story of Anastasia--little missing Anastasia! Empress Alexandra died of a heart attack in Warsaw, Poland, in 1924.In 1952 the Czar, known as Raymund Turgnski died. His identification papers in Poland were prepared through the aid of Marshal Joseph Pilsudski.This young Aleksei went with his family to the Don Basini, central Crimea, Constantinople (Istanbul now), Vienna, and finally to Warsaw, Poland. As of 1966 both Maria and Anastasia were living.Aleksei contracted malaria from infected blood for he had hemophilia. Now what does all this have to do with anything? You are going to see the arrangement of "sides" in this final "take the world" game. These ones represent the Christians of the Russias. This "Alexei" (Grand Duke of Poland) is/was the ONLY SON OF CZAR NICHOLAS II. NOW, TRY THIS ONE: THE CIA HAS ALWAYS KNOWN OF THE FULL IDENTITY! SO BE IT, CHELAS. AS I SAID: REST PEACEFULLY IN YOUR BLISSFUL "NEW WORLD" POLITICAL SYSTEM THIS DAY! Hatonn to just "drift off" here and let Dharma have a rest and consider actions of eviction. What she really wants to do is "QUIT", but I don't think that shall come to pass. Salu. -- PJ 58 -- page. 109 ----------------------------- COL. MICHAL GOLENIEWSKI THE HERALD OF FREEDOM, Vol. IX, No. 1, February 11, 1966. THE STRANGE CASE OF “COL. GOLENIEWSKI” On January 5, 1966 the Senate Internal Security Sub-Committee made public Part #10 of “State Department Security 1963-65”, containing the testimony of John R. Norpel, Jr. who had been with the FBI and State Department Security Section. In it is mentioned the name of Michal Goleniewski. Much has been written about the mysterious Col. Goleniewski who had been in Polish Intelligence at a high level and who supplied valuable information to the Western Free World on the operations of Communist intelligence agents from which sensational spy cases resulted. Very little has been written about the man known as Col. Goleniewski personally, his true identity, operations and motivations. We wish to present such information in this strange case. It has been generally accepted as historical fact that Czar Nicholas and the Russian royal family were murdered by Bolsheviks at Ekaterinburg, Siberia, on July 16, 1918. Investigations made thereafter supposedly confirmed the execution, but much of the information came from questionable sources. Through false claims made by pretenders the world came to accept the stories of the murders as accurate. Evidence exists to prove that the individual known as Michal Goleniewski is Aleksei Nicholaevich Romanoff, born at Peterhof, Russia, August 12, 1904, the son of Czar Nicholas II. Confidential records of the CIA would confirm this if made public. To prove that he is actually the Tsarevich and Grand Duke, two things are necessary--first to show that the alleged assassinations never took place and then to establish his identity. NEWSPAPER REPORTS IN 1918 The N.Y. Times of December 19, 1918, on page 3, column 2, in an Associated Press dispatch from Warsaw, Poland, stated: “The mother of former Emperor Nicholas of Russia, who is living near Livadia in the Crimea, has been receiving letters every ten days purported to come from the former ruler, according to Polish officers who have arrived here from Sebastopol.” The N. Y. Times on Dec. 28, 1918, page 4, column 5, stated, “Says Czar and Family Are in Neutral Land--Nephew of Skoropadski Asserts Their Whereabouts Is Known To Allied Government--Warsaw, Dec. 21” (Associated Press). “There is no doubt that the Czar and his entire family are alive. I am positive of this,” was the declaration made to the correspondent today by Michael de Tehlhatchef, a nephew of General Skoropadski, who has just escaped from the Ukraine after a recent trip to Petrograd, Dynisk, Vilna, and Rovno. “‘I cannot reveal where the Czar is because he does not wish it,’ he added. ‘He does not care to be bothered and he wants to be left alone. “‘His whereabouts is known to allied government. It is in a neutral country. Accounts of his murder at Ekaterinburg were manufactured by Trotsky and Lenin for propaganda purposes.’” -- PJ 89 -- page. 18 HOW IT HAPPENED The N.Y. Times on Jan. 9, 1919, page 3, column 1, stated, “Again Report Czar To Be Still Alive--Grand Duke Cyril Given As Authority For Story That Officer Was Shot Instead--His Family Also Living--News Said To Have Been Conveyed In Letter From Ex-Autocrat’s Daughter Tatania.” On March 16, 1919 the N. Y. Times ran a story on page 10, column 2--“Believes Czar Lives--Russian Prince Thinks Royal Family Is Hidden In Northern Russia--Rome, March 14--According to an interview with Stefania Turr, a daughter of a noted Hungarian General, printed today in the Giornale d’Italia, the belief still exists that Emperor Nicholas and his wife, as well as some of the Russian Grand Dukes, were not put to death by the Bolsheviki. “The