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AFTER a life of Addiction! Bad news, human brothers; the darker levels are akin to the earth plane in vibration. Because of this vibrational similarity, the influence of the dark inhabitants upon those in incarnation on the earth is particularly strong. Fore xample, many souls who die after a life of addiction to drugs, drunkenness and debauchery are attracted to the lowest of the astral areas and from there can influence and, in a sense, obsess those who are still inthe "alive" physical format. Their victims are only those who suffer from the same weaknesses and who frequent bars, brothels and other locations of coarseness and debauch. And you ones thought it was in your jeans, oops, genes, (sic, sic). -- PJ 05 -- page 42 The discarnate souls attach themselves to their victims, from the astral side and are enabled to participate vicariously in the old habits by urging these unfortunates to indulge as they also had once done--beyond a given point you can be completely pos-sessed and therefore forfeit any control over your selves. Do you see, perhaps, why we plead, preach and insist on moderation in all activities and intake? You can become a helpless pawn in the clutches of the satanic demons in drunkenness, etc. You will be struck harder, if you are what we call a worker and an etheric being involved in this transition circumstance. How better to "getcha"! They will cause you to take actions which will insure your own human counterparts (police and justice sys-tem) to take you out or cause you to take yourself out through suicide or accident. --PJ 05 -- pag. 43