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The three days of darkness where predicted by CM in 1991 in the PJ's !! The where doing the same darkening by a ship larger than our planet, at the crucifixion of Esu. This are the words of Christ Michael Aton (Hatonn): The Three Days of Darkness We are returned to continue with our JOURNAL. Hatonn in Light. I would like to say just a bit of response to our friend, Jack M. who has just written some very thoughtful questions. He suggests that possibly we could give you some instances wherein a space vehicle was that which appeared in the sky at various Biblical times. Yes, indeed, and you, friend, have already given a few of them such as Ezekiel‟s “wheel” and Moses on the mountain to receive the plates, and that which led the children across the wilderness, etc. There are three which you have missed right off the top. At one time in the Old Testament there were many, many instances from the “day of Creation” in which “God Created the Stars”. (No, but all the various craft were standing by to serve in a most interesting manner.) Then there was the command that the stars were not to be worshipped; that because they were craft with brethren and not Gods. Then there was the time the “sun stood still”--no, this is incorrect at any event because it would have been the world which would have had to stop for the sun didn't move about. The light stopped because the light was a starship. Then, of course there was the birth of the Christ-child and then the taking away of Emmanuel for his lessons with his higher brothers and teachers. Then for Hezekiah “the sun moved backwards”--no, but the ship did so. And then at the time of the crucifixion the sun and sky were darkened by a ship larger than your planet which moved before the sun for it was an infamous day. Watch out now for the time when you shall have a most awful and terrifying LIGHT and then the sun shall be blackened for three days--I suggest you take that one incident of prediction quite seriously. The times of appearances and manifestations are throughout the entire experience of the Bible--before and after--to the point I cannot take the time from the writings to list them all. Just as with so many other Truths from the records being removed--so too, were the references which were valid and remembered but removed so that you would not be given into knowing Truth. As to the inquiry about written documentation regarding -- PJ 33 -- pag. 74