interview quotes a conversation between Miss Turr and Prince Obolensky, former Captain of the Russian Imperial Guard, in which the Prince expressed his firm belief that the Russian royal family is still alive. He is reported to have refused to give any details as to the basis for his belief, except that the former Emperor and Empress were, perhaps, hidden in northern Russia. The North American of Philadelphia, Pa., dated July 21, 1918, quoting from Bolshevik wireless dispatches, stated, “Shooting Of Ex- Czar By Order Of Soviet Council Confirmed--Execution Followed Discovery Of Plot To Rescue Him--Wife And Son, Former Heir Apparent, Are Taken To Places of Safety.” As we have read in the N. Y. Times article, an officer was reported shot in place of the Czar; so that would make the whole family safe. Czar Nicholas was in correspondence with Kaiser Wilhelm after his alleged death, copies of the correspondence being in the possession of a committee checking on the case. The handwriting is reported as being authentic. THE ALEKSEI STORY After being rescued, the Czar and his family settled in Poland as did many other Russians. There the Czar was known as Raymund Turgnski. His identification papers in Poland were prepared through the aid of Marshal Joseph Pilsudski, who had Col. Alexander Pryston and Col. Waclaw Szalewicz prepare them. In 1924, for security reasons, the Czar changed his name to Michal Goleniewski. Young Aleksei went with his family to the Don Basin, central Crimea, Constantinople, Vienna and finally to Warsaw, Poland. His mother, Empress Alexandria, died of a heart attack in Warsaw, Poland, in 1924. His father died in 1952 at the age of 84 in a village near Posen in Poland. The Grand Duchesses Olga, Maria and Anastasia are still living. Aleksei suffered from malaria which he contracted in Siberia and from hemophilia. From 1918 to 1928, while living in Poland, he was sick much of the time. In 1930 Aleksei was taken into the Imperial All Russians Anti-Bolsheviks Underground which had been established by his father and from then on worked continuously as a secret underground member of this anti-communist force. In 1944 he was poisoned and almost died. This prevented a planned family move to Portugal. In 1945 the Red Army moved in and sealed the borders. Aleksei entered the Polish Army in 1945 as part of his anti-communist work and in 1948 was assigned to Polish Army Counter Intelligence. -- PJ 89 -- page. 19 He held posts in the technical and scientific branches and also in the analysis and inspection sections of Polish Army Counter Intelligence. From 1953 to 1956 he held positions as Deputy Chief and Vice Director of these counter intelligence branches, and by February 8, 1957 he headed a branch of military intelligence where 65 staff officers were employed. He had access to a tremendous amount of intelligence information which included data on the operations of Soviet and satellite intelligence networks and agents, as well as their programs, methods of operation and traitors in the Western World who worked with them. In 1917 Emperor Nicholas II had established by a secret ukase, #22-1917, signed at Tobolsk, what was termed “The Obligations of the Russian Orthodox Christians to Fight in the Underground the Bolsheviks Anti-Christ”. Another secret ukase was entitled “The Russian Orthodox Church in the Underground”. Aleksei received the protection of this underground in Poland. Having reached a high position and having accumulated much intelligence data, Aleksei made contact with the West. From April 1958 until December 1960 he voluntarily served the United States at great personal danger. He personally prepared 160 pages of typewritten secret reports and sent them through to the West. He also sent over 5,000 pages of top secret documents on microfilm having to do with Soviet-satellite espionage, Polish and East German intelligence services and agents in Western Europe and the U.S. Army--military, economic, political, intelligence and counter-intelligence matters regarding the Soviet block. He also sent over 800 pages of Soviet and Polish intelligence reports which showed the results of their intelligence operations in the Free World, 80% of which were found to have come from secret Free World sources. As a result of a particular discovery by the KGB Aleksei and his wife were forced to flee to the West in January 1961. On January 12, 1961 they arrived in the United States on a Military Air Transport plane, accompanied by Homer E. Roman of the CIA. From this date until December 14, 1963 (almost three full years) Aleksei was briefing U.S. authorities on the reports and microfilms already sent through. He also brought with him complete data on 240 persons, their names, identifications, assignments, locations and operations. These individuals were intelligence agents of the industrial, scientific and technical bureau of the Polish Secret Service and were located in Western Europe and the United States. Aleksei also worked with U.S. Intelligence authorities here on over 2,000 cases of new matters involving agents of Polish Military Intelligence, East German Secret Service, the KGB-GRU, etc. He detailed for U.S. authorities many secret items regarding Soviet army mobilization, location, structure, political and other plans having to do with their operations throughout Eastern Europe and the satellite countries. His disclosures included naming spies and agents throughout Western Europe and in U.S. Government Departments and Agencies. Information supplied by Aleksei was of great importance to the United States and the Free World and resulted in the breaking up of spy rings in several countries and the arrest and conviction of a number of Communist intelligence officials and agents. SOME DOCUMENTED CASES The illegal resident of the Soviet GRU in England, Soviet Col. Melody alias Gordon Lonsdale, and his four agents Houghton, Lee, and Peter and Helen Kroger alias Cohen, were uncovered -- PJ 89 -- page. 20 through Aleksei’s information. From this case developed, through Houghton, the case of KGB (copted) agent Vassal of British Naval Intelligence. From Aleksei’s information was developed the case of Col. Beer alias Bieber who was the military adviser to the Israel government. Also was developed the case of Col. Wennerstrom of Sweden who was actually a KGB General. (He had been in the United States for five years as a spy undetected.) Aleksei’s information caused the unmasking of hundreds of White Russian nationalists who had been supporting the West but who were enforced into involuntary service for the KGB. Another case was that of George Blake, a very high British intelligence official connected with MI-6 in London. Through Blake the U.S. CIA lost 1,200 intelligence cases in the anti-Soviet sector due to his being on a high level access to secret information. Aleksei’s information resulted in uncovering Felfe, Clemenz, Fuhrmann and others in West German intelligence who were actually working under KGB orders and who for ten years threatened the security of England, West Germany and the United States. Their activities neutralized the activities of the CIA in thousands of cases. In Denmark the case of Blekinberg and in France the case of Bitonski resulted from Aleksei’s exposures, as did details of KGB penetration which uncovered part of Aleksei’s efforts in the East and fully uncovered Col. Oleg Penkovskiy in the Soviet Union in 1961. This is the same man whose experiences are detailed in the book, THE PENKOVSKIY PAPERS. Aleksei exposed the supposedly anti-communist Polish Nationalists as having really been created, inspired and directed via the MGB by Stalin personally in 1948 to 1952. The CIA financed $1,180,000 of this organization’s activities. This money was actually used to support MGB and KGB penetration into the CIA and other American intelligence groups. Over one thousand genuine Polish nationalists were entrapped and imprisoned. Among those jailed were an additional hundred members of the All Russian Nationalities Underground, all of whom had been fighting against the Stalin regime after World War II. While still in Poland Aleksei transmitted full details of a Communist-Nazi underground movement created prior to 1944 by Martin Borman and other high Nazis who realized Germany was going to lose the war. It had started as Nazi but became an instrument of KGB and GRU. Aleksei gave details of officials of this group who included Martin Borman, Gestapo Chief Heinrich Muller and SS Chief Gottleib Berger, and stated that they are all still alive and working in this Nazi-Bolshevik underground movement. [H: Readers, when the term “now” is used don’t get so absorbed in the story as to forget this was written in Feb. 1966 and I am here to tell you that it was WRITTEN DIRECTLY BY ALEXEI ROMANOFF. However, it will be obvious that many of the persons named herein will not still be living.] ALEKSEI’S INFORMATION ACCURATE As to how accurate Aleksei’s information was, there are the actual cases cited, plus statements made by U.S. officials in the Senate Internal Security Sub-Committee Hearing, State-Department Security 1963-65. We find on page 624 where Chief Counsel Mr. Sourwine is questioning John R. Norpel who had been in the FBI and State Department Security. -- PJ 89 -- page. 21 Mr. Sourwine: Do you know whether any information furnished to the U.S. Government--I will put it another way: do you know of any information ever furnished to the U.S. Government by Goleniewski which turned out to untrue or inaccurate? Mr. Norpel: I do not; no, sir. Mr. Sourwine: Do you know whether the information which has been furnished by him has been checked out in all or in a substantial part? Mr Norpel: Substantial.... Mr. Sourwine: I would have to make that with respect to the portion of it that you know about. Mr. Norpel: Yes, sir; it was checked out. Mr. Sourwine: And it proved true in every case? Mr. Norpel: Every case that I am aware of. Over one hundred people in U.S. Government, in the FBI, CIA, State Department, etc., know either all or part of the Goleniewski story, and most of these know his true identity. What is involved here is more than just the identification of the legal heir to the throne of Russia. A sum of some four hundred million dollars held in Western banks would belong to Aleksei upon proper identification. He has stated the money would be used for the most part in combatting the International Communist Conspiracy and freeing the one billion people held in the most tyrannical rule the world has ever known. Once his identity were established he would rally to the anti-Communist cause millions of people who would take new hope and start liberation movements and intensified underground resistance. He would definitely be the focal point of the anti-Communist cause. This could be the reason that, although proof enough to satisfy even the most skeptical person exists, those who are in possession of the documents remain silent. (Transcription of PJ's is an abundanthope.net project.) PROOF OF IDENTITY The Washington Daily News of Jan. 19, 1965, published a United Press International dispatch which stated, “A former Central Intelligence Agency official challenged the agency today to disclose evidence that a Polish spy who defected to the West in 1960 is actually the son of the last Russian Czar. “Herman Kimsey, who was chief of analysis and research for CIA and more recently was assistant chief of security for the Republican National Committee, said the agency has made exhaustive tests to establish the true identity of Col. Michal Goleniewski. “He said he is convinced the tests proved the mysterious Pole is Grand Duke Alexei, only son of Czar Nicholas II....” -- PJ 89 -- page. 22 “‘I do not know why the CIA has withheld the necessary proof of identity from a person who has done so much for this country and who only wishes to live under his own name and claim what is rightfully his,’ Mr. Kimsey said...” “During the months of 1961 when Col. Goleniewski’s antecedents were under CIA scrutiny with the aid of information from British Intelligence, Mr. Kimsey was head of CIA’s research section...” “Mr. Kimsey said he had knowledge of comparisons of fingerprints, sole prints, and dental charts of Col. Goleniewski and the Czarevich. “Dr. Alexander S. Wiener, co-discoverer of the RH-blood factor, ran blood tests on Col. Goleniewski and found he suffers from hemophilia, as did the Czarevich. Col. Goleniewski limps from a hemophiliac leg malformation. So did the Czar’s son.” “On the December 23, 1964 CBS Television Network’s afternoon program, To Tell The Truth, Cleve Backster, Chairman of the Polygraph Research Committee of the Academy for Scientific Interrogation, 165 West 46th St., New York, N.Y. shocked thirteen million viewers by announcing that the Tsarevich Alexei Nicholaevich of Russia is alive and his identity has been verified by scientific evidence which includes fingerprint and dental comparisons. Because of their disappearance, history has inaccurately assumed that the last Russian Tsar and his family were massacred in 1918. “Mr. Backster, who founded the polygraph section of the Central Intelligence Agency and trained the initial polygraph staff for the National Security Agency, was introduced to the TV show panel in several of his capacities including that of Chief Investigator on the reappearance of the Romanoffs, the Russian Imperial Family.” (from an authorized release of the Academy for Scientific Interrogation, dated Dec. 23, 1964) Cleve Backster has been a consultant to the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, French Surete, West German Army and the Japanese Police among many others. One might say he is an “expert”. To sum it up, there is evidence of Aleksei’s identity consisting of fingerprints, sole prints, bloodtests, dental comparisons, physiognomy comparisons, series of photographs, affidavits, investigation reports, intelligence information and more, all of which could be made available so that he might prove his identity and legally assume his rightful name. The anti-Communist movements and the Free World would have much to gain in finances and morale by seeing that the truth in this case is made public. Members of Congress should be urged to demand that the CIA release the facts. END OF SUBJECT Thank you for a long day of work at the keyboard. The subjects covered may at first glance seem disconnected--but remember, chelas, NOTHING IS DISCONNECTED! SALU. -- PJ 89 -- page. 23 --------------------------